All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 242:

Chapter 242:

The City Lord of Four-Eyed City was shocked. Without a word, he rushed out of the City Lord’s Mansion and soared into the air.

Boom boom boom!

On the horizon in the distance, there were thousands of vegetable and fruit people.

And it was not chaotic.

Instead, they formed an orderly military formation.

Suddenly, a vegetable and fruit man shouted.

“Spread out in a broadcast gymnastics formation!”

In the next moment, the army of 80,000 vegetable and fruit people at the front was in a neat line. The formation was astonishingly uniform and quickly changed.


Howl took a deep breath.

How could he not know the virtues of vegetables and fruits?

They were stupid or trashy, their talent was weak, and their mind was pure.

Even if it was a powerful technique for vegetable and fruit people, they would not be able to do this.

Otherwise, they would not have been unable to leave the Foundation Establishment Realm for hundreds of years.

But what did he see now?

One million vegetable and fruit people turned into an orderly formation. Moreover, under a command, the team changed neatly and naturally.

Even the most elite soldiers of Four-Eye City could not complete such a terrifying array combination in such a short time.

How did a group of vegetable and fruit people do it?

“Lord Howl, what should we do?”

“This… So many vegetables and fruits?”

“Are, are they going to attack Four-Eyed City? Sir Howl, we, we should escape, right? Wait until Tong He and Lord Wolf Fang come back…”

The upper echelons of the Four-Ryed race were terrified.

The army of more than a million vegetable and fruit people did not continue to advance. They were just a hundred miles away from Four-Eyed City, stepping on the ground, occasionally changing their formation.

The footsteps that shook the ground scared the four-eyed race’s higher-ups to run.

“What are you panicking about!!!” Howl himself was a little panicked.

Although his eyes roared, he firmly believed that he was at the pinnacle of the Sea Wheel Realm. With a single slap, he would casually kill hundreds or thousands of trash vegetables and fruits.

But how could these vegetable and fruit people have the courage to attack the city?

How could they complete such a high completion rate in such a short time?

There must be an ambush from behind.

If he went out, he would definitely be killed.

“Inform the other five cities, immediately send reinforcements! Quick!!! Immediately!!!” His eyes suddenly gave the order.

“Ah? But will they come to help?” Several Four-eyed Race powerhouses hesitated.

“Tong He and Wolf Fang are not here. Yuan Jin is dead. Now, I am the highest commander in the Hundred Races! How dare they not come? According to the rules of the four great clans, I’ll issue them the death penalty!”


The high-ranking members of the Four-Eyed Race immediately moved and sent messages to the other five cities asking for help.

After receiving the news, although the other five cities hesitated for a moment, they quickly dispatched their main force, left their respective cities, and rushed to Four-Eyed City.

At this moment, outside Four-Eyed City.

A large group of reinforcements led by a half-step Sea Wheel powerhouse,150 Foundation Building powerhouses, and 6,000 elite warriors of the four major clans, were rapidly rushing out of Four-Eyed City.

When the army reached a canyon, a Four-Eyed old man frowned.

“Sir, there seems to be something strange up ahead…” This old man flew towards the highest commander of the army, the Copper Race’s Half-Step Wheel Sea Realm powerhouse and whispered.

“Something strange?” This Half-Step Sea Wheel expert was a copper warrior.

“I suspect that there might be an ambush ahead!” the old man answered.

“Hahaha, are you trying to make me laugh? You mean the vegetable and fruit people will ambush us here? Hahaha!” The Copper Man couldn’t help but laugh.

“Err…” The four-eyed old man felt that this was too ridiculous.

Such a huge army, almost half of the city’s combat strength.

According to the report, the vegetable and fruit people gathered a million troops to surround Four-Eyed City.

Obviously, the main force of the revolting vegetable and fruit people were definitely not here anymore. How were they going to ambush them?

“Keep moving!” With a wave of his hand, he announced that he would continue forward.

The army quickly walked into the narrow canyon.

At this moment…


Countless footsteps!

“What?” The Copper Man looked up, stunned.

On both sides of the canyon, there was a dense mass of vegetables and fruits.

“Hold the grass, this combo, first surround the army, then lure the snake out of the hole. It’s invincible!” Illusion couldn’t help but praise.

“Hehe, the City Lord of Four-Eyed City wouldn’t have thought that the one million vegetable and fruit people were all composed of ordinary vegetable and fruit people who had no combat power. They were directed by Farm Master and were purely bait!”

