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Chapter 216:

Chapter 216:

He Yiming summarized Ling Tianyu’s report.

In the west, the Hundred Race War Zone was called the Thousand Tribes Region.

It was said that there were tens of thousands of outsiders here. After that, they were defeated in the battle with the human cultivators, and they kept shrinking their territory. In the end, they gave the entire Northern Spiritual Realm to the humans.

Back then, the thousands of races had lost too many powerhouses. Now, the remaining races were only a few hundred, and they were crowded in the west of the Extremely Desolate Region.

According to the information Ling Tianyu had investigated.

The large-scale war between the hundred races had stopped a hundred years ago.

The records in Haotian Academy, the war between the hundred races and the internal conflicts between them had long disappeared.

The hundreds of outsiders in the west were ruled by the four clans with the four clans as the core. They had absolute control, and they had monopolized the Star Realm as the property of the four clans.

It was no longer the case where hundreds of races fought against each other to snatch the Star Realm.

The four major clans were the Blood Wolf Clan, the Elemental Clan, the Four-Eyed Clan, and the Copper Clan. Each of the major clans had dozens of weaker tribes as their lackeys.

The other hundreds of large and small races formed a hierarchy.

Those races that didn’t even have Foundation Establishment powerhouses became the weakest and slaves.

For example, the Plant Race, the Pig Race, and the Sheep Race.

In addition, under the subordinates of the four clans, there was a direct organization called the Hundred Blood Gate. It absorbed the experts of the various tribes and formed an extremely powerful force.

Over the past ten years, the Hundred Blood Gate had been extremely active.

First, they swept through the ruins of the dynasty, taking away all the remaining opportunities.

The Earth Dynasty Ruins, the three places of opportunity, had become ruins.

At the same time, they also cleared the tomb of the higher-being, destroyed all the traps, and excavated all the treasures they could find.

In addition, the Star Realm was under the control of the four great clans. Originally, every other year, other clans would be allowed to send some younger generations to gain opportunities.

Over the past ten years, the Star Realm had been completely sealed off. It was completely controlled by the Hundred Blood Gate, and no one from any other race was allowed to enter.

It could be said that the Hundred Blood Gate had almost completely devoured the two places of opportunity and monopolized the Star Realm.

As a result, the younger generation of other races had almost no chance to grow.

It caused great dissatisfaction among the clans.

However, the Hundred Bloodshed Gate had suppressed all of this through extremely cruel methods. It was said that not long ago, the Pig-Humans wanted to migrate the entire clan, but they were annihilated by the Hundred Blood Gate. The entire clan was completely wiped out.

The pig-humans were not the first to be slaughtered.

In the past hundred years, especially in the last ten years, the Hundred Blood Sect seemed to have found various excuses and reasons to exterminate the weak clans, and they even took away all of their corpses.

This caused even more panic among the other races.

At the end of the message, Ling Tianyu indicated that he would try to investigate the Hundred Blood Gate.

“……” After reading the information in the jade slip, He Yiming fell into deep thought.

The situation in the war zone of the Western Hundred Races was even more complicated than he thought.

Normally speaking, since the four clans could end the internal strife of the Hundred Races for countless years, they should control the three lands of opportunity and gradually strengthen their strength in the long run.

But it seemed that this was not the case at all.

They dug up the ruins of the dynasty and the graveyard of the higher-ups, monopolized the star realm, and did not share it with the other races.

This was equivalent to cutting off the growth of the younger generation.

The fact that the weaker races were being massacred was equivalent to cutting off their heritage.

Why did they do this?

He Yiming was confused.

However, based on He Yiming’s experience with countless movies and novels on Earth.

There was only one possibility that the four great clans would do this.

These outsiders had a huge plan. If they didn’t succeed, they would die.

As for slaughtering weak races and taking away corpses, wasn’t this just collecting sacrifices?

“What do the four clans want?” He Yiming didn’t understand, but he’s definitely not letting his sect be targeted.

After all, the four great clans had already done this more than ten years ago. They would never have transmigrated here.

“Looks like we have to be a little more careful! It is best to figure out what these four clans want to do. Otherwise, if they are to carry out a big plan, I will not know anything. If I am to be implicated, I would not be able to escape!” He Yiming thought about it and decided on the list of people he would bring with him tomorrow.

“Keep your energy up!” He Yiming closed his eyes and began to adjust his breathing…

At this moment, the Western Hundred Race War Land.

“Tell me, why did you kill this small village and collect so many corpses?” Ling Tianyu was holding a werewolf warrior with red fur.

“Hehe, stupid guy, you… You will never know how great a change we will bring!

“When they appeared, it will be us..

“To annihilate all humans and restore the glory of all races… Cough, cough, cough…”

After the werewolf warrior finished speaking, he completely swallowed his anger.

“They?” Ling Tianyu frowned and thought about it.

“Let me send a message to Master first. It seems like this matter will have a big impact!” Ling Tianyu thought to himself and sent a small jade slip.


The tiny jade slip wrapped around the power of the Foundation Establishment Realm, and then it directly tore through the sky and disappeared into the night…

—Author’s Notes—

[The plot has been stirred. The big shots can just watch patiently. The smart big shots probably already guessed something, but you definitely won’t be able to guess what kind of exciting plot will happen.]

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