All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 222:

Chapter 222:

The Hundred Races had a total of seven main cities, four of which were owned by the four great clans, and the other three were neutral cities ruled by the various clans.

Thousandleaf City was one of the three neutral cities.

Therefore, there were various races gathered here. On the streets, werewolves, four-eyed race, or bronze tribes could be seen everywhere.

At this moment, a shocking piece of news was spreading throughout Thousandleaf City.

“Have you heard? How dare humans appear in the Hundred Races?”

“I’ve heard that it’s said that two damnable humans actually impersonated the Floragrims! One of them has been captured, while the other is still running!”

“Hahaha, what a fool! The entire human race has been annihilated over two hundred years ago. Everyone in the Western region knows that. Are these two idiot humans really that stupid? Or are they going to investigate?”

On the streets of Thousandleaf City, various races began to discuss amongst themselves.

“Look at the sky!” At this moment, quite a few people from various clans all raised their heads.

In the sky, a two-headed snake flew. It had two pairs of huge wings, and dozens of powerful experts from the Hundred Races stood on its back.

Shockingly, the leader was an expert of the Four-Eyed Clan. He emanated a powerful aura of the Sea Wheel Realm, and in his hand was a figure.

The ID: Scatter, Senbonzakura

“Heavens, it’s the Four-Eyed race’s expert, Lord Mu Zha!”Quite a few clansmen looked at the leader of the human race.

The two-headed serpent quickly landed on the square in the middle of the city, and many people from various clans rushed over to watch.

Shockingly, there was an iron cage hanging on the square. Inside the cage was a figure covered in blood.

ID: Gentleman Qian.


The eyes of the Four-Eyed Race expert fell to the ground with a loud thud. He casually threw the Scatter, Senbonzakura on the ground.

“As expected of Lord Mu Zha! He actually caught that fleeing human!” A few Four-Eyed warriors surrounded him and examined him.

“Ah, this guy is dead?” A few of the Four-Eyed race’s experts checked and discovered that the human was already dead.

“Mn, this person isn’t weak. He seems to want to risk his life. Naturally, I won’t give him a chance to kill himself! Look at the corpse of Gentleman Qian,” he said coolly.

“As expected of Lord Mu Zha. Those damn humans are no match for you!” A few Four-eyed warriors hurriedly flattered him.

“Lord Clan Chief has already received the news and issued the order. That’s why I’ve already spread the news that the human in the cage was captured!”

“Perhaps it can attract other humans to come and rescue them!” Mu Zha spoke indifferently.

“Hehe, the humans are so cunning. They can’t possibly be fooled, can they? How could a fool rush to this place that is clearly a trap to save someone?” The four-eyed warriors laughed in disdain, feeling that this was impossible.



Accompanied by a roar, two figures pierced through a dozen or so soldiers of the Hundred Races and appeared on the square.

It was Wang Lufei and Emperor Zoro.

“Scatter, Senbonzakura, Gentleman Qian! I, Wang Lufei, have come to save you!” Wang Lufei roared and appeared in the middle of the square.

“Heavens, it’s a damnable human!“

“Damn it! Humans! Despicable, shameless, dirty humans!“

“It’s humans! Kill them! Kill them!”

Seeing Wang Lufei and Emperor Zoro appear, all the members of the Hundred Races were filled with righteous indignation and their eyes were red.

In the ancestral teachings that had been passed down for countless years, it was recorded that the human race had brutally slaughtered the ancestors of the various clans and forced them into the western region of the Extremely Desolate Region.

In the countless years that had passed, only the current Hundred Races had died.

More than a hundred years ago, the four great clans had completely taken control of the land of the Hundred Races. They announced that the Hundred Races had been in internal strife for countless years, and that the humans were behind it all.

In addition, the four great clans had stirred up trouble countless times in the past hundred years, so the people of the various clans were filled with hatred towards the human race.

“Capture them!” Mu Zha, wave your hand.

“Yes!” Two Four-Eyed Foundation Establishment experts, one on the left and one on the right, pounced towards Wang Lufei and Emperor Zoro.

“My left, your right!“


Wang Lufei and Emperor Zoro had a simple conversation with each other before they attacked.

“Eight Gate Dunja, twelve gates!” Wang Lufei let out a low roar and his aura exploded.

“Double-armed!!!” Then, one black and one gold, both types of Colored Arm erupted.

There was no need to say black, but gold, it was formed from the power of the Gold Spirit Body.

On the other side, Emperor Zoro took out three Soul Cutter Blades and wrapped them in black Colored Arm.

