All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 220:

Chapter 220:

At that moment, Earth.

Many registered members of the official website of the Heaven-defying Demon Immortal received notifications.

Thus, they clicked on it simultaneously.

They were shocked!

“Good evening, big shots!” On the screen, the familiar first test player, Illusion, was smiling as he pointed his face at the camera.

“Hold the grass. What is this?”

“Look, this is the back of the Azure Feather Eagle!“

“Hold the grass, is that Brother Ming with his back to us?”

On the forum, many of the Earth friends immediately exploded, and they all became excited. They even called many friends who were preparing to sleep.

“Hey, it’s almost time to get up. The live broadcast is starting!”

“Sleep my ass! Get up and watch the live broadcast! Brother Ming is about to start the west expedition!”

“It’s a live broadcast. They’re going to fight a hundred races in the west. Brother Ming is personally leading the team. The nine big shots are working together, and you’re still sleeping!“

Many of the people who received the notification got up and turned on their computers. They saw the entire live broadcast of Illusion.

The live broadcast room on the official website was obviously very crude.

There was only one bullet screen function. There were no rewards or gifts. The interface looked like a fish from 30 years ago.

However, the audience on the forum were all excited!

Hold the grass.

Finally, there was no need to watch the video. They could watch the live broadcast!

In an instant, the bullet screen army started to explode.

“Look at my Brother Ming, I love you! Brother Ming, I want to give you a lot of babies!”

“Where’s Bro Noodles? Show him to me and let me lick him!”

“Is the Western Expedition about to begin? Hold the grass, I haven’t even finished watching the video of the against Sea Race in the East yet! This plot is too fast!”

“Damn, I haven’t finished watching the Northern Expedition yet!”

“If such a big eagle were to appear in our Earth, everyone would be scared to death!“

After the screen exploded, the number of viewers increased.

From the first few hundred, a minute later, he had broken through 10,000!

One hundred thousand, one million!

In just a few minutes, it exceeded ten million!

After that, it seemed as if the number of people in the livestream room did not change. It was clear that the number of people in the room would not increase.

“Alright everyone, I’m Illusion. With Brother Ming’s permission, I’ll start the live broadcast!” Illusion chuckled, then adjusted the live broadcast footage and turned around one by one.

“I’m Beef Noodles!” Beef Noodles coughed a few times before jumping out and speaking proudly.

When they saw Beef Noodles, the barrage of bullets exploded once again!

“Everyone spread out in the form of a broadcast gymnastic team. Welcome, Brother Noodles!“

“Everyone spread out in the form of a broadcast gymnastic team. Welcome, Brother Noodles!“

“Everyone spread out in the form of a broadcast gymnastic team. Welcome, Brother Noodles!“

More than ten million identical bullets exploded, and the entire livestream room began to jam.

“What did the netizens say?” Beef noodles were extremely curious and asked Illusion.

Illusion naturally explained the message in detail.


Beef Noodles took a deep breath.

Hold the grass!

Wasn’t there a girl who liked him?

Was there no girl confessing to him?

Why was it all about radio gymnastics?


Illusion did not mind and introduced everyone else.

“I am Wang Lufei!” Wang Lufei took a step forward, his hands wrapped in bandages, and he took on an obvious posture of training for many years.


At this moment, Illusion realized that a huge X-shaped wound had appeared on Wang Lufei’s chest.

There was a wound in front of him and behind him.

Furthermore, a straw hat had appeared on Wang Lufei’s head?

“…” He Yiming turned around and was speechless.

The Myriad Manifestations Fruit was such a good sculpting heavenly treasure. Why did you give yourself a complete set of costume?

Seeing Wang Lufei, the viewers exploded again!

“I, White Beard, greet Wang Lufei!”

“I, Uchiha Itachi, greet Wang Lufei!“

“I am Aizen. Greetings to Wang Lufei!“

The livestream room was once again filled with tremors and chatter.

After Illusion finished introducing the others, he turned to He Yiming.

He Yiming didn’t want to say anything, but considering that in order to recruit more players in the future, he left a good impression and turned around.

After stepping into the Sea Wheel Realm, He Yiming’s Azure Emperor Immortal Body had automatically broken through to the full circle of the Sea Wheel Realm!

Under the influence of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, He Yiming’s appearance was almost as good as a woman.

He had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes, and his skin was even more perfect than the top-notch white jade. His figure was even more proportional than gold, and most importantly, he wore the Sect Master’s robe, giving off a celestial aura.

“I am He Yiming, the head of the Yan Huang Sect! Nice to meet all of you!” He Yiming gently spoke. As usual, he was gentle and quiet, and he spoke at a low speed. However, his voice contained shocking penetrative power, deeply shocking countless Earth friends.

If there really were immortals in this world, that was him.

Countless Earth friends suddenly thought of this sentence.


The screen exploded again!

“Brother Ming is invincible!”

“Hubby, I love you!“

“Ah, I can’t be with Brother Ming in this life. What’s the point of being alive?”

“I’m sorry, from today onwards, I will be a fan of Brother Ming! Those scum stars? All of them could die!“

“Brother Ming, I want to fight with you!”

“Hold the grass! I just found out that Brother Ming is the love of my life!“

In just one minute, hundreds of millions of bullets exploded.


The livestream room collapsed and the livestream screen disappeared.

Hold the grass! The broadcast room exploded?

Illusion was stunned!

Wasn’t Brother Ming’s killing power too terrifying?

“The live broadcast exploded?” He Yiming was dumbfounded, so he instructed the system to deal with it. Soon, the system upgraded the broadcast room.


Under the anxious wait of many friends, the broadcast room finally returned to normal!

At the same time, the maximum number of people online had actually reached 100 million!

This meant that the actual number of people online was much more than 100 million!

It had to be said that on Planet Earth in 2032, technology was more advanced. In addition, Planet Earth had started the Global Alliance plan in 2025.

Many backward countries had also obtained the technical assistance of advanced countries, and were basically out of poverty and famine.

Even in Africa and other regions, they had almost reached the standard of living of the Fire Country at the beginning of the 20th century. Every family had computers, and everyone had the Internet.

On Planet Earth in 2032, the average number of people online on the global network had steadily exceeded 3 billion.

But now, out of an average of 30 people, one of them came to watch the live broadcast of the heaven-defying demon.

This was too exaggerated.

He Yiming didn’t bother with Illusion’s live broadcast anymore. Instead, he looked ahead and quietly improved his plan.

He Yiming’s plan was not complicated.

First, he would meet up with Ling Tianyu to obtain more information about the Western Hundred Races.

Then, he would disguise himself as an outsider and infiltrate them.

He Yiming wanted to take a look at the Star Realm since the ruins and the tomb had been cleared.

This time, the west expedition was mainly about investigation.

By the way, what kind of conspiracy was the Hundred Blood Gate plotting?

After a while, the giant eagle arrived at a burnt village with He Yiming and the others.

“Hmm?” He Yiming looked down and saw that the entire village had been burned to ashes. There were only a lot of black ashes on the ground, and not even a corpse could be found.

“What happened?” He Yiming was confused, but he still controlled the eagle to move forward.

He Yiming was shocked to find that there were burning marks everywhere along the way.

“What did they encounter here?“ He Yiming was still deep in thought when suddenly.

A terrifying dragon roar suddenly sounded!

“I finally found you! Damn human ants!!!”

In the sky, a massive creature with wingspan of more than ten thousand meters had locked onto He Yiming and the others.

Hold the grass! Seeing this figure, Beef Noodles cried out!

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