All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 208:

Chapter 208:

Although Vegeta died, the other players were swarming over!

“A bunch of scum, look at me!” At this moment, Battle Mage Gandalf brandished two ten-meter-long Frost Arrows.

After unleashing his Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation, Battle Mage Gandalf was very relaxed. He created two extremely huge Frost Arrows that were ten meters long and covered in Colored Arm. They were aimed at Yulius and shot down at him.


Yulius didn’t move, but the ten-meter-long arrow shattered with a bang.

“Grasp the grass!” Gandalf was stunned.

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Hold the grass! Such a big Frost Arrow couldn’t even break its skin?


Yulius raised his hand and blasted Gandalf into the air with a single punch.

“Foundation Establishment? They are all trash!” Yulius charged towards the Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators.

“Eat my cannon. Shoot five times! Go!” The five ten-meter-long cannons shot out huge ice arrows!

Boom boom boom!

The five Frost Arrows landed, but they all missed.

This was because Yulius had already charged right in front of Haribo is Epecially Big. Along the way, he smashed all five of the wooden vines and cannons into pieces, turning Haribo into meat paste.

In Yulius’ eyes, these human cultivators who had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm were all trash.

While Yulius was killing, a figure had suppressed his cultivation to the early Foundation Establishment Realm and quietly infiltrated the players.

It was He Yiming.

“Die, die, eh?” Yulius charged forward. He glanced at He Yiming from the corner of his eye and saw the aura of an early Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Yulius didn’t mind and casually punched.

In the eyes of Yulius, he was just another trash at the early Foundation Establishment Realm. He would die with a single punch.


“Eight Gate Dunja… Eighteen Gates open!”

“Seven speed increases!

“Heavenly Lightning Armor!“

He Yiming used three sets of moves in one go, and then he punched Yulius’ waist!

“!!!” Yulius just sensed that something’s wrong, and it’s too late to defend himself.


The power of He Yiming’s punch was simply terrifying. Yulius’ entire body was sent flying, and dozens of bones were shattered at his waist, and his flesh collapsed.

Moreover, the powerful thunderforce penetrated through his skin and penetrated his entire body.

Apparently, He Yiming learned from Wang Lufei and transformed the power of the Heavenly Lightning Body into a Colored Arm. With a punch, the power of lightning automatically penetrated into Yulius’ body.

With just one strike, Yulius was heavily injured by He Yiming!


Yulius spat a mouthful of blood. He was so careless that he was seriously injured/

How could this be?

Weren’t these humans a bunch of trash?

Why did a powerful and unimaginable existence suddenly appear?

“You… Why are you a hundred times stronger than other humans at the Foundation Establishment Realm?” Yulius looked up at He Yiming.

At this moment, He Yiming’s true cultivation base was revealed. He was shockingly at the late Foundation Establishment stage.

However, Yulius felt that the power of that punch just now was comparable to a Sea Wheel Realm existence with a tyrannical fleshly body.

He was almost at the mid-stage of the Sea Wheel realm.

Wasn’t the human body very weak?

He was a late Foundation Establishment human, yet he managed to punch a punch that was comparable to a mid Sea Wheel Realm expert!

Could he be a fake Sea Wheel experet?

Or was He Yiming a fake Foundation Establishment?

This was practically a ghost!

“Who knows!” He Yiming laughed.

It was all thanks to these players sending their heads off that Yulius was so careless that he was able to successfully launch a sneak attack!

“Red Scaled Water Strike!!!” Yulius roared and punched!

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The terrifying force of the attack exploded towards He Yiming!

“The first move of the Bright Sword Art: Hengtian!” He Yiming didn’t panic at all. Sword intent wrapped around the Mingyue and slashed out!


That enormous red-colored attack was directly split into two, forcefully crushed.

“A top-grade spirit treasure? Bright Sword Art?” Yulius took a deep breath.

Even the Sea Wheel Realm Yulius himself didn’t even have a high-grade spirit treasure.

