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Chapter 218:

Chapter 218:

“Life is endless?” He Yiming was a little surprised.

This was no ordinary healing spell.

Ordinary healing spells or healing pills could at most cure skin and flesh injuries. Some high grade pills could only cure injuries to the meridians or bones.

However, his life force had reached a level comparable to a pseudo divine ability!

Not only was its effectiveness stronger than ordinary healing spells!

Furthermore, it could expel curses, spells, resist the corrosion of evil power, and even detoxify and even cure diseases.

Apart from that, as long as he could control the derivative art of Life is Endless, he would have a permanent passive healing ability.

He Yiming opened his eyes and returned to reality, cutting his skin.

A wound appeared, and blood slowly spread out.

However, in less than three breaths of time, the wound gradually healed, and even the blood that flowed out was slowly absorbed back without any loss.

This was the second derivative technique of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, a unique skill that was comparable to a pseudo-divine ability.

As long as he didn’t die, even if he only had one breath left, he could find a place to live. His life would continue to heal him. No matter how serious his injuries were, as long as his strength didn’t exceed the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, he could slowly heal himself.

Perhaps it would take a long time…

Perhaps it would take a long time but Life was endless!

He would never stop healing. He would definitely completely heal the injury.

“Yes, I can summon the players back. I can pass on this derivative technique. Although it can only be fully used when they are at the Sea Wheel Realm, even at the Spirit Vein Realm, they can still display a little of its effect!” He Yiming nodded in satisfaction.

He Yiming stood up. Only at this moment did he sense the powerful aura of the Sea Wheel Realm.

With a thought, a sea of Qi swirled around him. An incomparably majestic power rumbled about, like a ring of age.

He Yiming stood up and walked to the spacious training room.

“Heavenly Lightning Body… Thunder Dragon appears!” With a thought, He Yiming exploded with the power of the Sea Wheel Realm. A huge lightning dragon that was a hundred meters long appeared in the air, protecting He Yiming.

The golden thunderforce formed from the power of the Heavenly Lightning Body emanated a boundless pressure.

It was all thanks to this training room that the system upgraded, otherwise, ordinary buildings would have been shattered long ago.

“Is this the Sea Wheel Realm?” He Yiming was secretly excited.

He Yiming felt that if he was to encounter the Seven-Horned Earth Dragon again, this lightning dragon arrow would be able to heavily injure the Seven-Horned Earth Dragon with a single strike. Three strikes would kill it.

As for his most powerful move, Falling Star Galaxy, who knew just how powerful it would be.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a chance to test out his moves.

“Tomorrow, we’re going to the Western Hundred Races!” He Yiming couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

“That’s right!” With a thought, He Yiming took out the dragon scales of the Female Fire Dragon.

Previously, when he was at the late Foundation Establishment Realm, it had been extremely difficult for him to refine. He had conservatively estimated that a single dragon scale would take half a month to refine.

But now, he had stepped into the Sea Wheel Realm?


As the Earth Flame erupted, the dragon scales of the Female Fire Dragon began to melt in the blink of an eye. In less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, it was completely melted.


It was too fast!

He Yiming was overjoyed. He took out all the dragon scales and melted them all.

After refining, He Yiming thought for a moment.

This was the material of a Heavenly Pill Demon!

He could try and refine it into an earth weapon.

Coincidentally, his cultivation had also reached the Sea Wheel Realm. He had also reached the lowest requirement for refining earth weapons.

If it was an ordinary Sea Wheel cultivator, they might not have succeeded.

However, He Yiming was different. He had twelve times the profound cultivation of an ordinary cultivator, and his advantage was simply too great.

The night passed by slowly just like that…

Early next morning, He Yiming stood up and walked out of the hall.

A skilled sign-in first.


Host has successfully signed in!

Sign in reward, ancient technique, Phaseless Cultivation Technique! It could hide his bloodline, cultivation base, and talent! Only those above Heavenly Core can see through you

Sign in reward, ancient technique, Five Elemental Seal! A seal formed from the power of the five elements could attack and defend! Third grade! You must possess the five elements in order to cultivate.

Sign in reward, ancient technique, Burning Blood Technique! You could freely control his Blood Essence burning technique, activate its potential, and increase your own strength! Third grade!

Sign in reward, ancient technique, Cataclysmic Seal! A palm strike to suppress the world! The deeper the cultivation, the greater the might!

“Hold the grass!” He Yiming was shocked.

This round of sign in rewards was too awesome.

Three third-grade cultivation techniques were all top-grade. It just so happened that the Foundation Establishment Realm could be used. The last one was completely suitable for him, who had just stepped into the Sea Wheel Realm.

This was especially true for the most powerful move. It relied purely on the power of one’s cultivation base. The deeper one’s cultivation base was, the more powerful it was.

His cultivation base was twelve times that of the same cultivation base. Was it so deep that it could explode?

He Yiming calmed down and walked out of the hall.

Outside the hall, 888 players had already gathered!

“They should be selecting people to go to the west today, right?”

“Hold the grass, the new map isn’t available to me. Brother Ming is so biased!“

“Hold the grass, I’m only at the early Spirit Vein Realm. Bring a hammer!”

“Hey, we can’t go. I hope they will start another live broadcast like last time!“

“Yes, yes! If we can’t go, it wouldn’t be bad if we can take a look!“

“That’s right. It’s good that this live broadcast is more convenient. If only I could watch the live broadcast anytime, anywhere, or watch it on the forums! This way, when I go offline to rest, I can still watch the live broadcast!”

After a brief discussion, the players all looked at He Yiming.

“Today, our sect’s main disciple will lead the elite disciples to the war-torn lands of the Western Hundred Races!

“Those I will name will follow me!

“Beef Noodles, Wang Lufei, Emperor Zoro, Wu Liuqi, Gentleman Qian, Scatter, Senbonzakura, Illusion, Farm Master!“

The eight people who heard He Yiming’s name all stepped forward with one step.

The reason why they didn’t choose Star was because he had to stay behind and lead the large group of players under them to help He Yiming in the north.

He Yiming read the description of the Lord of Fate.

If he wanted to enter the mid-stage of the Sea Wheel Realm from the early-stage of the Sea Wheel realm, he would need a total of 2.5 million karmic luck.

An early-stage Sea Wheel Realm demon would only give him around 10,000 karmic luck points after killing it.

In other words, killing a total of 250 Sea Wheel Demons was enough to gather such a large amount of Karmic luck value.

Naturally, the players from Star Palace and the other four gates would be sent to the north.

“The eight of you will follow me on the first expedition to the West!

“In the land of the Hundred Races, there are as many experts as the clouds. Remember not to act recklessly. Everything must be done according to the orders of this sect master!

“Do you understand?” He Yiming’s gaze shifted to the eight people in front of him.

Other than Farm Master who had made the request and He Yiming who agreed, the other seven were all at the Foundation Establishment Realm, and all of them performed well. Bringing him around was not a big problem!

“Yes, Brother Ming!” The eight of them were all excited.

This scene caused quite a few people to think of the first round of the examination to head to the Haotian Academy. However, there were only four players there, but this time, there were eight of them!

“Brother Ming… This time around, can I start the live broadcast?” Illusion, took a step forward and ask carefully.

“Live broadcast?” He Yiming was stunned.

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