All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 231:

Chapter 231:


Just one glance, and Beef Noodles vomited.

Hold the grass!

These outsiders were poisonous.

Three beauties.

One was a Minotaur.

One was a werewolf girl with black hair that covered her entire body.

The last one was a Copper Race beauty with a square face and over a ton of muscular body.

Hold the grass!

“I, Mushroom Noodles… today, I did it for the honor of the vegetable and fruit people!”

“Beauty? No!” Beef Noodles waved his hand and answered directly.

“Fellow citizens, let’s go and have a celebratory feast!!!” Beef Noodles waved his hand and shouted.

Awoo awoo!

All the vegetable and fruit people shouted excitedly. They carried Beef Noodles and left happily.

“Hehe, Mushroom Noodles, that’s all you can do now! Enjoy today. I want you dead!” Mu Sha sneered, then waved his hand and called his confidant over.

“Sir! Are we going to send those people to make a move in the middle of the night and kill this Mushroom Noodles?” The confidant nodded in understanding.

“No, not only that!Secretly gather the three thousand soldiers of the Four-eyed Race in Thousandleaf City! One hundred Foundation Establishment Realm powerhouses should be included! No, if I want to keep an eye on the human spy, I’m afraid that won’t be enough. Then I’ll ask that half-step Sea Wheel Realm master to come over!”

“Ah? Sir, you don’t need such a big move to deal with a mushroom?”

“No, these soldiers are going to kill these vegetable and fruit people! A bunch of ants actually dared to resist! Let’s start at dawn, kill ten thousand vegetable and fruit people, and let them not dare to resist for the rest of their lives!”

“Understood!” His confidant nodded and immediately summoned his subordinates to give the order.

“Yes, sir!”After one of the subordinates heard the order, he nodded lightly. When he turned around, two long horns on his forehead and the scales on his skin were exposed.

“I actually met Bro Noodles here…” This subordinate whispered to himself, then left quickly.

The night was approaching. Outside Thousandleaf City, there was a huge residential area, which was where the vegetable and fruit people lived.

That’s right, vegetable and fruit people were not even qualified to live in Thousandleaf City.

Only when he needed to work could they enter the city, like a slave serving the Hundred Races.

“Everyone, cheer for our hero, Lord Mushroom!” In a dilapidated square, countless vegetable and fruit people surrounded the three figures in the middle.

It was Beef Noodles that was heading the three of them.

Mushroom Noodles had been the first vegetable person to win a flying car competition in the past four hundred years. In addition to the most noble vegetable man’s bloodline, he had become the hero and faith of all vegetable and fruit people.

That’s because it was not as simple as a champion.

Instead, they raised their eyebrows for all the vegetable and fruit people. They reversed the contempt that the hundreds of races had for the vegetable and fruit people for four hundred years.

Therefore, every vegetable and fruit person was filled with respect for the three of them.

They were even willing to sacrifice their live for the three of them.

After all, vegetable and fruit people were so simple-minded.

“Brother Mushroom, I knew you would win!” Banana said excitedly.

“Big Brother Mushroom Noodles, me being your meteor hammer today, I will remember it for the rest of my life!”The Watermelon Man was also moved to tears.

Today was the only day in four hundred years for the vegetable and fruit people to raise their eyebrows.

Beef Noodles didn’t think too much. In the eyes of Beef Noodles, it was just a game.

“Wow, this wine tastes really good!” However, Beef Noodles was full of praise for the wine in his hand.

“This is a fine wine made by us barley people!” a barley man stood up and replied proudly.

Vegetable and fruit people might not be strong enough, but they were extremely good at growing vegetables, brewing wine, or cleaning up.

For vegetable and fruit people, having work every day was the greatest joy.

However, the only thing they could not stand was the oppression and humiliation of the Hundred Races.

That was why the performance of Beef Noodles today shook the hearts of the vegetable and fruit people.

“You guys eat first, I’ll be right back!” Beef Noodles was full, so he habitually wanted to find a place to pee.

When he walked to the place, he remembered.

I didn’t even make a sound in the game. Shh!

As a result, Beef Noodles turned around and decided to continue eating and drinking.

However, a figure suddenly appeared. He brandished his dagger and stabbed at the heart of Beef Noodles.

“Hold the grass! An assassin?” Beef Noodles drank too much and was suddenly attacked. He was caught off guard!

But at this moment…


A dagger penetrated the assassin’s heart!

“What… human?” This assassin opened his eyes wide and collapsed with his eyes wide open.

“Mhmm, Blood Wolf assassin!” the attacker took off the assassin’s mask and said lightly.

“???” Beef Noodles was dumbfounded.

