All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 233:

Chapter 233:

Dawn gradually arrived.

The Four-Eyed race had completed their encirclement.

Each Foundation Establishment powerhouse led 30 Spirit Vein warriors and formed a total of 100 teams, surrounding the vegetable and fruit people’s living quarters.

The soldiers of the Four-Eyed Race had received orders to kill a small number of vegetable and fruit people. They would just kill chicken to warn monkeys.

“Hehe, Elder Mu Sha, you are really cautious! Against a bunch of trash, vegetables and fruits, he actually sent out almost all the troops of Thousandleaf City!”

“That’s right, in the vegetable and fruit people, there is not a single Foundation Establishment powerhouse in the entire clan. I really don’t know, is there a need for such a big scene, Elder Mu Sha?”

“Just a few Foundation Establishment experts are enough to make an example out of them!”

When a group of Four-Eyed warriors received the signal and began to attack the vegetable and fruit people’s residential area, they were all relaxed and leisurely laughing and chatting.

However, at this moment, a Banana Man suddenly appeared in front of the Four-Eyed warriors.

“Hahaha, you’re courting death?” The leader of the Four-Eyed race’s Foundation Establishment Realm warrior smiled disdainfully.

He even disdained to look at the Banana Man’s cultivation.

“Colored Arm!” the Banana Man suddenly whispered, and his fists slowly turned black.

“Ant, I’ll count to three. If you kneel down, I can leave your corpse intact!” The Foundation Establishment Realm powerhouse, with his hands behind his back, spoke arrogantly.


However, the Banana Man exploded and rushed in front of the Four-Eyed race’s Foundation Establishment expert.

“Spirit Vein? Something is wrong! Foundation Establishment Realm!!!” The Four-Eye Clan’s Foundation Establishment experts were all dumbfounded.

At this moment, they hurriedly began to circulate their cultivation power to prepare for defense.

However, the Banana Man’s punch landed on the chest of the Four-Eyed Foundation Establishment expert.

The Four-Eyed Foundation Establishment expert, whose body wasn’t that strong, collapsed on the ground.

“You… How could you enter the Foundation Establishment Realm?” The Four-Eyed race’s Foundation Establishment expert couldn’t understand how he died.

A weak Banana Man, how did he suddenly become a Foundation Building powerhouse?

And he even learned how to condense all his strength into one point?

“I, Banana, am the Chief of Staff of the Vegetable Fruit Race!” the Banana Man shouted loudly.

“Banana Man warriors!!!” With a roar, a total of three hundred Banana Man soldiers, a small number of them holding hoes, iron lifts and other agricultural tools, most of them bare-handed, appeared in unison.

“???” The thirty Spirit Vein warriors of the Four-Eyed Race were all shocked.

Three hundred Banana Man soldiers, all of them were at the peak of the Spirit Vein Realm.


“Kill them all!!!” The Chief of Staff of the Vegetable Fruit Clan, Banana, gave the order, and the Four-Eyed Clan’s team was crushed by their cultivation. More than ten times as many Banana Man surrounded them.

Such a battle happened in every battlefield.

“Why? How can a vegetable man be so strong?”

“Fruit Man, I’ve seen this fruit man before. Yesterday, he was only at the early Spirit Vein Realm. Why did he suddenly become a peak Spirit Vein Realm cultivator?”

“This is not true. I must be dreaming! Hahahaha!”

The three thousand Four-Eyed warriors were surrounded by more than thirty thousand Vegetable Fruit warriors. With each breath, they suffered heavy losses, and the only result was complete annihilation.

There were many casualties among the Vegetable Fruits, but every single one of them was fearless.

If they did not fight, they would die!

But there was still hope in this battle.

At this moment, Mu Sha and the Four-Eyed race’s Half-Step Sea Wheel cultivator were dumbfounded.

“Elder Mu Sha, all the teams are asking for help. They said that they were attacked by vegetables and fruits ten times their size. They can’t hold on any longer!”

