All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 207:

Chapter 207:

“You guys really angered me!!!” Yulius let out a terrifying roar and decided to switch from defense to attack.

“Hold the grass, the weapon is corroded?” At this moment, a few close-combat players who were attacking Yulius were shocked to discover that even though their weapons were wrapped in the Colored Arm, after touching Yulius, they were all corroded, turning into rust and shattering.

“Back off!” The melee players quickly retreated!

“Red Scaled Water Strike!!!” Yulius raised his right palm and with a slight shake, he struck.


The players of the Star Group immediately vomited blood. The armor that was covered in Colored Arm shattered and everyone was sent flying.

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Hmm? Yulius was shocked.

Even though he had only used half of his strength, he had not killed a single one of them?

How could these guys’ bodies be so strong?

Even though their attack was so weak, why was their defense so strong?

Could it be that these human cultivators had all cultivated heaven-defying body refinement techniques?

Or perhaps, a true dragon’s bloodline?


Absolutely impossible!

“Hold the grass, this boss even knows Fishman karate*?”

“Fuck, how shameless! I promise I will beat you to death!“

“Hold the grass! This boss has the attack and defense of a Sea Wheel Demon, and he can even transform. Now, he even knows how to use Fishman karate?”

The players of the Star Group vomited.

“A boss in the Sea Wheel Realm? Is it that powerful?” Wang Lufei’s eyes widened. Only then did he realize the difference between him and Yulius, even if Brother Ming were to die, it wouldn’t be shocking.

The difference between the Foundation Establishment Realm and the Sea Wheel Realm was so terrifying!

“Don’t panic, hold on, it’s not a problem!” Star was still calm and composed.

“This boss only has a few skills. If we can figure it out, then that’s all!

“It’s time to activate our Star Palace’s secret weapon!“ Star laughed and waved his hand.

Seeing Star waving his hand, groups of around 20 people rushed over. Together with Star Group 1, they quickly formed a super group of 100 people.

Facing the Sea Wheel Demon, Star did not dare to be careless.

If he would use his killing move, it was his strongest trump card.

“Hmm?” Yulius was curious. What are these weak human cultivators trying to do when they gather hundreds of people?

“Hey, let me show you our Star Palace’s secret weapon!” Star was proud. He waved his hand.


One hundred players from the Star Palace took out a low-grade spirit weapon.

Satin Bone Spear!

“Hold the grass, so many low-grade spirit weapons?”

“Damn it, Star Palace actually has a low-grade spirit weapon?”

“Hold the grass, is this stepping on horses?”

The other players were dumbfounded.

Currently, more than 80% of the players had never got the chance to touch a spirit weapon!

In the end, the Star Group actually had one each?

I want to beat someone up.

“So many low-grade spirit weapons?” Yulius was also shocked.

Even the powerful Red Scaled Sea Race only had twenty spirit weapons.

In fact, half of the Sea race experts in the Foundation Establishment Realm did not even have a low-grade spirit weapon.

How could these weak human Spirit Vein Realm cultivators have so many?

Even though these low-grade spirit weapons did not have any additional attributes, their quality was extremely high.

“Satin Bone Spear, Hundred Spear Formation, Arise!” They followed Star’s wave!

With the command of Star, hundreds of Satin Bone Spears rose into the air, floating in the air and locking onto Yulius!

“This is… a formation of a hundred spears?” This was the first time Yulius has a serious expression.

The formation mages of the Human race was recorded in the records of the Sea Race. They were extremely terrifying.

Could it be that these 100 human cultivators were all Formation Mages? They are going to form a Hundred Spear Formation?

Oh no, I have to defend with all my strength!

But can I withstand this wave of attacks?

The next moment…

“Kill!!!” Star waved his hand, and hundreds of Satin Bone Spears shot. In the blink of an eye, all of them hit Yulius.

Bang bang bang!

The sounds of bombardment filled the sky!

Only when all the attacks from the Satin Bone Spear ended did everyone look at it.

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But what happened?

Could this strike kill Yulius?

When the attack ended, a burst of laughter rang out.

“Ants… Time to end this!” Yulius let out a ferocious roar.

Hundred Spear Formation?

The formation creaked!

This name was used to scare him!

Damn it!

A hundred low-grade spirit weapons shot randomly.


It did not exist!

Joint attack?

No such thing!

Hundred Spear Formation?

You showed off and threw over a hundred spears! It had nothing to do with the formation.

These human cultivators actually used such a powerful trump card in the worst way possible.

Even if they were Sea Race Spirit Vein Warriors, if they had so many low-grade spirit weapons and trained for three years, even if they did not know the formation, they would still be able to cooperate perfectly. If they used a joint attack to attack, their might might even injure him.

At this point, Yulius understood.

These human cultivators were all idiots!

“It’s no wonder that late Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator injected power into that Gold Spirit Body Kid. It seems that Golden Spirit Kid is the strongest of them all!” After Yulius confirmed that the Star Group was a bunch of weak chickens, he said that he understood.

“Red Scaled Water Strike!!!” Yulius raised his hand and unleashed another powerful attack. This time, he used a full 70% of his strength.

Pu pu pu!

Star One had suffered heavy losses, and the second batch was almost completely destroyed.

The leaders of the first test also vomited blood and fell to the ground.

It was just one strike.

Star team 1 lost its combat strength.

How did this happen? Star was dumbfounded.

“……” He Yiming quietly watched this scene and suddenly understood.

The total combat power of the Star Group was very strong, but if they faced an existence with a huge difference in realm, they would be killed by the other party.

On the other hand, even though Wang Lufei was fighting head-on, he could be considered the No.1 player among the players.

But Wang Lufei’s weakness was that he was too eager to end the battle. He didn’t know how to make a detour, and he didn’t have enough patience.

It seemed that the path of improvement for the players still had a long way to go.

“Dear disciples, Yours Truly is going to help you!” With a wave of his hand, He Yiming injected Foundation Establishment power into the other players of the Dimensional God Domain.

Instantly, more than twenty Foundation Establishment experts were born.

“Hahaha, I am invincible!” Vegeta was the first to charge forward. The aura of the Foundation Establishment Realm exploded.

“Super Saiyan!” Following Vegeta’s roar, the power of the Gold pirit Body was completely activated!


Zi Zi Zi Zi!

Only Begita’s hair turned golden, and his body remained the same!

“Hahaha, do you feel it? The aura of a Super Saiyan!” Vegeta laughed loudly and took out a mirror to take a look.

Damn it, I am so handsome!

“???” Yulius was dumbfounded.

Another Gold Spirit Body?

There was actually another existence with such astonishing talent?


Why was this person so stupid?

Why was the power of the Gold Spirit only applied to his hair?

What was the use of golden hair?

If one’s physical body wasn’t strengthened at all, what was the difference between the strength of this Gold Spirit Body and the void?


So, when Yulius stretched out his hand, Vegeta was stabbed to death by Yulius’ finger.

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“???” Vegeta died instantly. He didn’t even knew how he died.

How could he die so quickly?

“???” Yulius, seeing that Vegeta was indeed dead, still couldn’t believe it.

“You… How could you kill me instantly?” Vegeta was asked before he died.

“Are you stupid?” Yulius instinctively asked.

The power of your Gold Spirit was only applied to your hair. There was no defense on your body. If I didn’t stab you to death, would I still keep you for the Sea Race’s New Year?

How could an existence with a Gold Spirit Body be so stupid?

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