What was going on?

An assassin from the Blood Wolf Clan wanted to assassinate me?

Then another outsider killed the assassin and saved me?

“Bro, or perhaps it’s the first time we’ve met!” The attacker smiled. He wore a mask on his face and could not see his face. However, there were two sharp black horns on his forehead, which was extremely eye-catching.

“Who… who are you?” Beef Noodles was stunned.

The only one who knew his identity should be a player?

Who was this outsider?

“Don’t worry, I’m Brother Ming’s disciple! Code name, Feather!” the attacker whispered.

It was the 801st hidden player, Ling Tianyu!

“Hmm? No ID? You are an NPC?” Beef Noodles was shocked. He looked up at Ling Tianyu’s head out of habit, but he didn’t see the ID.

Hold the grass!

There were hidden NPCs in this game?

“Yes!” Ling Tianyu didn’t care and answered ambiguously.

“Brother Noodles, at dawn, Elder Mu Sha of the Four-Eyed Race will command a half-step Sea Wheel, one hundred Foundation Establishment, and three thousand Spirit Vein cultivators to surround you!” Ling Tianyu was concise and said this piece of news.

“Hold the grass!” Beef Noodles were stunned.


Then why not run?

“They’ve already sealed the entire area. Even if you’re in the Foundation Establishment Realm, you won’t be able to escape!” Ling Tianyu spoke lightly.

“Ah?” Beef Noodles was stunned.

What should we do now?

“I have a way!

“It’s very simple, among these vegetable and fruit people, your prestige is extremely high!

“You can have them rebel and attack in all directions. You can escape!”

Ling Tianyu suggested.

“Then, isn’t this sending them to their deaths?” Beef Noodles said.

The strongest among them were only at the late Spirit Vein Realm.

If they were to meet a half-step Sea Wheel powerhouse and slap him, would they not die a few hundred thousand times over?

“We can’t help it… Either you die or they die! I have already told you what to do! That is the end of the story!” After Ling Tianyu said that, he turned around and prepared to leave.

“The matter here is almost over. I need to find Brother Ming as soon as possible…” Ling Tianyu thought to himself and prepared to leave.

“Wait!” Suddenly, Beef Noodles spoke.

“Can you handle the Half-Step Sea Wheel Realm?” Beef Noodles asked.

“If we fight head-on, at most 55 percent!” Ling Tianyu estimated for a moment, then said.

“But with this winning rate, I won’t make a move!” Ling Tianyu added.

His life was different from Beef Noodles, there was only one.

With a 50% win rate, how could he make a move?

“Then, I’ll be the bait and give you a chance! You can assassinate just like before!” Beef Noodles hurriedly asked.

“If that’s the case… I can do it! As long as there is a chance!” Ling Tianyu thought about it and agreed.

“But, even if I’ve dealt with a half-step Sea Wheel expert, the hundreds of Foundation Establishment warriors and the three thousand four-eyed warriors were not something you could handle. You should know that the war between cultivators, no matter how many low-level cannon fodder there were, it was meaningless!” Ling Tianyu reminded.

“Don’t worry, I have a way!” After Beef Noodles said that, they agreed on a signal.

Ling Tianyu turned around and left, while Beef Noodles returned to the square.

“Everyone, I have an important thing to say!” Beef Noodles roared and gathered all the vegetables and fruits nearby.

“Lord Mushroom, what is it?” The vegetable and fruit people gathered here.

Beef Noodles didn’t waste time and directly told them Mu Sha’s plot.

However, Mu Sha said that he wanted to kill 10,000 vegetable and fruit people as a warning, so he changed that to killing all the vegetable and fruit people!

“What? They, the Four-eyed race actually want to kill us all?”

“Damn it, Four-Eyed race, this is not giving us a way out!”

“Why? Are they going to kill us all?”

The vegetable and fruit people all collapsed, and each fell into despair.

Not to mention the others, a half-step Sea Wheel Realm was enough to kill all the vegetables and fruits.

How could this not make everyone despair.

But at this moment, two figures looked at Beef Noodles.

Banana and Melon kin!

As the number one warrior of the Banana and Watermelon People, after the initial fear, the two of them became a kind of persistence.

“Lord Mushroom, please lead us! Please tell us, what should we do?”

“Yes, Lord Mushroom Noodles, one sentence from you, we are willing to follow you to the end!“

The words of Banana and Melon Skin directly shocked all the other vegetable and fruit people.

Therefore, the pair of eyes looked at Beef Noodles.

“Hold the grass… What is Bro Noodles trying to do?” Illusion and the Farm Master were dumbfounded.

This rhythm was not right!

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