All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 221:

Chapter 221:

Heavenly Pill demon beast!

Female Fire Dragon!

“Why is this fellow here?” Beef Noodles was dumbfounded.

Shouldn’t this fellow be in the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the north?

Why did she run to the west?

And it just so happened to block everyone.

“Hold the grass! What the hell?“

“Heavenly Pill demon beast? Female Fire dragon?”

“This… It can’t be that you’re chasing Brother Noodles, right?”

The other members were dumbfounded.

The livestream room was silent, and the bullet screen exploded.

“Hold the grass, Heavenly Pill Demon. Isn’t this the Female Fire Dragon in Brother Noodles’ post?”

“Damn, Brother Ming, run!”

“I strongly recommend throwing Bro Noodles out to feed her!!!”

The chat room exploded.

He Yiming was about to explode.

“All of you, die for me!!!” The Female Fire Dragon’s temper was clearly bad. She spoke and spat out a large amount of dragon flame breath.

The sky erupted with dragon flames.

“Move aside!!!” The moment He Yiming gave the order, the Azure Feather Eagle immediately used all its speed to dodge.

However, the range of the Dragon Flame breath was simply too large. It covered a radius of several thousand meters!

No matter how much they dodged, the dragon flames would devour He Yiming and the others.

“Ah!” Beef Noodles and the others are all dumbfounded. Looking at the flame power that was covering the sky, they even forgot to resist.

At the critical moment, without another word, He Yiming activated his two most powerful skills, the Vanquishing Armor and Burning Blood Technique.

His cultivation base had increased to late Sea Wheel Realm.

“The second move of the Bright Sword Art, Windchaser!” Then, He Yiming raised his hand, the strongest strike/


A powerful sword technique erupted, transforming into a gust of wind that dispersed the boundless flames.

The raging Dragon Flames was cut by He Yiming.

The dragon flames didn’t hit the players, but with just their remaining power, the players vomited blood and were directly injured.


In the sea of flames, a sword qi tore through the sea of flames and brought everyone out.

“Hmm?” The Female Fire Dragon was shocked.

Her Dragon Breath actually didn’t kill a single human scum?

This strike of the dragon breath would definitely kill some half-step Heavenly Pill Realm demon beasts.

That Sea Wheel Realm human was actually able to sever her dragon flames?

“Disperse and flee!” He Yiming immediately gave the order!

Then he grabbed Beef Noodles.

“Beef Noodles, I’ll give you a difficult task. Go and attract that guy’s attention. Carry your blame yourself!” After He Yiming finished his sentence, he kicked Beef Noodles towards the Female Fire Dragon.

The Female Fire Dragon should have come to chase after the Beef Noodles. As long as Beef Noodles could attract some firepower, he would have a chance to escape.

Flee! He had to run!

He had no way to fight a Heavenly Pill demon beast.

Especially the Female Fire Dragon that contained the dragon bloodline.

An existence like the Female Fire Dragon was definitely at the top of the Heavenly Pill. When faced with a Heavenly Pill demon beast of the same level, one battle against nine would not be a waste.

How could he use a hammer to fight her?

Especially… since it was the Female Fire Dragon.

“Azure Feather, accelerate!” He Yiming raised his hand and threw all the players in all directions as fast as lightning, heading towards the distance.

If the players died, they could still be revived!

That was why He Yiming was hoping that this Female Fire Dragon would chase after the players. When the players were all killed, he would have away.

“Human!!!” The Female Fire Dragon was enraged. She looked at the nine people fleeing in all directions, so her gaze shifted to Beef Noodles.

“Dragon Flame Bullet!” The Female Fire Dragon opened her mouth and prepared to fire a Dragon Flame Bullet!

It could be considered a single attack! But its power was astonishing!

It would definitely kill Beef Noodles.

“Ah, I don’t want to die!” Beef Noodles was dumbfounded when he saw the attack that was about to be launched.

Cough cough…

However, at this moment, the Female Fire Dragon seemed to have affected the wound. Her body trembled as it released a dragon flame bullet and brushed past Beef Noodles several meters away.

After that, it hit Wu Liuqi who was running away!

Wu Liuqi was confused: ???

“???” Everyone was stunned by this scene.

“I… I’m not dead? Hold the grass, run!” Beef Noodles was stunned. He touched his body. Aiyo, he didn’t die. So, he opened up ten gates of his Eight Gate Dunja and ran at the speed of light with Moon Steps.