In the end, He Yiming was at the Foundation Establishment Realm, so he casually used a top-grade spirit treasure! And it was a flying sword! The attack contained a shocking willpower. At the very least, it was a Heaven Core grade sword art!

What the f*ck! What the f*ck!

He Yiming didn’t give Yulius a chance to breathe!

“Golden Lightning Bamboo Flying Spear Formation!” He Yiming waved his hand, and the twelve Golden Lightning Bamboo Flying Spears soared into the sky!

“Golden Thunder Bamboo? To think that you would possess such a heaven-defying thing?” Yulius was shocked.

And this time, it was not a fake Hundred Spear Array!

It was a true and genuine Golden Lightning Bamboo Flying Spear Formation that possessed both a formation and a source.

“Dammit!” Without another word, Yulius quickly retreated, wanting to escape.

“Go!” He Yiming naturally didn’t give Yulius this chance. With a wave of his hand, the huge golden lightning spear appeared with a bang, and with a flash of lightning, it directly pierced through Yulius’ body.

“Ah!” At the critical moment, Yulius only dodged sideways, barely dodging the fatal blow, but one arm and half of his body were cut off.

“Yes, he’s also at the Sea Wheel Realm. This guy’s defense is like a seven-horned earth dragon!” He Yiming felt much more at ease…

It seemed that at the same realm, the body of a demon beast was stronger.

Of course, if he stepped into the Sea Wheel Realm, the Seven-Horned Earth Dragon would be nothing.

He could beat it with his bare hands and make it call him Daddy.

“If you don’t kill me, I can lead the Red Scaled Sea Race to join your subordinates!!!” Yulius shouted as he quickly retreated for his life.

“There’s no need,” he said. The dead Sea Race is the good Sea Race! How could He Yiming believe this nonsense.

In order to avoid having too many long dreams at night, in addition to the opening of the Eight Gates Dunja, He Yiming’s meridians would be damaged at every moment. The longer he lasted, the more time he would need to circulate the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to recover.

“Falling Star Galaxy!” That’s why He Yiming didn’t say another word and immediately attacked.

Boom boom boom!

More than a hundred huge sword lights descended from the sky, crashing down and engulfing Yulius.

“Ah!” Yulius let out a miserable scream. He desperately raised his remaining arm to defend, struggling to the death.

Before the dust settled, He Yiming rushed in.

Sure enough, Yulius was still alive!

It was just a miserable comparison.

More than half of his body was pierced through countless holes, and the remaining hand was also crippled.

But Yulius was still breathing!

“No… don’ t kill me. If you kill me, the Lord of the Sea Race in the deep sea will definitely avenge me and slaughter your entire sect!” Yulius spoke with a hoarse voice, desperately begging for mercy.

“Haha, when your lord comes, perhaps…

“I’ ve already reached the Heavenly Pill Realm! If he dares to come, I’ll kill him!” He Yiming replied coldly, then flipped his palm.

The flying sword, Mingyue, tore through the air and chopped off Yulius’ head!

“Another core!” He Yiming reached out and dug out Yurius’ inner core.

He examined it carefully, but unfortunately, he didn’t find any Sea Wheel Realm strange bones.

Not bad luck in this battle! Only by using the players as bait to paralyze this fellow was I able to successfully launch a sneak attack and take away this Yulius! Otherwise, it would be hard to say who would win! He Yiming thought to himself.

Yulius was definitely not weak.

Unfortunately, he was heavily injured by He Yiming’s punch, and was directly defeated by He Yiming’s subsequent attacks.

From start to finish, Yulius had no chance to counterattack.

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He Yiming ended the battle and sat down, nourishing the damaged meridians.

“Brother Ming, Brother Ming!” At this moment, a few fatty players ran over excitedly.

“Hmm?” He Yiming was stunned.

“Can we eat now?”

“Eat what?“

“Form 2 Deep Sea King Yulius!”


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