All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 210:

Chapter 210:

Within the Yan Huang Sect…

“Why are they sleeping on the ground in the open? Sigh…” Pig-human girl, Pig Flower said. When passing by a few players who were sleeping soundly on the ground, she took out the covers and covered them one by one.

She even placed a hand-stitched pillow under the necks of a few players, carrying a hint of a floral scent.

The pillows were all made of flowers. The flowers inside were also harvested from the sect one by one.

Soon, Pig Flower arrived at the Spirit Herb Garden.

“Mm, this smell…” Farm Master was squatting in front of a spirit herb, carefully studying the two pieces of shit in his hand.

“Farm Master, this is a newly prepared midnight snack. Please eat some!” Pig Flower placed down a plate of food.

“Ah… Ah, thank you!” Farm Master turned his head. “I’m not used to it.”

“Your clothes are dirty too. I’ll clean them for you!” She took Farm Master’s coat and put it in the basket.

“Uh, thank you…” Farm Master was dumbfounded as he watched Pig Flower leave.

“The NPC in this game is so real!” Farm Master sighed, then continued to study the spirit herbs.

Pig Flower quickly returned to the Spirit Food Restaurant.

In the snack restaurant, there were four players eating and drinking.

As if used to it, she naturally walked to the side and cleaned the table. Then, she entered the kitchen and put the dishes into the automatic cleaning array. After the dishes were cleaned, they were placed neatly.

“???” The four gluttonous players watched this scene with their mouths agape. Only when Pig Flower bowed to the four did she turn around and leave.

“Although she’s a pig-human sister, but…”

“She is indeed kind-hearted, gentle and considerate, and willing to do all sorts of dirty work and tiring work. She never complains and treats people politely… My god!”

“What a pity, she’s a pig-human sister!Otherwise, I… Cough, cough, cough…


The four gluttonous players discussed for a while, as if they felt that this problem should not be investigated further, so they continued to eat and drink.

At this moment, He Yiming jumped off the Azure Feather Eagle’s back.

“Brother Ming, Brother Ming!” As soon as He Yiming returned, a player who had been waiting for a while near the main hall ran over excitedly.

He Yiming looked over.

ID: Cold Water

This guy seemed to be a player from the Beef Noodle Restaurant?

“What’s wrong?” He Yiming asked indifferently.

“Brother Ming, Brother Noodles is back, but he’s resting in the stronghold of the Hundred Thousand Mountains.” Cold Water lit up.

“Yes, I understand!” He Yiming nodded.

Where did this Beef Noodles come back now?

Could it be that he got lost again?

“Brother Ming, Brother Ming, Brother Noodles has returned alive and brought back treasures! That’s what our Beef Noodles Restaurant snatched from ten Heavenly Pill demon beasts!” Cold Water immediately said.

“???” He Yiming looked at Cold Water as if he was looking at a fool.

Ten Heavenly Pill demon beasts?

Did a group of you at the Spirit Vein Realm snatch it from the hands of ten Heavenly Pill demon beasts?

This lie was truly courageous!

“Brother Ming, there are three fruits among them. After our appraisal, they’re called the Myriad Manifestations Fruit. There’s also some golden water called the Water of Life. There’s also an ice flower that can’t be appraised…” Cold Water said slowly.

“What?” He Yiming was shocked.

The Myriad Manifestations Fruit and the Water of Life?


These two were both grade five spiritual materials! They could be refine to become fifth and sixth grade pills!

He Yiming had never seen these two things before in the library of Haotian Academy. They were from over 300,000 spirit materials recorded in the jade slip that master Wang Yue had given him.

“Are you sure it really is these two things?” He Yiming asked in shock.

“Of course we’re sure!” Cold Water nodded.

“Azure Feather, let’s go!” With a wave of He Yiming’s hand, the giant eagle instantly descended. He Yiming leaped into the air and flew north.

Not bad!

He Yiming decided to personally pick up Beef Noodles.

Not only did He Yiming have to be sure if it was the Myriad Manifestations Fruit or the Water of Life, he also wanted to know…

How on earth did this kid, Beef Noodles, snatch these treasures from the ten Heavenly Pill demon beasts?

Perhaps he stole it by taking advantage of chaos, but how could he escape safely from the Heavenly Pill demon beast’s hands was the biggest problem.

