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Chapter 212:

Chapter 212:

Without another word, He Yiming quickly took out a batch of spirit herbs and materials.

At the same time, he opened a pill recipe for refining a mid-grade Foundation Establishment Pill.

The spirit herbs used in this pill formula weren’t very demanding, but if it was refined normally, it would only be able to-grade Foundation Establishment Pill.

No matter what level of alchemist was refining it, there could only be one pill in a furnace.

It was as though there was a restriction from the Laws of Heaven and Earth.

Although He Yiming had a recipe for a high grade Foundation Establishment Pill, he didn’t have a core spirit material!

This was because the core spirit materials required three types of spirit herbs, each of which had to be a hundred years old.

He Yiming didn’t have any of these herbs.

Therefore, He Yiming could only refine mid-grade Foundation Establishment Pills.

He Yiming had refined one for Ling Tianyu. However, this time, He Yiming changed the pill formula slightly.

To put it simply, he added a small spoonful of golden water — Water of Life!

Soon, He Yiming began to refine pills. After an incense stick’s worth of time…


The lid of the alchemy furnace was opened, and bursts of medicinal fragrance spread out.

Foundation Establishment Pill concocted successfully.

And it wasn’t a mid grade… Instead… High grade Foundation Establishment Pill.

“The Water of Life deserves its reputation!” He Yiming picked up this high-grade Foundation Establishment Pill and couldn’t help but exclaim.

The Water of Life contained a shocking aura of life. To Demon Beasts, it could nourish themselves and accelerate their growth.

For human cultivators, it could nourish life and increase their lifespan.

But for alchemists, it was a supreme treasure.

This was because any pill below the fifth rank would definitely raise its quality by one level as long as it was added with the Water of Life.

In other words, as long as He Yiming had enough spirit materials and pill intent, he would be able to refine any grade one to four pills. He Yiming was originally only able to refine high grade pills, but now that he had the Water of Life, he would be able to refine all of them with ease.

If he had enough spirit materials right now, He Yiming would be able to refine a top-grade Foundation Establishment Pill.

“The Water of Life can also be used to ripen spirit herbs. Yes, before the True Dragon shit appeared, the Water of Life was known as the most powerful ripening agent… Wait… What if the two could merge?” He Yiming’s expression changed slightly.

As a result, He Yiming took out a cup of True Dragon Wine and another cup of Water of Life. The two slowly merged together.

At the same time, He Yiming activated his spirit sense to carefully sense it.

After some trial and error, He Yiming was confident that he would be able to fuse the True Dragon wine with the Water of Life. At the same time, he used his Foundation Establishment Realm power to refine it.

A moment later, the two merged perfectly.

As a result, He Yiming poured the cup of water into the root of the Myriad Manifestations Fruit.

After waiting for a while, a boundless aura of life gradually spread out.

“!” Under He Yiming’s gaze, an incomparably tiny Reddy slowly grew from the trunk of the Thousand Chance Fruit.

Soon, a small flower bud grew out.

He Yiming estimated that if it continued to mature, it would be able to bloom in about three days.

In another half a month, the result would be obtained.

After two months, it would definitely mature.

This speed… this was too exaggerated.

Two hundred years, shortened to two months.

Moreover, this was He Yiming’s rough attempt.

If it was handed over to Farm Master and tested repeatedly to find the best proportion and the best method of ripening, perhaps the time could be shortened.

This also meant that the mass production plan of the Myriad Manifestations Fruit was feasible.

“Not bad, not bad, really not bad!” He Yiming nodded in satisfaction.

Since he had the fourth flower bud, he could use the first three Myriad Manifestations Fruit.

He Yiming himself had little use of it, but he could give it to the players.

The Myriad Manifestations Fruit was a grade five spiritual material. Even if a player stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm, they would not be able to take it in one bite.

Therefore, it could be cut into fruit plates. For Foundation Establishment Realm players, about 12 people would eat one.

Three was enough for 36 players.

Yes, a price of 30,000 contribution points was very reasonable, right?

With the Water of Life, He Yiming checked his spirit herbs.

En, very abundant!

Thus, He Yiming waved his hand and began refining.

A few hours later…

He Yiming quietly looked at the fifteen jade bottles in front of him. Each bottle contained a medicinal pill.

Eleven mid-grade Foundation Establishment Pills and three high-grade Foundation Establishment Pills.

