All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 219:

Chapter 219:

“Yes, can I start a live broadcast? This way, many friends on the forum could see it… Is that okay, Brother Ming?” Illusion asked uncertainly.

If Brother Ming was a pure NPC, he should not have understood the meaning of the live broadcast.

However, after so many days of gaming, Illusion and the rest of the players guessed that Brother Ming must have multiple GMs behind him.

Therefore, there were many requirements that they could ask Brother Ming for, even if it was beyond the game.

“Yes!” He Yiming asked the system in his heart, and after finding that he could, he agreed.

“Wow, really?” Illusion was overjoyed.

“Remember, after the live broadcast is started, it will be broadcast in the main hall of the sect and the official forum. There would be 0 delay!”

“However, if you fall into a coma, lose consciousness, or die! The live broadcast will automatically be interrupted!” He Yiming reminded lightly.

“Alright, I understand, Brother Ming!” Illusion was overjoyed.

He Yiming then had the system add a new function.

Deacon-level disciples can activate the live broadcast function.

At the same time, in the center of the sect hall, eight screens were added, allowing up to eight players to start the live broadcast at the same time.

After confirming the matter of the west expedition, He Yiming spoke again.

“Next, I will teach all of you a new derivative technique! Life is endless!“

He Yiming did not waste his breath. He raised his hand and passed on his Life is Endless to the players.

“Hold the grass! This, this is a health-enhancing skill?”

“Hold the grass, it can dispel poison, remove spells, and resist corruption?”

“It can Regenerate flesh, heal diseases, and even recover the lost blood essence? Hold the grass, and it’s automatic recovery?”

The players instantly went into an uproar.

Hold the grass.

This B-Game had finally unleashed the HP bonus skill.

Hold the grass.

With the HP bonus skill, we won’t die many times in the future!

Who knew how many players were unwilling to eat the antidote because they were too heavily poisoned.

Now that it was released, it would directly heal their health.

Especially with the automatic recovery of health, even if they were sent flying and logged off to sleep, after they logged on, they would be revived.

It was so beautiful.

With this health, many players who were good at battle, as well as the girl players, would be able to change class to nurse. Star Palace’s biggest flaw was that it couldn’t last. With this life buff, it was completely resolved. Star was thinking even more, and his mind was quickly drawn up with a battle skill, the Iron Pastoral Triangle.

“Apart from that, the Female Fire Dragon scales that I brought back from Beef Noodles have been completely smelted and forged into new equipment. All disciples could decide whether or not to exchange for it!” He Yiming casually said, and with a flick of his palm, the items forged last night were placed in the exchange shop.

【[Extreme Grade Spirit Weapon] Fire Dragon Double Swords: 100,000 contribution points/set [Limit 10 sets]

Explanation: Refined using the Female Fire Dragon scales, contains the power of dragon flames, incomparably sharp.】

【[Extreme Grade Spirit Equipment] Fire Dragon Ring: 100,000 contribution points/set [Limited quantity of 10]

Explanation: Refined using the Female Fire Dragon scales. Contains the power of dragon flames and can greatly increase the power of fire spells.】

【[Extreme Grade Spirit Equipment] Fire Dragon Armguard:100,000 Contribution Points/Double [Limited 10 pairs]

Explanation: Refined using the Female Fire Dragon scales, contains the power of dragon flames, can be used as a shield to defend against attacks, extremely durable.】

After He Yiming finished putting it on the shelves, the players once again exploded.

“Hold the grass! 100,000 Contribution points?”

“Fuck, isn’t it too expensive?”

“Hahahaha, my Beef Noodle Restaurant has 100,000 contribution points per person. Buy, buy, buy!”

The players were in a frenzy. Quite a number of wealthy players were already madly buying contribution points.

The players from the Beef Noodle Restaurant had all received 100,000 contribution points because they had brought back a large amount of heavenly treasures. They were all happy and comfortable.

Cold Water from the Beef Noodle Restaurant immediately bought the Fire Dragon Double Swords!

Boom boom boom!

As soon as the two swords were in hand, an incomparably hot flame aura spread out.

The two swords were about 1.2 meters long, and the hilt was made of dark blue iron. It could be paired with the Dragon Scale Sword.


Cold Water casually waved, leaving a circle of flames in the air. The Void burned for half a second before slowly dissipating.

“Hold the grass, how cool!“

“Hold the grass! It has finally revealed its true colors!“

“Are you stupid? I can only blame you for being stupid! What else are you thinking? Hurry up and start attacking the north!“

Countless players watched as Cold Water received the first set of the FIre Dragon Double Swords and felt incredibly envious.