“Azure Feather Eagle, speed up!” With this in mind, He Yiming lightly instructed.

Zhi Zhi Zhi!

The giant eagle let out a clear cry, and its speed increased by quite a bit.

In less than two hours, He Yiming arrived at the stronghold of the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the north.

Currently, only a few players from the Star Palace were guarding this stronghold. Yes, there were also two foodies. They seemed to say that they would leave after eating all the demon beast meat that they couldn’t take away…

Before He Yiming landed on the ground, he saw the players surrounding Beef Noodles and discussing something excitedly.

“Haha, it’s too late. I’m too fast! Just as the Heavenly Pill demon wanted to kill me, I took out my hand and directly hit the beast seven inches away from me, causing it to scream…” Beef Noodles was dancing with joy and boasting proudly.

“Hold the grass, Bro Noodles!”

“Wait, seven inches isn’t that a snake’s vital point?”

“Isn’t a snake a dragon? Are you stupid? In the twelfth zodiac, the dragon snakes have always been brothers, okay?”

“Hold the grass, I like to listen to your nonsense!“

These players happily listened to the Beef Noodles boasting until each of them was satisfied.

Cough cough…

He Yiming landded and coughed a few times.

“Brother Ming is here?”

“Hold the grass, when did brother Ming arrive behind me?”

“Hold the grass! Brother Ming is too scary! I almost peed!“

The moment these players turned their heads, they found that it was He Yiming, almost pissing their pants.

He Yiming was speechless.

What are you guys afraid of! I’m not a teacher who caught you skipping classes.

“Beef Noodles, I heard from Cold Water that you’ve found the Myriad Manifestations Fruit and Water of Life?” He Yiming said coolly.

“That’s right, Brother Ming, there are many other things!” Beef Noodles nodded.

First, he took out three Myriad Manifestations Fruits with roots and whiskers.

Then there were forty to fifty barrels of golden Water of Life.

He then took out a dozen bottles of blood that seemed to be burning like flames.

There were even more than ten red scales the size of an iron pot.

In the end, he carried a statue of a player who was frozen into an ice sculpture.

“Brother Ming, the ice flower that can’t be identified is in this brother’s body! That was because any thing that touched the ice flower would freeze and could only be carried like this!

“Oh right, there’s also these strange ores around the ice flower? Or metal? It’s a question mark!” After he finished speaking, he poured out a bunch of strange metal items from his storage talisman.


He Yiming was dumbfounded.

Hold the grass!

Not only was it true, there were actually so many other treasures?

“It’s not safe here. Everyone, get on the Azure Feather Eagle immediately. I’ll bring you back to the sect!” He Yiming spoke without another word!

“Ah? Brother Ming, what about this stronghold? Doesn’t it matter?” A player from the Star Palace who stayed behind hurriedly asked.

“It doesn’t matter if we throw away this lousy base! Run, run!” He Yiming spoke indifferently and immediately jumped onto the Azure Feather Eagle’s back.

The other players looked at each other and hastily climbed up.


The Azure Feather Eagle quickly soared into the air and began to return.

He Yiming looked behind him.

After gradually leaving the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the sense of danger in his heart gradually dissipated.

“We should be fine…” He Yiming thought about it for a bit, but didn’t think about it anymore.

An hour later, an incomparably huge demon beast spread out a pair of huge wings that were covered in scars. It landed on the ground with a loud bang, directly crushing many buildings in the foothold.

Shockingly, it was the heavily injured Female Fire Dragon.

“The aura has disappeared… Where did they go?” The Female Fire Dragon’s gaze turned, and in the end, it slowly fell to the southwest.

“There’s no one in this Extremely Desolate Region. Human cultivators gave up here a hundred years ago… Then, the only possibility… Is it those ants of the Hundred Races? Mm, in the past ten years, those ants of the Hundred Races have often appeared nearby. They should be the ones…

“Hehehe, do you think you can escape after taking this dragon’s treasure? In order to wait for the ice-type divine ability to dissipate, the Dragon had waited for a hundred years! How could I allow a tiny ant to take me away!”

The Female Fire Dragon let out a terrifying roar as she spread out her wings and flew towards the southwest, the Hundred Races…

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