All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 223:

Chapter 223:

“???” The members of the Hundred Races turned to look.

Three two-meter-tall mushroom-shaped people were lined up.

“This humble one is Mushroom Noodles. This is my Great Elder, Mushroom Farmer, and this is my Great Elder, Mushroom Illusion!” Mushroom Noodles casually introduced the two huge mushroom people beside him.

“Giant Mushroom people?”

“Mushroom Noodles?”

“I’ve heard that there are Mushroom people, Blue Mushroom people, Needle Mushroom people, and so on and so forth. There’s actually a Giant Mushroom people?“

The members of the Hundred Races were a little dumbfounded.

Which clan had the most people in the Hundred Races?

Needless to say, it must be vegetables and fruits.

There were more than a dozen branches of the Mushroom Clan, the Mushroom Clan, the Blue Mushroom Clan, and the Needle Mushroom Clan.

There were also cabbage people, tomato people, cucumber people, and so on.

In the past history of the Hundred Races, there had been many powerful races.

Unfortunately, these races were exterminated one by one.


Because there were too few cultivation resources, these races with powerful bloodlines weren’t able to develop, and their reproductive abilities were weak. Naturally, they would be eliminated.

One of the four great races, the Blood Wolf Race, back when the Ten Thousand Clans were still alive, they were all at the grandson level. They were purely used as cannon fodder for the great clans of the Ten Thousand Clans.

However, with the passage of time, the great clans were destroyed one by one. However, the Blood Wolf Clan relied on their powerful reproduction ability to become the leader of the four great clans.

And why were there so many vegetable and fruit people?

Although the two races’ talent and bloodline were the worst, their reproduction ability was too powerful. Moreover, they could sit on the ground and absorb earth. They could eat and cultivate. The number of people increased instead of decreasing.

It was a race with a growing population that was rare in the Hundred Races.

However, a weak chicken was a weak chicken.

Vegetables and fruit people were the lowest-ranking people in the Land of the Hundred Races. They were basically enslaved. Most of them were responsible for farming, moving, cleaning toilets, and other dirty and tiring work.

This was because in the past hundred years, among vegetable and fruit people, even though they were in the Spirit Vein Realm, not a single Foundation Establishment realm existence had emerged.

The vegetable and fruit people, who occupied more than one-third of the total population of the Hundred Races, did not even have a single Foundation Establishment Realm existence. Thus, their clans had become an existence that the other clans of the Hundred Races despised.

“Haha, if you ask, we’ll give?” The people of the Hundred Races disdained them. They had always looked down on the vegetable people, making them look down on the Mushroom Noodles in front of them.

“Fellow compatriots, I, I saw the process!” But at this moment, a one-meter-tall, incomparably skinny shiitake mushroom man spoke.

“Eh? Brother, quickly, tell me what happened?” Mushroom Noodles didn’t care about the contempt of the Hundred Races. He turned around and asked.

The shiitake man then explained everything in detail.

“Big Brother Mushroom, why are you so strong?” Mushroom people looked at the Mushroom Noodles with envy.

Everyone was also from the Mushroom Clan. They were weak, but the mushroom man in front of them looked so powerful.

“Brother Mushroom, don’t be discouraged. You must be confident. One day, you will be as strong as me!” Mushroom Noodles stretched out his hand and patted the man’s shoulder, encouraging him loudly.

“Haha, the Mushroom Man is powerful?”

“A bunch of fools, vegetable people are vegetable people, weak chickens are weak chickens!”

“Can vegetable people become stronger? I’ll turn my head and use it as a kicking bag!”

The rest of the Hundred Races sneered in disdain, their eyes filled with contempt.

Leaving the crowd, the three giant mushrooms found a safe corner.

“Hold the grass. Bro, what do we do? Lufei and the others were caught!“

“That’s right. Are we, are we going to save them?”

The two giant mushrooms beside Mushroom Noodles opened their mouths.

The three of them used the corpse of the dead mushroom-man and the illusionary technique to piece together their disguise.

With the help of the Library’s new cultivation technique, Formless Concealment, the three of them concealed their cultivation auras to the Spirit Meridian Opening realm, and no one could sense it.

“Save ourselves! Brother Lufei is so strong, how can we save him? Are you going to waste our chance?” Beef Noodles rolled their eyes.

“This is going to be troublesome. If Brother Lufei and the others are killed, they can be revived! But now that they’ve been captured alive, their cultivation bases are also restricted. They can’t even commit suicide, so they can’t even move!” Illusion spoke, his face filled with worry.

This move was too ruthless, it was simply like a heavenly war against a player.

What was wrong with a player being able to revive?

Capture them, restrict their cultivation and movement, then left alive. What could they do?

It was useless to log off. They were still stuck there.

“Don’t panic!” With a wave of his big hand, Beef Noodles looked calm.

“As expected of Bro Noodles!” Illusion and the Farm Master both nodded. They felt that Bro Noodles was reliable at the crucial moment.

“Right now, our priority is to find Brother Ming. As long as Brother Ming makes a move, the Hundred Races will all be scum!” Beef Noodles said confidently.

“That makes sense!” Illusion and Farm Master nodded.

“The registration for the 400th Grand Competition of Thousandleaf City has begun! Today is the last day of registration!!!” At this moment, a few vegetable people, holding large loudspeakers and pulling a small cart, roamed the streets and shouted loudly.

“Grand Competition? What is this? I’m curious,” Beef Noodles said. Then, he ran over and asked a vegetable person.

Seeing that it was his compatriots, the vegetable man gave a friendly explanation.

“The Flying Car Competition is a traditional competition in Thousandleaf City. Anyone can participate in it. Just make a self-made vehicle! The content of the competition was to drive the vehicle through the designated circuit! The first to reach the finish line is the winner!” this cabbage man explained in detail.

“Oh, so that’s the case!” Beef Noodles nodded.

“Bro, these outsiders really know how to play!”

“Yeah, there’s actually a flying car competition?”

Illusion and the Farm Master were surprised to hear each other through the voice.

“What is the origin of this flying car competition?” Beef Noodles asked.

“Ao, it goes way back! It was said that in an extremely long time, the Hundred Races’ ancestors had held a great competition to encourage later generations to work hard to create brand new tools, and at the same time, to ease the conflicts between the Hundred Races!

“Originally, there were many great competitions like this. There were also great hunting competitions, great fighting competitions, and so on. Unfortunately, after the four great clans monopolized power, they canceled almost all of the great competitions!

“Only this flying car competition was barely preserved!

“Unfortunately, in the past 400 years, we vegetable people have never won the championship! Sigh, maybe we vegetable people are born weak!” This cabbage man was a little disappointed at the end.

“Bro, let’s get down to business first!“

“Yeah, find Brother Ming first!“

Illusion and the Farm Master reminded him.

“Of course. As disciples, we have to find Brother Ming first. We have to ensure Brother Ming’s safety first! I have always admired and respected Brother Ming! Let’s go! Let’s go find Brother Ming!” With a wave of his hand, he turned around and left.

“Oh, that’s right. I heard that this year’s championship reward is the three beauties of Thousandleaf City. The winners can do whatever they want!” the cabbage man said casually.

Beef Noodles slipped back from the air and skillfully retreated towards the cabbage man.

“Today, I am going to prove the might of the vegetable people! I will win the championship and raise our flag!” Beef Noodles was filled with justice as he shouted.

Illusion: ???

Farm Master: ???

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