All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 217:

Chapter 217:

Three days passed in a flash!

Within the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the Satin Bone Spear Squad stepped forward and fired!

“Satin Bone Crossbow Squad, start shooting!“

“It’s about time. Open Eight Gate Dunja and begin to attack the vitals!”

Star skillfully commanded the four groups of the Star Palace. After spending an hour, they successfully killed another huge demon beast over a hundred meters long.

Half-step Sea Wheel Realm demon beast.

“Command the logistics team to clean up the battlefield and collect the blood, flesh, bones and other materials of this demon beast!” Star quickly gave the order.

The Star Palace’s people immediately began to carry out the order in an orderly manner.

In another direction.

“Explosive Flames!!!” The Strongest Fire Spell leaped into the air and suddenly let out a low roar!

Zi Zi Zi Zi!

In the next moment, Strongest Fire Spell directly activated the bloodline power of the Female Fire Dragon.

Scarlet dragon scales appeared on the upper half of his body. Flames slowly burned on his skin as illusory crimson wings appeared on his back.

The aura of Strongest Fire Spell had increased explosively.

“Explosive Flame Breath!!!” Then, Strongest Fire Spell opened its mouth and spat crimson flame breath.

Awoo awoo!

A half-step Sea Wheel Realm demon beast was burned by the breath of Strongest Fire Spell.

“Fire Dragon Art, rise!” With a wave of his hand, the fire dragon, which was over a hundred meters tall, continued to attack. Very quickly, it killed the half-step Sea Wheel Realm demon.

“Brother Fire is too flashy!“

“The bloodline power of the Female Fire Dragon is too powerful!“

“Hold the grass! He’s worthy of being the boss who bought the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline by force!”

The players from the Five Fireball God Sect were all bragging.

“Haha!” Strongest Fire Spell laughed proudly.

One million contribution points, Strongest Fire Spell did not have that many.

However, as a Flame Coin warrior, he smashed 300 W of Flame Coin in exchange 1 million contribution points. Before the others, he bought the only bottle of blood essenece of the Female Fire Dragon in the exchange shop.

It had to be said…

The power of the Heavenly Pill Demon’s bloodline was his.

Strongest Fire Speel was only at the early Foundation Establishment Realm, but it was able to unleash the power of the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline. It was able to split a half-step Sea Wheel demon beast in half.

As for the other Foundation Establishment demon beasts?

They were trash!

“Inform the logistics players to come and pick up the corpses. Let’s continue searching for the next target!“

“Yes, Brother Fire!“

Another place, a group of players were engaged in a fierce battle with a half-step Sea Wheel Demon!

The ice arrows, ice spears, and ice dragons that filled the sky continuously struck the half-step Sea Wheel Demon’s body, slowly depleting its life force.

At this moment, First Iceman soared into the sky, and the cultivation of the Foundation Establishment Realm exploded.

“Ice Dragonized Drill!!!” With a thought, he raised his hand.

The dozen or so ice dragons that were seven or eight meters long began to rotate, turning into ice diamonds that spun at high speed. They pierced through the half-step Sea Wheel Demon’s wound, and then charged into its body, wreaking havoc within it.

First Iceman focused on the weakness of this half-step Sea Wheel demon beast. Its moves had endless changes and its angle was extremely tricky.

In the end, with the attacks of the Myriad Frost Sky Palace’s players, they managed to kill this half-step Sea Wheel Realm demon!

“If you don’t have enough strength, our skills will be the best! Hmph, so what if he had the bloodline power of the Female Fire Dragon? My skills are enough to make up for it!” First Iceman proudly spoke.


At this moment, First Iceman couldn’t help but look in another direction.

“Damn it, it’s so big!” First Iceman couldn’t help but curse.

“Little brother, let’s roar. The voice is too low, I didn’t hear it!” In the middle was Thousand Hand Pillar was looking down at that enormous half-step Sea Wheel Realm demon beast that was over fifty meters tall.

This half-step Sea Wheel demon beast was nearly two hundred meters long and fifty meters tall. Absolute Giant!

But at this moment, when compared to the colossus before him, he was simply a little brother.

At this moment, Thousand Hand Pillar was standing on top of a 120-meter tall giant tree.

This wood giant was a Buddha statue, with his hands clasped together. Behind him were hundreds of huge arms that were over two hundred meters long.

Woodleaf Village’s most powerful technique, Wood Technique really hundreds of hands.

