All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 225: One mouthful?

Chapter 225: One mouthful?

“Success! Hahahaha!” Yuan Jin and the other Elementium experts were overjoyed and couldn’t help but cry out in excitement.

“Ha ha, Heavenly Pill Demon? But that’s all!“

“That’s right. A mere Heavenly Pill Demon dares to come to our Land of Hundred Races alone? He’s truly courting death!“

“With the Female Fire Dragon’s blood essence, our Elementium Race will definitely be able to greatly increase their strength!”

The experts of the Elementium Race couldn’t help but discuss excitedly. They even began to talk about their future.

“Aiyo, not bad!” He Yiming also let out a long sigh. These Elementiums really looked powerful. Maybe they could…

“Damned ant!!!” However, with a dragon’s roar, the Female Fire Dragon flapped its wings and the smoke and energy from the attacks dissipated.

The Female Fire Dragon’s body, which was basically the same as before, suddenly appeared.

The Female Fire Dragon indeed hurt.

One could ask, a group of cheap babies suddenly sprinkled a lot of salt on their wounds. Did it hurt?

However, no matter how much salt was scattered, could it cause harm?

“All of you die!!!” The Female Fire Dragon opened her mouth and sent a wave of sky-shaking breath!


That Dragon’s Breath, which was sufficient to cover the entire Five Elements City, instantly arrived.

“???” All of the Elementium experts were dumbfounded.

“Quick, join forces to defend!!!” With Yuan Jin’’s order, all the elementium experts hurriedly attacked. They circulated all their power and tried to block it.

As for Yuan Jin himself, he turned around and frantically fled.


The range of the dragon breath was not only enormous, but also astonishingly fast!

Zi Zi Zi Zi!

The barrier formed by the combined efforts of the tens of thousands of Elementium experts disappeared with a boom, and then countless Elementium experts were drowned out by the Dragon’s Breath.

He had just run a hundred meters when he turned his head and saw that the dragon breath had already arrived.

Yuan Jin only had one final thought.

Why was it that a mere early Sea Wheel Realm human cultivator able to survive the Female Fire Dragon’s pursuit for an entire night?

Why couldn’t he even stand a single breath with all the Elementium experts in Five Elements City?


Everything in Five Elements City has been reduced to ashes after the dragon breath.

Even the massive stone walls were burned to ashes!


He Yiming gasped.

Hold the grass!

This Female Fire Dragon is too powerful!

One was at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm, ten were at the Sea Wheel Realm, three hundred were at the Foundation Establishment Realm, and seven or eight thousand were at the Spirit Vein Realm!

In the end, they were all gone?

Just a single bite?

One mouthful?

At this moment, He Yiming felt the power of the Bright Sword Art.

That Windchaser was actually able to cut through the dragon flames.

The senior who created the Bright Sword Art was definitely not an ordinary Heavenly Pill.

As for now…

“Human!!!” The Female Fire Dragon killed a city. With a turn of her eyes, she locked onto He Yiming.

“Crazy!!!” He Yiming turned around and ran.

One man and one dragon once again began another round of chasing…

At this moment, in the square of Thousandleaf City.

“Let me go! If you have the guts, let me go and fight me fairly!!!” Wang Lufei struggled, but it was useless.

Emperor Zoro and Gentleman Qian had long since given up on struggling. They did not say a word.

“Even if we let you loose, you’ll only be able to use your tongue!” the Four-Eyed Race’s Sea Weel Realm expert Mu Zha said coldly.

“Milord, their storage pouch has been cracked!” At this moment, a few Four-eyed warriors handed over four storage pouches.

It was Wang Lufei, Emperor Zoro, Gentleman Qian.

“Haha, so what if you don’t reveal your origins? After a hundred years of Foundation Establishment, all of your secrets are hidden within your bags of holding!

“I only need clues to analyze everything!” Mu Zha said indifferently. He reached out and sucked Wang Lufei’s storage bag into his hand.

“Ah, that’s my bag of holding!!!” Wang Lufei was so angry that he struggled desperately, but it was useless.

“Hahahaha!” Mu Zha roared with laughter as he took control of everything. With a thought, he poured everything out of his storage pouch.

Hua la la!

Soon, a pile of things fell to the ground.

A straw hat!

One straw hat after another. There were more than a hundred straw hats.

Not to mention precious holy weapons, their craftsmanship was so rotten that even monkeys would not care.

