All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 209:

Chapter 209:

He Yiming glanced at the distance.

There were still quite a few Sea Race soldiers running for their lives. The battle was not over.

These guys want to eat Julius?

Eat my ass!

“No! The battle is not over yet! I’ll put the corpse away for now. Let’s talk after the battle ends and returned to the beach!” He Yiming raised his hand and threw the corpse of Julius into the Five Elements Minor World.

“Yes, Brother Ming…” The gluttonous players were disappointed, but their eyes lit up again.

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“If we can’t eat the Super Deep Sea King, we can go eat other Deep Sea Kings first!“

“Yeah, yeah!”

“Although the ingredients are limited, it’s also delicious to roast it with a fierce fire technique and sprinkle some salt on it!”

“Yes, yes!“

These gluttonous players slowly retreated, then ran to the corpses of the other Sea Race experts.

He Yiming, on the other hand, adjusted his breathing for a while before getting up.

At a glance, he could tell that all of the Sea Race had been wiped out.

He Yiming walked to the vicinity of the throne ruins and spread out his spirit sense to examine it.

“Hmm?” Very soon, He Yiming had a thought. With a wave of his hand, the flying sword, Mingyue, flew out and cut open the bottom of the throne.

Not long after he stepped into the secret passage, He Yiming saw an underground space filled with treasures, spirit herbs, and precious items.

Most importantly, there was a large amount of dark blue ores piled up in the corner. At a glance, the amount was at least a hundred tons.

“This is… Deep Blue Ore!” He Yiming’s eyes lit up.

Deep Blue Ore was a rare ore that only existed under the sea. After smelting, we could extract deep blue iron. It was a metal that was very suitable for creating spirit artifacts.

Deep Blue Iron was a water-attributed ore. It wasn’t suitable for forging sharp blades, but it was very suitable for forging the hilt of a flying sword, the shaft of a battle spear, and so on. This was because Deep Blue Iron could absorb shock waves, isolate high temperatures, and at the same time possess extremely high toughness.

Of course, using Deep Blue Iron could also create a batch of defensive spirit tools.

This was because once the Deep Blue Iron was successfully refined, its defense and toughness would be astonishing.

Good stuff!

With a wave of his hand, He Yiming collected all of the Deep Blue Iron into the Five Elements Minor World, as well as all the other spirit herbs and heavenly treasures.

“This is a spirit stone?” He Yiming opened another huge treasure chest, and it was actually filled with neat and tidy spirit stones. At a glance, he could see over ten thousand of them.

He had earned a lot.

Another wave of loot.

He Yiming only walked out of the secret room after taking a few final glances and confirming that the loot was clean.

At this moment, the players had already disposed of most of the corpses of the Sea Race in the Foundation Establishment Realm. The inner cores had been dug out, and the flesh, tendons, and even the stomach and liver on their bodies had been harvested.

A few skilled players had already washed and tidied up in the water. They took out wooden sticks and began to hang meat.

“Dear disciples, you’ve done very well! In this battle to destroy the Sea Race den, we have won!” He Yiming said indifferently.

In passing, he handed out the reward for the mission [Sect Mission: Destroying the Sea Race den].


Congratulations player Wang Lufei, you have obtained 1.7W contribution points!


Congratulations on Emperor Zoro, gained 2.4W contribution points!


Congratulations player, Emperor Ye Tian, gained 2.3W contribution points!

Every player quickly received their rewards. They were all excited.

This round of rewards was simply too generous.

This was simply a good profit.

He Yiming glanced at the top three players.

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Shockingly, it was First Iceman, Strongest Fire Spell, and Thousand Hand Pillar.

The three of them had gathered everyone’s strength to launch their attacks, and the majority of their killing points had been calculated to them.

That was why the three of them had more than 1,000 kill points and gained more than 10W contribution points.

Of course, these three definitely wouldn’t be able to take so much contribution for themselves. In the future, they would probably distribute a portion to other players.

“First Iceman, Strongest Fire Spell, and Thousand Hand Pillar, you three are the ones who killed the Sea Race the most in this battle!

“As your Sect Master, I’ll give you all a reward right now!” He Yiming said coolly.

He activated Heaven’s Mandate to raise their cultivation from the late-stage of the Spirit Vein Realm to the peak of the Spirit Vein Realm.

“Wow! My cultivation has broken through!”

“Heavens, I’m at the peak of Spirit Vein Realm? I would soon break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm!?”

“I’m so jealous!“

Many players screamed.

“First Iceman. Not only are you the one who killed the Sea Race the most in this battle in the Sea Race den, but you also ranked third on the last Heaven Ranking Beast Tide!

“Previously, I had promised that after reaching the peak of the Spirit Vein, I would personally refine a high-grade Foundation Establishment Pill for the top three in the Heaven Ranking of the Beast Tide Battle!

“Once we return to the sect, I’ll look for spirit materials. Once I’ve collected all of them, I’ll start refining high-grade Foundation Establishment Pills to help you break through!” He Yiming said indifferently.

If not for the fact that He Yiming still lacked some spirit herbs, he would have been able to refine a high-grade Foundation Establishment Pill.

“Thank you, Brother Ming!” First Iceman was extremely excited.

Could it be that he was about to become the first player to break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm?


“Alright, disciples… return!” He Yiming waved his hand, and the players returned to the submarine and began to return.

The journey back was smooth.

Not long after, they returned to the beach.

Seeing the situation on the beach, He Yiming was speechless.

As expected, originally established battle docks and strongholds had completely changed!

“Hey, hey, surf!” Many players were riding the waves, riding the wind and excitedly surfing!

Near the beach, a large group of players were swimming happily.

From time to time, players would activate the Fireball Technique in the sea, causing a burst of explosions. The seawater would burst into the sky. Sometimes, a few fish would explode, causing the surrounding players to scream in joy.

As for the beach, there was already a gourmet street.

“Fresh fried fish, a delicious one!”

“Bite of China grilled squid, super delicious!“

“Fresh fish hot pot, bring your own ingredients, there are still two seats left!”

Many players were already eating, especially the few gluttons. They ate from the left to the right, then from the right to the left. They had never heard of this before.

“Yes, comfortable…” There were also some health preserving players who are lying on the beach with self-made sun umbrellas, which were made from the skin of the Deep Sea King series.

The sunlight shone through the green umbrella, causing the players’ hair to turn a little green.

He Yiming sighed. He knew this would happen.

“Look, Brother Ming and the others are back!“

“Wow, did they bring back Deep Sea King meat? It had been a long time! Pu! Pu! Pu!“

“Quick, go and welcome them! Brothers, follow me! First, bring the Deep Sea King meat back to the pot!“

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The players excitedly rushed forward.

“That’s fine…” He Yiming thought for a bit. Forget it, he would just give the players a day off.

“Disciples, you can all celebrate here today. Tomorrow morning. The deacons will lead you back to the sect!” He Yiming made some arrangements, so he flew into the air and returned to the sect alone.

At this moment…

Outside the Hundred Thousand Mountains, a skinny figure walked out with a walking stick in his hands.

“I’ve finally come out alive!!!” Beef Noodles was crying, really crying….

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