On the wheel behind the Buddha statue, there were nearly a hundred small seats.

In each seat was a player.

This Wood Technique, a hundred hands, was created by condensing the power of all the Wood Technique players in the Woodleaf Village with Thousand Hand Pillar as the core.

“Wood Technique… 100 punches!” Thousand Hand Pillar said without another word.

The huge Buddha statue moved. The hundred of two hundred meter long arms on its back turned in unison, turning into countless fists that hit the half-step Sea Wheel demon beast’s face.

These huge fists were also wrapped in a pitch-black Colored Arm.

The combination of Wood Technique and Colored Arm was simply heaven-shaking.

Clang! Clang!

Half-step Sea Wheel Realm demon beasts had resisted and struggled.

However, how could his claws defeat more than a hundred palms? He was directly beaten to death by Chaotic Fist.

“Hahahahaha! Wood Technique is invincible!”Thousand Hands let out an evil laugh.

“Wood Technique is invincible!”

“Wood Technique is invincible!”

“Wood Technique is invincible!”

Almost a hundred players from Woodleaf Village shouted in unison.

At this moment, He Yiming opened his eyes.

“These guys really can do it!” He Yiming lowered his head and saw that he had finally reached 500,000 karmic luck values. Without a word, he immediately activated Lord of Fate.

Boom boom boom!

He Yiming took a breath and broke through to the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Without any hesitation, He Yiming consolidated his cultivation and ate the top-grade Earth Sea Pills awarded by the system.

An enormous amount of medicinal pill power surged within He Yiming’s body.


He Yiming only felt something inside his body shatter. He closed his eyes involuntarily as if his consciousness had also disappeared.

“!” He Yiming was shocked when he opened his eyes.

He was in a dark space.

A vast ocean floating in the dark world appeared before him.

The ocean was extremely vast, and it was slowly spinning.

“Sea of Qi… is this the symbol of the Sea Wheel Realm? Sea of Qi?” He Yiming’s eyes lit up!

“Hmm?” Suddenly, He Yiming’s expression changed.

A towering tree suddenly appeared in this enormous sea of qi.

The boundless aura of life continued to spread out, nourishing the entire sea of Qi.

The power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body.

Under the nourishment of the towering tree, the sea of Qi continued to revolve. With each turn, the reminder doubled.

A total of twelve revolutions, and his body had grown twelvefold.

“It can’t be… such a large sea of Qi? Don’t tell me this means that my sea of Qi is twelve times larger than a Sea Wheel realm of the same level, and my cultivation is twelve times deeper?” He Yiming’s expression changed!

If that was the case, then it was not what shocked He Yiming the most.

The Azure Emperor Immortal Body was a cultivation technique that was twelve times stronger than a cultivator of the same level. Although it was shocking, it was within reason.

However, what happened next shocked He Yiming.

The vast aura emanating from the towering ancient tree slowly transformed into countless azure threads. Although they were extremely slow, they slowly rotated the entire sea of Qi.

As long as his sea of Qi rotated, it would increase bit by bit.

In other words…

Could He Yiming’s sea of Qi automatically absorb the power of heaven and earth and cultivate it?

“This… Does this mean that I can become stronger even if I sleep?” He Yiming was once again shocked.

When he was at the Body Refining Realm, He Yiming was only twice as powerful as an ordinary body refiner.

At the Spirit Vein Realm, it was almost twice as strong.

In the Foundation Establishment Realm, it was at least four times stronger.

However, when he reached the Sea Wheel Realm, not only did his cultivation base become twelve times deeper, he could also cultivate automatically.

The ten strongest divine bodies were truly terrifying.

As He Yiming’s cultivation grew higher and higher, the power of the Ten Great Divine Bodies finally began to reveal the tip of the iceberg.

“!” All of a sudden, He Yiming saw an azure-colored fruit condensing on top of the ancient tree.

With a thought from He Yiming, the green fruit floated over and landed in front of him.

“Could it be…” He Yiming was shocked. Gritting his teeth, he picked up the green fruit and swallowed it.


Instantly, an incomparably vast torrent poured into He Yiming’s body, continuously nourishing his body.

At the same time, a power slowly appeared in He Yiming’s mind.

It was comparable to the terrifying power of a pseudo divine ability, the second derivative technique of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body.

Life was endless.

The first Divine Skill appeared!

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