All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 211:

Chapter 211:

On the Azure Feather Giant Eagle’s back…

“Beef Noodles…”

“Disciple is here!“

“You did good this time! The value of these spirit materials is shocking. This Sect Master will them all!”

With a wave of his hand, He Yiming put all of these things into the Five Elements Minor World.

When the ice sculpture was placed into the Five Elements Minor World, for some unknown reason, He Yiming felt that the entire Five Elements Minor World seemed to fluctuate violently, but it soon returned to normal.

“Beef Noodles, this time, you have made great contributions! I’ll take you back to the sect first. Rest well! Tomorrow, I will gather all the disciples and publicly announce the rewards!” He Yiming gave the order lightly.

“Yes, Brother Ming!” Beef Noodles was delighted.

Hold the grass, what great reward? What could it be?

Just thinking about it made him so excited!

Moments later, the Azure Feather Eagle landed on the sect square.

“This fellow went offline?” He Yiming turned his head and found that Beef Noodles had already gone offline and was sleeping soundly.

Thus, he casually threw Beef Noodles on the ground and strode back to the Sect Hall.

The following players were not surprised by this.

“The things that Bro Noodles brought back are all treasures! Brother Ming is definitely going to refine a new pill!”

“Those dragon scales, after being identified, are Female Fire Dragon scales. Perhaps they can be refined into Female Fire Dragon sets! Hold the grass!“

“It really is possible! Hold the grass, my contribution points are too few. Is this forcing me to purchase contribution points?”

As the players discussed, they strode towards the Spirit Food Restaurant.

Before they went offline, they went to the spirit food restaurant to eat. This was the habit of the players.

There were so many delicious foods in the Spirit Food Restaurant. From morning to night, they wouldn’t change their taste. The taste was level one and the taste was full.

Most importantly, no matter how much they ate, they wouldn’t be fat in reality.

It was simply a heaven for foodies.

Especially the Deep Sea King Hotpot…

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The moment the players thought of the taste, they drooled.

As soon as the players left, a figure appeared.

Pig Flower.

“Why are they sleeping again… do these humans like to sleep in the open? Wow, his body is so dirty! Yes, I’ll take him to wash up!” After thinking for a while, she dragged Beef Noodles back to the reception room.

Following the rustling sound of undressing, the next sound was the sound of water…

As soon as He Yiming returned to the Sect Master’s main hall, he planted the Myriad Manifestations Fruit in a small spirit herb garden in the sect master’s room.

This spirit herb garden was only a hundred acres in size, but its specifications were extremely high. Even grade five spirit herbs could be easily cultivated.

The spirit herb garden that He Yiming had brought with him from the sect master’s room was specially used to cultivate top grade spirit herbs.

“Myriad Manifestations Fruit… It’s said that this fruit can change the physical characteristics of living beings!

“Those who are born with small bodies will eat them. According to their desires, they will be able to make their bones bigger and turn into burly men!

“Some outsiders who were born without hands might even grow hands!

“There’s even a rumor that the ancestors of the Four-Eyed Tribe didn’t have another set of eyes. After eating the Myriad Manifestations Fruit, they developed a pair of new eyes and became members of the Four-Eyed Tribe!

“According to its name, the Myriad Manifestations Fruit can change a living being’s appearance, size, and even characteristics!” He Yiming couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

According to Haotian Academy’s records, human cultivators obtained this item for roughly three purposes.

It was used by genius body cultivators to change the structure of their bodies, to make up for defects, and to build a perfect body.

On the other hand, it was used for those who were seriously injured, for example, broken arms, blindness, natural disabilities, and so on. After eating the Myriad Manifestations Fruit, one could regenerate the lost arms or eyes.

The last one was for female cultivators who wanted to get prettier, plastic surgery!

He Yiming was quite satisfied with his appearance. He was not injured and did not need plastic surgery.

Therefore, for He Yiming, the main purpose of the Myriad Manifestations Fruit was to use it for backup. In the future, if he was injured and lost his limbs, he could take the fruit and regenerate it.

But the reason He Yiming was so surprised was because of another reason.

The Myriad Manifestations Fruit took a hundred years of blossom and another hundred years to bear fruit.

For it to mature, it would take two hundred years.

Even if it was some large sects or powers that did not care about the price, they could at most shorten it by a dozen years.

But it was different.

With the True Dragon shit, it was entirely possible that the fruit’s maturity would be shortened to a year or even a few months.

Coupled with the fact that what Beef Noodles brought back was with roots, it could be handed over to Farm Master for batch cultivation.

If he was to use the True Dragon shit, he would be able to obtain a large amount of the Myriad Manifestations Fruit.

At that time, it could be consumed by the players, but the most important thing was to store it and sell it as a precious item.

To the heavily injured cultivators, the Myriad Manifestations Fruit was a chance to be reborn.

No matter how much they had to pay, they were determined to get it.

He Yiming looked at the other items after reading the Myriad Manifestations Fruit.

He Yiming could tell what it was with a single glance.

The blood of the Female Fire Dragon.

It was the blood of a Heavenly Pill Demon beast.

If he spent some time, he could refine it into essence blood. As long as a player stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm, he could immediately absorb a large amount of it and quickly activate its bloodline.

Although the five-clawed Golden Dragon Ancestor’s bloodline was far too high, it was precisely because of his high level that the current cultivation of the players was unable to be activated. They could only passively enjoy some subtle benefits.

Unlike this Heavenly Pill Demon, the bloodline of the Female Fire Dragon would only need to reach the Foundation Establishment Realm, along with the powerful constitution of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body and the Five-Claw Golden Dragon Ancestor.

The suppression of the Golden Dragon Ancestor’s bloodline!

There was no danger of exploding, nor was there any chance of being devoured by the power of this bloodline.

Furthermore, it could absorb a large amount of bloodline energy and quickly activate it.

As for the scales of the Female Fire Dragon, they were even more useful.

No matter what, the Female Fire Dragon possessed the bloodline of the Fire Dragon. Although the Fire Dragon wasn’t a true dragon, it was stille a dragon.

Even if the bloodline was thin, the dragon scale of the Female Fire Dragon was at least a grade-five spirit material. It could be refined into an Earth weapon.

Earth weapons were an entire level higher than spirit weapons.

It had always been the exclusive property of the Heavenly Pill monsters.

Many Sea Wheel Realm experts might not have an earth weapon for their entire lives.

As for the method of forging earth weapons, although He Yiming had never forged them before, he had memorized them thoroughly.

Earth weapons took a long time to refine the dragon scales of the Female Fire Dragon. With so many dragon scales, even if He Yiming failed a few times, he would still be able to refine earth weapons sooner or later. Even if it was just the worst low-grade earth weapon

As for the Water of Life.

“Hu… Beef Noodles, you might not know.

“With the Water of Life, it means…

“You players are about to enter the era of Foundation Establishment!“

He Yiming couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

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