A total of fourteen players could break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The Water of Life was sufficient. In the future, the Star Palace’s players would be able to go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the north for a long time to collect spirit herbs. With an endless supply of spirit herbs, the refinement of the Foundation Establishment Pills would come naturally.

The players would soon enter the era of Foundation Establishment.

“What would happen if all the players stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm?” He Yiming was looking forward to it.

After all, the things that Spirit Vein could do were simply too limited.

Walking in the Hundred Races territory, they could only fight.

In the various sects, Spirit Vein cultivators were the lowest level disciples.

But once he stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm, it would be different. A Foundation Establishment expert could apply to establish a first rank sect and establish a sect by himself.

Just from this alone, one could imagine how powerful the Foundation Establishment Realm was.

“If a player like Thousand Hand Pillar, who is proficient in Wood Technique, is to enter Foundation Establishment, he would be able to create a tens of meters tall Wood Technique Giant!

“If a hundred Foundation Establishment players join forces… Tsk tsk tsk…” He Yiming could not imagine.

He Yiming flipped his hand and took out a dozen bottles of blood from the Female Fire Dragon.

After summoning the Earth Flame from the Alchemy Pavilion and entering the Alchemy Room in the Sect Master’s room, He Yiming borrowed the power of the Earth Flame to quickly refine the dozen or so bottles of blood from the Female Fire Dragon into Blood Essence.

The dozen or so bottles of blood were only refined into three small bottles of blood essence, each only the size of a thumb.

To activate the Female Fire Dragon’s bloodline power, one had to drink at least one bottle of blood essence.

In other words, he could only provide up to three players to obtain the bloodline power of the Female Fire Dragon.

He Yiming pondered for a moment, then took out more than ten dragon scales from the Female Fire Dragon and slowly began to refine them.

He Yiming took out those strange metal objects.

According to the Beef Noodles, it was obtained with the unidentified ice flower.

“This… the aura of space energy… Could it be that these are outer space star fragments?” It’s true that He Yiming didn’t recognize these metal shards, but he discovered the presence of space power on them.

In other words, it was very likely that these metal shards were not from the Lower Realm that He Yiming was currently in.

It was said that this world was only one of the three thousand worlds. And it was a lower world.

The place where the five-clawed Golden Dragon Ancestor had returned should be an Upper Realm, or a higher plane.

After pondering for a while, He Yiming started to refine the metal shards with his Earth Flame.

“Hmm? Can it melt?” He Yiming’s expression changed. He was pleasantly surprised, but also disappointed.

The fact that the Earth Flame could refine it meant that these metal fragments weren’t of a high grade.

However, having spatial attributes meant that it could be used to refine storage pouches.

He Yiming was very familiar with the method of concocting his bag of holding. Therefore, he directly refined all the pieces of metal he had brought back with him.

After removing most of the impurities, He Yiming only had about a hundred grams of space-attributed metal left in his hand.

He Yiming stood up and went to the forging room. A moment later…

Thirty-three bags of holding appeared in front of him.

“That’s right! With the storage pouch, the players would be able to carry more things. If they encountered good things, they could also stuff them into the storage pouch!” He Yiming was satisfied.

“……” He Yiming turned his head. It’s been a long time since the Female Fire Dragon’s scales melted.

Too slow!

“Foundation Establishment Realm: A bit too low!” He Yiming thought to himself and checked his karmic luck.


He was still four hundred thousand points away before could break through to the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

At that time, he would be able to enter the Sea Wheel Realm in one go after consuming the top-grade Earth Sea Pills that the system had given him.

He Yiming suddenly recalled the strength of the super deep sea king, Yulius!

“Soon! After tomorrow, the Star Palace would be able to continue the northern expedition, the 4W karmic luck would soon be gathered!” He Yiming was relieved.

He Yiming took a look at the ice sculpture with a strange ice flower in its body. He realized that even if he activated the Earth Flame, the ice sculpture would not melt.

As for the ice sculpture, it was only formed from that strange ice flower.

“Looks like the rank of this ice flower is even higher than I imagined! I can only wait until I reach Sea Wheel Realm before giving it a try!”

He Yiming was not anxious. Instead, he sat cross-legged, slowly refining the dragon scales while recovering his strength.

The night passed quickly.

At dawn, He Yiming opened his eyes and walked out of the hall.

After receiving He Yiming’s notification, all 888 players arrived and stood neatly on the square.

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