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Chapter 226: These Three Giant Mushrooms Have Problems! (Part 1)

Chapter 226: These Three Giant Mushrooms Have Problems! (Part 1)

This Four-eyed warrior was born with a sharp mind and sharp eyes. He had many years of inspection experience. He had found many difficult cases based on clues.

At this moment, the Four-Eyed warrior locked onto Beef Noodles.

Mushroom man?

Was there such a mushroom man?

The huge mushroom above his head seemed to be wilting. There seemed to be several wounds on his body, and there were even signs of mending.

The Mushroom Man’s face was smeared with mud, as if he was pretending.

Also, this mushroom man was wearing shoes?

From head to toe, there were flaws all over his body!

“You, what’s your name?”

“Mushroom Noodles!”

“What race?”

“The Giant Mushroom Clan!“

“From where?”

“Of course from the Giant Mushroom Village!”

“Why did you come to Thousandleaf City!“

“To participate in the flying car competition, win the championship, reach the peak of mushroom life, and enjoy the beauty… Bah, to clear my name as a vegetable!“

The Four-Eyed warrior asked, but he felt something was wrong. He turned around and looked at the other two giant mushrooms.

Farm Owner was a little nervous.

Nervous, he subconsciously took out a pile of beans that emitted an indescribable aura and savored it carefully.

“???” This Four-Eyed warrior was stunned.

If the three giant mushrooms in front of him were human spies…

Why use such a trashy disguise?

Why would he participate in an event like the flying car competition?


They even made beans into a snack?

Reason told the four-eyed warrior that the three Giant Mushrooms in front of him were definitely not human spies. After all, if the human spies were so stupid, the human race would have perished.

However, the Four-Eyed warrior had a feeling that there was something wrong with these three giant mushrooms.

Therefore, the Four-Eyed warrior decided to ask the last question.

Once this question was asked, it would be absolutely clear whether they were in disguise or not. It was impossible to hide it from his eyes.

“Ah, there’s shit on the ground!” The soldier of the Four-Eyed Race spoke slowly.

“Ah? Shit? What smell? Where is it? Dry shit or wet? What color… Just one bite, I will take one bite!!!” Farm Owner immediately lowered his head and looked around, still frantically searching everywhere.

“Hold the grass, calm down. This is not the time to do this!” Illusion and Beef Noodles were both stunned, so they hurriedly pulled the farm owner back.

Hold the grass!

Now was the crucial moment for them to interrogate the spy. Why didn’t he just mess with the plane?

“These three are indeed Giant Mushrooms! Here, this is your proof of identity!” This Four-Eyed warrior was stunned, and then he was completely relieved.

Vegetables and fruit people could sit and spread their roots and absorb the earth essence to nourish themselves without eating.

They could also eat the sh*t of other creatures and cultivate by nourishing themselves.

This was a bloodline instinct that had been branded into the bodies of vegetables and fruits for hundreds of thousands of years.

To be precise, vegetables and fruit people should be considered half plants. It was also very reasonable for them to be able to absorb the essence of the earth.

Just now, the Giant Mushroom Man’s desire for shiit was sincere.

This was something that no human spy could do.

The Four-Eyed warrior took out three tokens and handed them to the three men.

With this token, the three of them had passed the inspection.

The soldiers of the Four-Eyed Race quickly finished their inspection of this place. They quickly left and began to inspect other places.

“F*ck, we actually passed…” Illusion wiped his sweat.

“No… Didn’t see it? Where was it?” Farm Owner was still searching around until he found Beef Noodles and Illusion looking at him in shock. He coughed a few times and gave up.

“I, I actually came here for academic research!”


“I’m telling the truth!“


“You have to believe me! I really didn’t feel that shit had a good taste to eat!“


The brief awkwardness was broken by Illusion.

“Bro, are we really going to participate in this flying car competition?” Illusion felt that something was wrong.

Now that Brother Ming’s life was uncertain, he was chased by the Female Fire Dragon.

Wang Lufei and the other two were captured alive. They couldn’t even die. It was equivalent to being imprisoned.

The three of them were the only hope.

But they ran to participate in this flying car competition?

Illusion always felt that something was wrong! Something was wrong!

“Illusion, have we not fought the Female Fire Dragon before?”

“…we can’t beat her!“

“Can we defeat the guards of the Four-Eyed Race in the square?”

“We can’t beat…”

“Then it’s over! We’ll compete first and win the championship. Perhaps, we’ll be able to create a miracle!” Beef Noodles smiled proudly.

“???” Illusion and the Farm Master looked at each other, but there seemed to be no other way. They could only follow first.

The night passed quickly.

Dawn arrived and a new day began.

Outside Thousandleaf City, there were two to three hundred thousand spectators. Half of them were vegetable and fruit people.

As the Land of the Hundred Races, the last competition that any public could participate in, without a doubt, attracted countless people from the Hundred Races to participate and watch.

After the four great clans controlled the Land of the Hundred Races, the various races could not fight each other openly.

Therefore, the flying car competition became the only place that could freely vent the hatred between the Hundred Races.

Therefore, this flying car competition also had an alias.

Death Race!

“Hahaha, we’ll definitely win the championship again in this year’s Death Race!“

“Hehe, that’s hard to say! Perhaps it’s the Four-Eyed race!”

“Don’ t fight for it. The top three must be the property of our Bronze Race.”

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