“Our true main force is lying in ambush here, waiting for these reinforcements from the four great clans!” Brother Pig Wolong, watching the live broadcast, chuckled.

From Illusion to the live broadcast, Brother Pig Wolong commanded the entire process.

In just half a day, he had taken one-tenth of the territory of the Hundred Races.

As for the vegetable and fruit people, they kept converging. At the same time, the weak Hundred Races, such as the Sheep-Headed people, the Deer people, the Bamboo Pole people, and the like, all turned their backs and joined in.

The rebel army’s combat strength was unprecedentedly strong.

“It’s noon! Attack!” At this moment, Beef Noodles was standing on a palanquin and waving his hand. “Kill!!!”

On both sides of the canyon, the 30 thousand vegetable and fruit people who had eaten the True Dragon shit and skillfully controlled the basic Colored Arm launched an attack together.

First, huge rocks fell from the sky and crashed into the reinforcements of Thousandleaf City, killing and injuring many Spirit Vein soldiers.

Then came the crude but effective bone spear throwing, another wave of bombardment.

“Crossbow team, attack!!!” Illusion waved his hand, and the 8,000 vegetable and fruit people took a step forward and took out the crude crossbow made of wood.

The blueprint provided by Brother Pig Wolong, Illusion’s self-made weapon that the vegetable and fruit people had created overnight.

The principle was very simple.

It was an ordinary crossbow arrow, but it was designed with a small mechanism that could fit ten arrows at a time. Then, it shot it all out.

Illusion, who had already stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm, could use the strength of the Foundation Establishment Realm to create ten thousand such crossbows.


Since more than a hundred thousand vegetable and fruit people, women, children, and children volunteered, Illusion naturally would not waste such a large amount of labor.

It was too difficult for them to let the vegetable and fruit people forge spirit artifacts.

However, to make an ordinary crossbow with a blueprint and Illusion’s personal command, using more than a hundred thousand people was simply too simple.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

In the blink of an eye, more than 80,000 crossbow bolts descended, covering the sky.

“Damn it! Quickly dodge!!!” The Copper Man at the Sea Wheel Realm was naturally not afraid, but those ordinary Spirit Vein soldiers were not enough.


“My leg!”

“Damn it…”

This wave of arrows didn’t kill a single Foundation Establishment cultivator, but with a single strike, almost one-third of the Spirit Vein soldiers were killed.

“The soldiers of the Vegetable Fruit Clan, kill!!!”

“Warriors of the Vegetable Fruit Clan, charge!!!”

Banana and Melon Skin simultaneously released their Foundation Establishment Realm aura. They commanded the thirty thousand warriors of the Vegetable Fruit Clan to leap into the air and charge into the enemy formation.

“These idiots actually want to fight with our elite warriors?” Copper Man was stunned.

How could these vegetable and fruit people have the courage to do this?


“Colored Arm, attack!!!” Eight vegetable and fruit people in a row, wrapping their right fist around with Colored Arm attacked in unison.


Instantly, the three warriors of the four great clans couldn’t withstand it and died on the spot.

“Kill them!!!” A few warriors from the four great clans charged.

“Colored Arm, defend!” The eight vegetable and fruit people immediately activated their Colored Arm to defend.

“Ah!” However, there was still a vegetable and fruit man who vomited blood. His Colored Arm defense was broken, and a spear pierced his heart and fell.

But almost instantly.

A Corn Man stepped forward and filled the gap.

“Colored Arm attack!!!” The eight vegetable and fruit people attacked again.

They killed the four warriors.

The strategy of the vegetable and fruit people was very simple.

Eight people in one team.

During the entire battle, only two skills were used.

Colored Arm offense, Colored Arm defense.

When they launched an attack, even if the enemy was attacking, they did not care.

One for one!

This method of battle was so simple that it could be turned into a fool.

However, on the crowded battlefield, it displayed a heaven-defying power.

Thirty thousand fruit and vegetable warriors, step by step, only advancing, not retreating.

Whenever a compatriot fell, they would immediately take a step forward to fill the position.

At first, the soldiers of the four great clans could still fight back.

In less than half an incense stick, they were surrounded and fell down.

“What are those Foundation Establishment cultivators doing? Are you eating shit?” Copper Man watched this scene. He was about to explode from anger.

However, when Copper Man looked up, he was dumbfounded.

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