All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 206:

Chapter 206:

Suddenly, Yulius was shocked!

Could it be that he didn’t kill enough?

That’s right, it must be like this!

When he attacked with all his might and killed over a hundred human cultivators, they would definitely be extremely afraid!

“Die!” Yulius punched and struck through the air!


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Wang Lufei raised his arms to block, but he was still able to shatter his golden armor in one blow. He was sent flying for dozens of meters before he coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

“Hehe, you know how powerful I am, right?” Yulius was very satisfied. Although this punch didn’t kill Wang Lufei, it also seriously injured him.

These humans should be afraid, right?

Cough cough cough

Wang Lufei’s strength had been exhausted, and the armor condensed from the Gold Spirit Body had also been shattered. He had completely lost his combat strength.

“Damn it… I’m not willing!” Wang Lufei struggled to get up.

“Brother Lufei, leave it to me. I’ll avenge you!” Star walked out and stood beside Wang Lufei.

“Big brother Star, then… please! There’s nothing I can do about it anymore!”

Relay completed!

“Star Group, attack!!!” With a wave of Star’s hand, the players moved.

Clang! Clang!

One of the thirty-nine members of the Star Group stepped out.

Most of them were old players from the first test. Other than that, there were a few elite players from the second batch.

Of course, the three strongest among them were the three that He Yiming had taught.

Crazy Pugilist, Fist Tyrant, and Tyrant!

“Hmm? Are these fellows stronger?” Yurius was shocked!

After witnessing their strength with his own eyes, even that Gold Spirit Body kid was crippled by his fist…

These people still dared to attack, and from their expressions, they were all confident. It was as if every single one of them had the confidence to press him on the ground with one hand and step on him.

And none of them were disguised, let alone afraid.

These human cultivators were only at the Spirit Vein Realm, so how could they be so confident?

Could it be…

Every single one of them was even stronger than that Gold Spirit Body kid?

Yulius was a little flustered. With fear in his heart, he circulated all his strength and condensed the surface of his body.

They couldn’t attack recklessly. He had to defend against the human cultivators’ attacks for now.

At this moment, Star spoke. “Brother Lufei has forced the boss to the second form. The boss must have lost half of its blood. Star 1, go all out! Attack the boss!”

With a wave of his hand, the Star Group immediately stepped forward.

“Bone Spear Attack!

“Frost Arrow, slow him down!

“Melee squad, Colored Arm. Prepare to attack!“

Star skillfully began to command the battle!

Ding Ling Guang Dang!

Yulius stared blankly at the forty human scum of the Spirit Vein Realm. They surrounded him and attacked him with some weak attacks, making a crisp sound.

Yulius was at a loss.


What the hell is this?

Could it be that these fellows are numbing me? Making me weak?

That’s right, it must be like this!

Damn, I almost fell for these despicable, shameless, and sinister human cultivators!

“Charge! If the boss doesn’ t move, he’ll definitely be weakened. Hurry up and repair the blade!”

More than a dozen close-combat players from Star Group stepped forward and took out all sorts of self-made weapons, unleashing a wild attack.

Ding Ling Guang Dang!

Another crisp sound.


Yulius lowered his head.

A group of trash at the Spirit Vein Realm, carrying a pile of trash like ordinary weapons, how could they have the courage to charge in front of him and attack him?

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“Hold the grass! This boss is so hard!“

“No matter how many transformations there are, it’s over. No matter how much blood there is, it can still grind him to death!”

“That’s right, this wave of attacks has been completed. To be on the safe side, retreat one after another. Let the boss be weakened. When he’s weak, come up and fight again. I think two more rounds will definitely kill him!“

More than a dozen close-combat players were chatting while fighting.

“Fight, hurry, fight! Pu pu pu liu…” There’s also a fat player with a machete in his left hand and a roast meat in his right hand. As he casually chopped a few times, he shouted a few words and ate a few mouthfuls of roast meat.


He was brazenly eating!

“Scram!!!” Yulius was about to explode from anger. With a furious roar, more than a dozen melee players vomited blood and were sent flying.

“Hold the grass, this boss still dares to resist?”

“Hold the grass, this little Yulius has quite a lot of tricks!“

“Don’t talk so much nonsense. Quickly, give me a mouthful, or else I’ll die!“

Most of the close combat players were heavily injured and fell to the ground. They struggled to get up, but their mouths did not stop at all.

Yulius could not understand.

Why weren’t these human cultivators afraid?

How could they act as if they were going to eat him?

In the beginning, Yulius thought that He Yiming was the only existence that he needed to pay attention to. After all, he was a Foundation Establishment cultivator, and there was a slight possibility that he could harm him.

But that was all.

As for those ants at the Spirit Vein Realm, Yulius did not care at all.


Wang Lufei’s combat strength was so heaven-defying.

In fact, he could even absorb He Yiming’s Foundation Establishment power and raise himself to Foundation Establishment in a short period of time?

This was especially the case when the power of the Gold Spirit Body had reached the Minor Achievement Realm. With a single punch, it was able to knock him down and even injure him.

An ant at the Spirit Vein Realm had actually defeated his Sea Wheel Realm?

If every other human cultivator had such ferocious strength… For the first time, a trace of fear appeared in Yulius’ heart.

The ants bit down on the elephant. If every single one of them possessed Wang Lufei’s power, they could really kill him.


The human cultivator who had called for the command just now, the forty human cultivators he had commanded, had thought that everyone would be stronger than Wang Lufei.

However, the so-called fierce attack just now… was simply too weak.

That wave of attacks…

It didn’t even break his skin.

“These human cultivators, are they going to do something amazing? Or are they a bunch of weak chickens with a problem?“

Yulius really did not understand.

This Star Group was so weak that it was about to die. Why was everyone so confident? They were so weak, yet they still walked so arrogantly?

Who gave them the courage?

“Everyone, don’t panic!

“Steady, continue to attack using bone spears. Continue to control the Frost Arrows, slowly grinding blood. When this fellow runs out of health, unleash a wave of RA shit, three moves and one set!” Star shouted.

“Yes, Brother Star!” The players from the Star Group nodded their heads in agreement, and so they once again set up their formation, attacking again and again.

“Wow, as expected of the Star Group, it’s really powerful!“

“That’s right, the Star Group is a team player, and they are indeed the strongest among us!“

“I can’t accept it!”

The other players were full of praise.

Ding Ling Guang Dang!

Yulius lowered his head and looked at the weak attacks hitting his body. They didn’t even tickle him.

“Eat my punch!“

“Eat my three quick punches!“

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“Eat my Death Kick!“

Crazy Pugilist, Fist Tyrant, and Tyrant were adept at using their weapons. They roared around Yulius while shouting out the names of their moves. They kicked and punched Yulius’ face.

After being kicked in the face more than ten times, even though he was not injured at all, Yulius could not bear it anymore.


Fuck Defense!

I will kill these human scum!

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