All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 232:

Chapter 232:

“…” Beef Noodles looked over.

This was the place where vegetables and fruits lived.

Not far away, there was an elderly Cucumber Man with a walking stick.

Nearby, there was a young cabbage woman with a child in her arms.

This was where many vegetable and fruit people were born and where they grew up.

Beef Noodles knew that this was just a game.

These were just a bunch of NPCs.


How could he sacrifice them to protect himself?

Moreover, Beef Noodles already knew that even if he died, Mu Sha would still kill 10,000 vegetable and fruit people to set an example.

Mu Sha definitely would not kill young and strong vegetable and fruit people. After all, they still needed to work.

They would definitely kill those elderly vegetable and fruit people.

Beef Noodles slowly clenched his fists and suddenly spoke.

“The Four-Eyed Race represents the four great clans, and the one with them is the other hundred races!

“For hundreds of years, they have been bullying us! They don’t think of us as members of the Hundred Races!

“We’ve worked for them for hundreds of years!

“But in exchange, the slightest violation will lead to complete annihilation!

“Everyone, we can die, but what about our descendants? Looking at these vegetables and fruits, they are just children!”

Beef Noodles slowly opened their mouths. After a speech, he moved the hearts of every vegetable and fruit person.

Wave after wave of anger, wave after wave of courage in desperation, filled the hearts of every vegetable and fruit person!

“Lord Mushroom, please speak! We are all listening to you!”

“Me too!”

“I’ll leave my life to Lord Mushroom!”

Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of vegetable and fruit people shouted.

Such a huge commotion naturally alerted the four-eyed race who were secretly setting up an ambush.

“Haha, these vegetable and fruit people are still foolishly celebrating, right?”

“Yeah, they don’t even know that they’re about to die!”

“Mushroom noodles? A mere Giant Mushroom Man, do you think he can resist the four great clans?”

The Four-Eyed Warriors didn’t care at all, and no one was surprised.

Just a group of vegetable and fruit people, what kind of waves could they create?

“Starting today!

“I, Mushroom Noodles, am a Giant Mushroom and separating from the Hundred Races!

“I am no longer a member of the Hundred Races! I am the first of the vegetable fruit race!!!” Beef Noodles raised his right hand and shouted.

“!!!” What does this sentence mean? All the vegetable and fruit people were shocked.

Following that, the group responded.

“Me, and me!”

“I also quit the Hundred Races!”

“Me too!”

“From now on, we will all be vegetable fruits!”

“Not bad!”

“The first king of the Vegetable Fruit Clan is Lord Mushroom!”

All the vegetable and fruit people shouted.

At this moment, all the vegetable and fruit people worked together to form a rope.

Leaving the Hundred Races meant betraying the Hundred Races. It meant independence. It also meant…

Going against the Hundred Race!

“Hold the grass… Bro, you… you’re trying to do something big!”

“This… Could we play like this? Isn’t this a cultivation game? How did it become a strateg ygame?”

Farm Master and Illusion were dumbfounded as they ate the melon.


Bro Noodles wanted to lead the vegetable and fruit people to independence, rebel, and become enemies with the Hundred Races?

This is…

He was starting a war.

“Banana, from now on, you will be the Chief of Staff of the Vegetable Fruit Clan!”

“Melon Skin, from now on, you will be the general of the Vegetable Fruit Clan!”

“I, Mushroom Noodles, am the Chief Marshal!”

With a wave of his hand, Beef Noodles finalized it.

“Yes! Lord Mushroom Noodles!” Banana and Melon Skin shouted excitedly.

“Now, you two, immediately choose a group of outstanding talents to be the commander!

“At the same time, inform and gather all the Vegetable Fruit Clan members to prepare for the battle!

“Let the elderly and children and other people who can not fight gather together. Those who can fight, gather as well!”

“Yes!” Banana and Melon Skin immediately moved.

On the other hand, Beef Noodles carefully recalled the countless strategy games he had played and thought of countermeasures.

After thinking for a long time, Beef Noodles could not think of a way to reverse such a huge disadvantage.

“Wait!” Beef Noodles was shocked!

He realized he could ask his Earth friends to help him.

Hence, Beef Noodles went offline at light speed and went to the forums.

After a skilled tapping, a super eye-catching post was posted on the forum.

[I’m Beef Noodles. I’m preparing to lead the vegetable and fruit people to stand on their own and counter-attack. I’m begging for guidance from the Tactical Gods online. I’m extremely anxious!]

At the same time, Beef Noodles explained the situation as detailed as possible.

Once this post was posted, there were countless replies.

Most of the replies were identical.


A few replies were all kinds of questions.

“What are you talking about? Are you sure you’re talking about a Heaven-Defying Demon Immortal?”