“???” Mu Zha was stunned.

With a thought in his mind, he swept his spirit sense through the inside of his storage pouch.

There was nothing else.


Mu Zha was stunned.

A normal human would have a Foundation Establishment of a hundred years. Fine, even if Wang Lufei was a peerless genius, ten years of Foundation Establishment!

As a Foundation Establishment cultivator, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, and spirit artifacts were all necessary. Secondly, there were many spirit stones or some spirit materials.

Furthermore, since he was a human spy in the Land of Hundred Races, it was only normal for him to have some secret scrolls, information, or maps in his storage pouch.


All of them were straw hats?

Could this be a fake Foundation Establishment?

“I don’t believe it!” Mu Zha casually threw the bag of holding away, and then picked up Emperor Zoro’s bag of holding.

Shaking, more than a hundred Soul Cutter Swords fell out.

There were black ones, blue ones, and pink ones.

There wasn’t a single low-grade spirit weapon.


Mu Zha was stunned. He glanced at Emperor Zoro.

A Foundation Establishment expert!

He was a genius who could control a small achievement in his sword intent.

You don’t even have a low-grade spirit weapon?

How could he dare to rush to the square of Thousandleaf City to save someone with such a pile of junk?

Unyielding, he picked up two storage pouches and shook them.

A clear metallic sound rang out.

On the left were nine huge bone sabers that were four meters, eight meters, twelve meters, sixteen meters, twenty meters, twenty-four meters, twenty-eight meters, thirty-two meters and thirty-six meters long.


He glanced at Gentleman Qian.

When this guy was caught, he was carrying a 40-meter-long bone saber. He was beaten to pieces by his own punch and saber, almost killing him.

He hadn’t expected that the storage pouch contained bone blades of different sizes.

However, none of them were spirit weapons. All of them were ordinary weapons.

You, a Foundation Establishment expert…

Why did he bring so many trashy sabers?

Was he crazy?

His gaze shifted to the right.

There were over two hundred boomerangs.

Cough, cough, cough…

Mu Zha felt that there was a mouthful of old blood in his throat. He was just a little bit away from spitting it out.

“Are these four really human spies?”

“Are all human Foundation Establishment cultivators retarded?”

At this moment, Mu Zha was somewhat suspicious.

There were no medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, or spirit tools in their bags of holding.

Where did these four get the courage to become spies in the Hundred Races?

When he thought of the four of them, the two of them had impersonated the Floragrims, and the two of them had slaughtered their way into the square to save people.

They looked really crazy.

But how did a crazy person reach Foundation Establishment?

Or was it that the human cultivators were so powerful that they could even build a foundation?

“Don’t kill them yet. These three human cultivators are strange!” With a cold gaze, he decided to report to the higher-ups.

There was a feeling in his eyes.

These four seemingly crazy humans were probably hiding a huge danger that he could not see through.

This was especially the case right now. The Hundred Races were currently working on a top secret plan that would affect the fate of the Hundred Races for the next ten thousand years. They definitely couldn’t be disturbed.

“They’re definitely not the only human spies! Send orders to investigate all human spies!” Mu Zha gave the order again.

“Yes!” The Four-eyed warriors all nodded.

“Haha, my Four-Eyed Clan can see through all magic at once! A mere human spy. No matter how deep you hide, even if you hide in places that no one can see, you will definitely be found one by one!” Mu Zha grinned, full of confidence.

Almost at the same time…

“Congratulations, Mushroom Noodles, you’ve successfully registered!This was the standard formation disk for the Grand Competition. By injecting power, it could be used as a driving force! However, you have to modify the body of the flying car yourself!”

In a hall in Thousandleaf City, a few members of the Hundred Races, although they were a bit contemptuous, still passed a formation disk to the three giant mushrooms in front of them according to the rules and completed the registration.

“Hahaha, just wait. The champion of this flying car competition will definitely be me!” Beef Noodles laughed out loud, put away the array plate, and prepared to leave.

But right at that moment.

“Under Lord Mu Zha’s orders, investigate for human spies!” More than a dozen Four-Eyed warriors stepped into the hall and ordered everyone to line up and start checking their identities.

“Hold the grass. Bro, what do we do?” Illusion was a bit flustered.

“What are you panicking about? Our disguise is flawless!” But Beef Noodles was not flustered at all.

At this moment, a four-eyed warrior looked at Beef Noodles and immediately noticed something fishy.

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