“Impossible, their team leader is a Foundation Building powerhouse!”

“Those team leaders were all killed in just one encounter!”

“What did you say?” Mu Sha could not believe it.

A sure-win siege…

He was actually surrounded by the enemy?

“Don’t panic! No matter how strong the vegetable and fruit people were, if I made a move, they would be dead!” Mu Luo smiled disdainfully and stood up proudly.

“I’m from the Vegetable Fruit Clan!”

“Expert from the Four-Eyed Race, do you dare to fight me?” At this moment, the voice of Beef Noodles suddenly sounded!

“???” Mu Sha and Mu Luo looked at each other, their minds filled with question marks.

Vegetable Fruit Clan?


Mushroom Noodles?

What the hell was this?

“Why are you still alive? Could the assassin have failed? Impossible! Those are three elite assassins of the Foundation Establishment Realm!” Mu Sha could not believe it.

The three elite assassins of the four great clans were all at the Foundation Establishment Realm, yet they were unable to kill a single Spirit Vein-level Mushroom Noodles?

“Don’t panic! I’m here!” Mu Luo smiled disdainfully and directly followed the voice to the sky.

Phew… This old man wants to see if that mushroom is a mushroom or a ghost!!!” Mu Sha snorted and followed.

In a moment, the two arrived at a flat field.

On the field, Mushroom Noodles was standing proudly, waiting for the two of them. Other than that, there was no one else.

“Elder Mu Sha, just leave it to me!” Mu Luo gave the order, so he took a step forward.

“You are the Giant Mushroom Man, Mushroom Noodles?”

“No, I’m a new generation of Vegetables Fruit Clan, the Chief Marshall of the army, Mushroom Noodles!” Beef Noodles with both hands behind his back, replied loudly.

“Hehe, no matter what you are, you are dead!” Mu Luo sneered.

The Four-Eyed race was good at many methods.

However, the dignity of a master, especially when faced with a trash-like Spirit Vein Mushroom Man, Mu Luo decided to use the simplest and most brutal power to crush him.

“Give it to me, die!!!” Mu Luo roared, and with a heavy step, he instantly arrived in front of Beef Noodles.

“The weakness of the Mushroom Man is the mushroom above his head. Explode!” Mu Luo punched the mushroom on top of Beef Noodles.

“Hehe, this time… Hmm?” The moment Mu Luo smiled, he was stunned.

“Eight Gate Dunja! Ten gates open!”

“Blood Burning Technique!!!”

“Female Fire Dragon Bloodline!!!”

Beef Noodles immediately exploded with a skill. His entire body was burning with the aura of dragon flames. On his right hand, Colored Arm and the power of the dragon flames fused into one, and a punch hit Mu Luo’s chest.

At this critical moment, he slightly deflected his body to avoid his vital points.

However, beef noodle’s strongest punch pierced through his chest and almost hit his heart.

“You must die too!!!” Mu Luo’s many years of battle experience had unleashed a shocking amount of power. His left hand shot out at lightning speed, and a punch also pierced through the Beef Noodles’ chest.

Both sides had come to the limit.

It was both a punch piercing through the opponent’s chest.

After a short stalemate, Beef Noodles was still the first to fall.

The difference in cultivation was too great.

“I still have many other methods. As long as I temporarily suppress my injuries, then…” Seeing Beef Noodles slowly fall, the corners of his mouth curled up.

This Mushroom Man was extremely evil, he actually disguised himself as a pig eating a tiger, disguised himself as a Spirit Vein cultivator and heavily injured him while he was careless.

But the final victory still belonged to him.

“I’ll kill you first!!!” Mu Luo forcefully suppressed his injuries and wanted to kill Beef Noodles first.

But right at this moment!


A pitch-black dagger steadily pierced through Mu Luo’s heart.

A crimson claw-like hand gently grabbed Mu Luo’s neck.

“Good morning, friend!” A calm yet cold voice rang out from behind Mu Luo.

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