“High contribution points! One to four Flame Coins!“

Some tycoons directly attacked, openly raising prices and disrupting the market price.

“I’ll kneel and ask for contribution points, please give me a little! I’m willing to offer you flowers!”

There were also shameless people who were lying on the ground and begging.

“Let’s gather our contribution points first. We’ll grab the equipment first. In the future, we’ll rotate. How about it?”

There were even many small groups of players who chose to raise contribution points and take down their equipment first.

So it only took a few minutes to…


【Fire Dragon Double Sword had been sold out!】


【Fire Dragon Armguard has been sold out!】

The most sought-after Double Swords were quickly sold out, followed by the Armguard.

As for the Fire Dragon Ring, only two were sold because most of the players were still hesitating as to whether they should spend so many Contribution Points to invest to Fire Technique.

“This is great! This is an opportunity! If I can take all ten rings… then my fire magic might…” Strongest Fire Spell used all of his contribution points. After buying two rings, he realized that no one had bought the other eight rings, so he became excited.

If no one was to steal it, he would have the time to slowly buy Contribution Points!

When the time came, if he had ten Fire Dragon Rings on both hands and combined with the bloodline power of the Female Fire Dragon, wouldn’t that be heaven-defying?

Wasn’t the number one player in the game be him?


At this moment, there were already rich players who had already snapped up top-grade spirit treasures. They directly called for a group with 100 contribution points each to help refine the top-grade spirit treasure.

Because a top-grade spirit treasure could be easily refined by a Foundation Establishment cultivator, but a Spirit Vein cultivator could only rely on themselves. It would take 3 months to refine.

However, if they could summon a group of players to join forces, the speed would be greatly reduced.

At this moment, He Yiming’s expression was a little strange…

“If these players knew that these thirty pieces of equipment that they stole… were all products that I failed to refine… I wonder if they would rebel?”

He Yiming thought to himself.

Earth weapons were indeed hard to forge!

There were so many dragon scales wasted.

He had spent the entire night and failed thirty times. If those top forging masters knew, they would die from anger.

The Heavenly Pill Demon also possessed the bloodline of the dragon clan. Some top-tier forgers might even be able to craft mid-grade or even high-grade earth weapons.

In the end, he had refined thirty top-grade spirit weapons…

Fortunately, in the end, he had summed up his experience and successfully refined a low-grade earth weapon.

A low-grade earth weapon, Fire Dragon Fist Armor!

Although it was called a fist armor, it almost covered his entire arms.

Not only was it indestructible, it could also be used as a defensive tool. It could also completely withstand the strength of its incomparably powerful physical body and unleash its strongest punch.

Apart from that, it was capable of exerting the power of Female Fire Dragon flames, causing its own attacks to have a dragon flame attribute attack.

As expected of a low-grade earth weapon, terrifying to the extreme.

He Yiming spoke again.

“There are already Foundation Establishment disciples in the sect, so I have already added a new cultivation technique to the library! Furthermore, we’ll delay our set off for the Western Expedition in half a day!”

After saying that, He Yiming issued the system notification.

【The library has added a new cultivation technique, and the ancient technique is a formless cultivation technique, Five Elements Seal. And an ancient technique, Blood Burning Technique! It has been added to the third level!】

【The library has a new cultivation technique, the Cataclysmic Seal! It had been added to the fourth level! This is a friendly reminder that only Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators can enter the fourth level!】

After the notification ended, the players once again erupted.

“A new cultivation technique? Blood Burning Technique, was this burning blood essence? Damn, the official has finally released the first skill!”

“Hold the grass! Only Foundation Establishment cultivators can go to the fourth level? Are they looking down on an early stage Spirit Vein? I strongly protest, strongly condemn!”

“Cataclysmic Seal? This name was definitely something!“

The players were so excited that they wanted to go to the library immediately.

“Eight disciples for the Western Expedition, come to the sect hall in half a day! Now, dismiss!“

Clang! Clang!

The players instantly rushed towards the library.

He Yiming also quietly entered the library.

This was because other than the Five Elements Seal, which he could not use, the other three cultivation techniques were extremely useful to him.

Half a day passed in a flash.

Standing in the sect hall, He Yiming soon heard eight footsteps.

“Brother Ming, we’re ready!” Wang Lufei’s eyes were filled with excitement.

“Very good, disciples, follow me……”

“Western Expedition!“

With a proud smile, He Yiming waved his hand and summoned the Azure Feather Eagle. Carrying the eight of them, he flew to the west!

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