“Isn’t this a game of immortal cultivation? Where did this come from?”

“Hold the grass, Bro, are you kidding me? Vegetables and fruits? WTF?”

The netizens on the forum were all dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this an immortal cultivation game?

Wasn’t Brother Ming leading the group to the west and being attacked by the Female Fire Dragon?

It was said that Lufei and the others had been caught.

Shouldn’t Bro Noodles be wanted as well?


Did Bro Mian say he was going to bring 200 to 300 thousand vegetables and fruits to fight?

What the hell was this?

Beef Noodles wasn’t in a hurry. He looked at the replies one by one. Because there were too many replies, Beef Noodles simply blocked replies of less than ten words. Sure enough, it became much quieter.

At this moment, a reply made beef noodle’s eyes light up.

Poster ID: Brother Pig Wolong!

“Bro, I already understand the situation you mentioned!

“According to my analysis, you’re at a dead end!

“But don’t panic, Bro! There is still a way out! Listen to me carefully!”

Beef Noodles continued to read.

“Since you have a hidden NPC to deal with the Half-Step Sea Wheel Realm, your main consideration is how to break through!

“The strength of the Vegetable and Fruit Men can be considered as an unarmed farmer. The Four-Eyed Race are the elite modern special forces!

“If you want to rely on numbers, you’ll die!

“But, Brother Noodles, aren’t you surrounded by two big shots? That was why you had to jump out of your thoughts and counterattack!

“First, let Brother Illusion create a weapon!

“Secondly, let Farm Master take out the True Dragon Shit and dilute it for the vegetables and fruits to consume. Since they can sit on the ground and absorb the soil and become stronger after eating, then theoretically speaking, the True Dragon Shit are the strongest plug-ins to them!

“In the end, you have to teach them how to be armed! The time before dawn is too short, so there was no time to learn the other techniques. However, Colored Arm is easy to learn. You only need to teach them how to attack and defend!

“That’s to say, when attacking, apply an Colored Arm to your fist!

“When defending, apply an Colored arm to your arm!

“The two of those are enough!

“The rest is up to fate!”

Brother Pig Wolong was skilled and refined, explaining the tactics of the counterattack.

“I understand. Thank you, God!” After reading, Beef Noodles silently memorized it and replied to express his gratitude. Then, he hurriedly went online.

On Earth, in front of a certain computer.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, bro, this joke is really not bad. I almost thought it was true! And the vegetable fruit people? As expected of Brother Noodles, you’re too f*cking f*cking f*ck!” A young man laughed.

The ID in front of the screen was Brother Pig Wolong!

Brother Pig Wolong thought that what Beef Noodles said was made up, so he followed this joke and proposed a counterattack tactic.

“But… Brother Noodles’ words… weren’t they true?” Brother Pig Wolong was stunned.

As a Tactical Master, although he could not personally experience it, he had been watching the progress of the game and analyzing the changes in the game.

In Brother Pig Wolong’s eyes, the Western Hundred Races were He Yiming’s greatest threat, but it was also a great opportunity.

The threat was because the moment they found out about He Yiming’s sect, the hatred between the Hundred Races and the Human race would be irreconcilable and war would break out.

The population of the Hundred Races was extremely large. From the screenshots and videos of Wang Lufei being captured and the information posted by Illusion, he knew that once He Yiming’s sect was discovered by the Hundred Races, the would definitely annihilate the entire sect.

As for the players, they did not have the ability to fight back!

But from another perspective.

If he could obtain the support of even a portion of the Hundred Races, he would be able to obtain a huge amount of daily necessities, food, seasoning, processed products, and agricultural products.

They could even hire people from Hundreds Races to grow all kinds of magic herbs and crops.

Establish a factory to process, mine ore, collect wood and other basic resources… In short, there were many benefits.

Even if they did not consider trade, if they could cause chaos within the Hundred Races, they could gain a lot of time for He Yiming’s sect to develop.

If they could hold on until the third round, the players would probably not be afraid of the Hundred Races anymore.

“Damn it, I’m thinking too much!” Brother Pig Wolong shook his head.

Hold the grass, I’m thinking too much! It’s better to go to sleep!

Beef Noodles opened his eyes and quickly summoned Illusion and Farm Master to explain Brother Pig Wolong’s strategy.

“???” Illusion and the Farm Master’s jaws dropped as they looked at the Madman.

“Bro Noodles… Are you, are you serious?” Illusion didn’t know what to say.

Farm Master ate the melon and forgot to swallow it.

“Don’t call me Bro Noodles!” Beef Noodles stood up proudly and looked into the distance.

“From now on, call me…

“Marshal Mushroom Noodles!”

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