“Sword intent, breath of all things!” Then, Emperor Zoro activated his sword intent.



Two Foundation Establishment experts from the Four-eyed race were sent flying back like cannonballs. They died on the spot.

The other one was cut right at his waist.

“…” Mu Zha didn’t say a word. Two of his subordinates had died without even frowning.

“Release my friend! Otherwise, I’ll blast you all!” Wang Lufei said domineeringly.

“Those who block the way, I will kill them all!” Emperor Zoro also raised his black Soul Cutter Blade.

“Damned human ant!“

“Hmph, you’re courting death!“

“Lord Mu Zha, let us take action and kill them both!”

Many Four-Eyed warriors were enraged and requested to fight.

“No! I will personally take action. Lord Clan Chief had an order to capture them alive!” Mu Zha spoke indifferently, then slowly walked out.

“I only need to use three parts of my strength to deal with you!

“I’ll give you all a chance to use your full strength!”

Mu Zha spoke indifferently, then arrogantly made a comparison.

“I’ ll go first!” Without another word, Emperor Zoro unleashed his Sword Intent, All Life Breath, and slashed.

“Little achievement in Sword Dao? Haha, too weak!” Mu Zha spoke.

These words had angered Emperor Zoro. He then increased his strength by another three points and slashed down with all his might.


However, Mu Zha broke his Soul Cutter Blade with his bare hands.

“?” Emperor Zoro was stunned. He still hadn’t reacted.

Bang bang bang!

Mu Zha struck out at lightning speed, directly shattering all the bones in Emperor Zoro’s joints.


Emperor Zoro spat out a mouthful of blood. Before he even landed on the ground, Mu Zha raised his hand and threw out five black spikes, piercing through the meridians and acupoints.

Instantly, Emperor Zoro’s Foundation Establishment aura vanished, and his cultivation base was instantly sealed.

“One down. You’re nexti,” he said coolly.

“Damn it!” Wang Lufei was shocked.

Emperor Zoro had actually been defeated in a single exchange?

“Then I’ll let you experience the true second barrier!!!” Wang Lufei let out a low growl, and then the Eight Gate Dunja burst out again, opening to the Thirteen Gates.

Almost at the same time…

Burning Blood Technique!

Wang Lufei used Burning Blood again. The blood essence in his body started to burn, causing great damage to his body as well as powerful power.

Wang Lufei’s aura was almost close to the peak of Foundation Establishment Realm.

“……” Mu Zha didn’t say a word as he just watched.


Wang Lufei accelerated and used four consecutive shaves. His speed was astonishing. He directly rushed in front of Mu Zha, and then punched out towards Mu Zha’s face.

But right at this moment, Mu Zha raised his hand and grabbed Wang Lufei’s face, slamming him onto the ground.


Huge rumbling and shattering sounds.

Wang Lufei was almost pressed to the ground. A ten-meter-long crack appeared on the ground.

With just one strike, Wang Lufei was completely defeated and passed out.

“Human, don’t think that only you are a genius!” Mu Zha spoke coldly, then raised his hand and shot out five black spikes, sealing Wang Lufei’s cultivation.

“Hang up these two humans! The dead body is to be fed to my mount!” Mu Zha’s mouth was cold, and he didn’t show any mercy.

Accompanied by a series of shaking sounds.

In the middle of the square, three iron cages appeared. Inside the cages, three figures were lying unconscious. They were wrapped in chains, and their cultivation bases were also restricted. There was no chance of escaping, and they could not even commit suicide.

Seeing this, many people from the Hundred Races could not help but start discussing.

Tsk tsk tsk, one of these three humans is just like an idiot, pretending to be a wood human that has been extinct for two hundred years! The other two are even more stupid. They’re actually courting death!”

“That’s right! I’ve heard that the human race is tyrannical and daoless as well as sinister and cunning. But in the end, they’re nothing more than that!“

“That’s right, I feel that I should immediately execute these three detestable humans. I wonder why Lord Mu Zha didn’t kill them!“

The members of the Hundred Races stood beside the square, discussing spiritedly as they looked at the three cages.

“Wow, those three damnable humans were actually caught?Just what had happened? Who could explain this to me?” Suddenly, a voice rang out. A few people from the Hundred Races who were watching turned their heads and were stunned.

In front of him was a huge mushroom that was nearly two meters tall?

“Mushroom man?” These people from the Hundred Races rubbed their eyes.

Was the mushroom man that big?

“I am the Great Mushroom Clan Patriarch, Mushroom Noodles!”

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