All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 227:

Chapter 227:

There was a sea of people at the scene of the competition. The audience of the four great clans occupied the best viewing seats.

Secondly, there were other large and small races.

Finally, the lowest ranked vegetable and fruit people had no seats at all. They all stood in the other direction and watched the competition.

“Hey, do we have a chance for this year’s flying car competition?”

“I’ve heard that the Banana Man, the Watermelon Man’s Melon Skin, and the Cabbage Man are all brave!”

“Yeah, they are our hope! If they can kill our way into the top ten, we vegetable and fruit people will be able to stand up!”

The vegetable and fruit people were discussing among themselves. They couldn’t help but look at where the contestants were.

At this moment, a total of over a thousand competitors were driving hundreds of chariots of various sizes into the arena.

Shockingly, the first to appear was a three-meter-long white war chariot.

On the chariot sat a cabbage warrior – Bai Ji.

“Everyone! This time, I’ll take the top ten. I’ll let everyone know that we vegetable and fruit people are not easy to bully! We also have our dignity! We also have our future! We…“

Just as Bai Ji’s impassioned speech stirred the cheers and shouts of countless vegetable and fruit people.


Accompanied by a terrifying explosion, a monster that is more than ten meters tall and seven meters tall on a wheel suddenly appeared.

“Pa ji!”

With a crisp sound, the huge chariot ran over Bai Ji.

Both the car and the vegetable were flattened.

“Big brother, ah!!!” The Cabbage People cried out in unison.

The competition had yet to begin.


The Heavens had perished!

“Hahaha, cabbage man? An ant!” On the huge war chariot, a bronze-like iron man snorted disdainfully.

It was precisely the Bronze Race’s little genius, Copper Gall!

“Don’t think you can beat me in this competition!” At that moment, a more than ten-meter-long, streamlined war chariot slowly entered.

Two co-pilot and one pilot.

The pilot sat down, and a Four-Eyed youth stood proudly.

The Four-Eyed race’s little genius, Beautiful Eyes!

“Haha, are all of you defeated?” At this moment, a black war chariot slowly entered.

On the chariot, there were three co-pilot and one pilot.

Shockingly, it was the Blood Wolf Race’s competitor, the master pilot. It was the vicious and merciless genius of the Blood Wolf Race, Wolf Extermination!

Hmph! I’ll let you know how powerful I am!” Beautiful Eyes was unconvinced.

“Haha, this time, you won’t be so lucky!” Copper Gall was also furious.

“Hmm? Why had Yuan Rang not come?” Their gaze shifted, but the didn’t notice the Elementium Race’s power.

“They won’t be able to come. I reckon that he will never come again!” Wolf Extermination sneered.

“Why?” They were surprised.

“I heard that yesterday, the Elementium Clan’s Five Elements City was attacked by the Heavenly Pill Demon. Apart from the ordinary elementium clan members who ran out in advance, the City Lord’s force and over 90% of the experts were all destroyed! The entire city was engulfed by the dragon flames, turning into ruins!” Wolf Extermination said with a gloating expression.

“The Heavenly Pill Demon is so powerful?”

“Hmph! Let that bastard be arrogant for now. If it wasn’t for the fact that 90% of our four great clans’ high-end combat strength isn’t here, the Hundred Blood Gate would have gone all out to carry out the great plan! Will a Sky Core Demon be so arrogant?” Wolf Extermination was not convinced.

“…” Both Beautiful Eyes and Copper Gall knew the plans of the four great clans. After all, the two of them could be considered the direct descendants of the four great clans.

“We can’t let that HeavenlyPill Demon continue to wreak havoc, right? What if they came to Thousandleaf City…” She’s a little worried.

The fact that Five Elements City had been massacred meant that Thousandleaf City was also unable to withstand it!

“Don’t worry, the old fogeys guarding the Hundred Races have already used their methods to lure the human cultivator and the Heavenly Pill Demon to the ancient tomb!

“It can be said that more than ninety percent of the high-end combat strength of our four great clans in the Hundred Races has been gathered!

“When the time comes, all we have to do is draw that Heavenly Pill Demon into that place. Hehe, Heavenly Pill Demon? She had to die!” Wolf Extermination chuckled, revealing shocking news sinisterly and complacently.

“However, wouldn’t the Hundred Races be an unprecedentedly weak place? Ninety-nine percent of his high-end combat strength was gone!” Beautiful Eyes and Copper Gall suddenly reacted.

The four clan leaders and the higher-ups all left the Hundred Races. The few high-level combatants who were left behind were all gone, and they went to lure the Heavenly Pill Demon to the ancient tomb.

Then, wouldn’t the remaining six cities of the Hundred Races and the surrounding villages be unable to withstand a single blow?

“Hahaha, what are you afraid of? There was no one in the Extremely Desolate Region. Humans would never come! Even though a few human clan spies have appeared, it is said that they are all crazy. If they were stupid, they would probably have accidentally entered this place and been captured!

“Also, according to what the old fogeys said, there’s no movement at the border several thousand li away. In other words, no human army or experts have come!

“Who can destroy us? Just those human spies?” Wolf Extermination smiled disdainfully. With a turn of his eyes, he saw a strange car driven by three large Mushroom Men.

“These vegetables are more likely to be humans than humans! Hahaha!” Wolf Extermination saw those three giant mushroom men and couldn’t help but speak casually.

At this moment, the three of them were driving a small truck less than three meters in length.

There were five large characters on the back of the truck.

Wuling Hongguang*!

[TL/N: Brand of the car]

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