Standing in the resurrection hall, Wu Liuqi began to doubt his life.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

“Hold the grass, didn’t she tried to kill Brother Noodles?Why did she shoot at me?“ Wu Liuqi vomited, he really did.

The west expedition had yet to begin, and he went back to his hometown.

“Damn it, my injuries have flared up at this time, and I’ve actually been beaten crooked…” The Female Fire Dragon felt a burst of intense pain. She adjusted herself and looked up.

The humans had already chosen their own direction and had almost disappeared.

“Human!!! I will definitely kill you today!” The Female Fire Dragon’s gaze shifted and locked onto He Yiming.

When the Female Fire Dragon looked at him, He Yiming was the only one at the Sea Wheel Realm. He was the strongest. She must kill He Yiming first.


Spreading out her wings, the Female Fire Dragon chased after He Yiming!

“Are you freaking crazy!” He Yiming turned his head and was scared out of his wits.

Grievances have a head, debts have a head.

Why are you chasing me instead of chasing after Beef Noodles?

Thus, He Yiming sped up without another word.

One man and one dragon, one in front and one behind, quickly disappeared into the horizon.

After the time for an incense stick to burn.

Three figures quietly returned.

“Hold the grass. Where did the others go?” Beef Noodles whispered.

“I don’t know, just the three of us? Did they not know that they had come back to gather?” Illusion said in a low voice.

“Bro, what should we do now?” Farm Master asked quietly.

A cool wind blew over.

The three of them were a little flustered.

To save Brother Ming?

Brother Ming’s escape was fast, but the Female Fire Dragon was even faster. Now that they couldn’t even find a shadow, how could he save him?

Should they commit suicide?

However, everyone had brought their storage bags. How could they pick up loot after committing suicide?

Wasn’t that a loss?

“Steady, don’t panic!” Beef Noodles thought for a moment, and when he looked around, he saw a few outsider corpses on a field not far away.

“Shh, I have an idea! Follow me!” Beef Noodles chuckled and ran over happily.


Illusion and Farm Master were dumbfounded, but now, they could only follow.

In another direction…

“It seems like the two of us have met…” Wang Lufei looked into the distance and said.

“This situation is very troublesome. If we go back, it will be too dangerous. What if the Female Fire Dragon turns around and we’re done for!” Emperor Zoro nodded.

“Since that’s the case, let’s go straight to the bottom! Hmph, I’m not afraid of so many demonic beasts in the Hundred Thousand Mountains of the north! How could I be afraid of this place?” Wang Lufei stood up and spoke proudly.

“This plan is not bad!” Emperor Zoro nodded and touched his green hair.

There was a vertical scar on one of Emperor Zoror’s eyes, and there was a huge slash on his body.

Obviously, just like Wang Lufei, he ate the Myriad Manifestations Fruit and perfectly restored the appearance of Zoro.

So, the two of them swayed their heads and walked towards the central area…

“What should we do now? We seemed to be separated…” Scatter, Senbonzakura hid in a hole and looked at the sky from time to time.

“This is the enemy’s territory. Brother Ming was supposed to lead the team. It’s definitely safe! Now that Brother Ming in’t here, if the two of us met an outsider, we would definitely be made into dumplings!” Gentleman Qian also nodded.

“I’m sure we won’t be able to return. Without the Azure Feather Eagle, we’ll have to walk for a few days!“

“That’s right, so why don’t we continue forward and investigate Brother Ming’s whereabouts!“

“Yes, besides, this is outsider territory, let’s find a cloak to disguise ourselves!”

“Hehe, we can disguise ourselves as the outsiders! When Brother Ming said he wanted to go west, I asked him about the Hundred Races! And it was all recorded on the notebook! In terms of who understood the situation in the western region, I say I’ second, only Brother Ming dared to say first!“

“That’s a good idea. Use Wood Technique, and we’ll be able to disguise ourselves! Wonderful!“

After Scatter, Senbonzakura and Gentleman Qian finished their discussion, they spent some time making two cloaks to cover their bodies and faces. They also used Wood Technique to disguise themselves as outsider.

Then, the two of them stepped forward confidently.

Night gradually fell.

As dawn arrived, a new day began.

There was a major incident in the Western Region’s Hundred Races.

The entire Western Region was alarmed.

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