All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 203:

Chapter 203:

Without another word, He Yiming issued a mission!

Sect Mission: Destroy the Sea Race Den [All players participate]

Objective: Destroy all Sea Race

Mission reward: Based on the kill points obtained from killing the Sea Race, obtain a contribution point reward of 100 kill points

Special Reward: Top 3 Kill Points

As soon as the mission was released, all the players exploded with excitement.

“Hold the grass. The more you kill, the more rewards?“

“Hold the grass, I’m going to start a massacre!“

“Get out of the way! The Sea Race is mine!“

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The players immediately erupted.

In the eyes of the players, this wasn’t the 8000 Sea Races surrounding them. Instead, it was eight thousand moving contribution points, waiting for them to reap.

“Leave it to us, Woodleaf Village!”

“Leave the east to our Fire Sect!”

“Leave the West to our Frost Palace!“

Without another word, the three gates split the Sea Race in three directions.

“Star Palace, listen to me. Regiment 234, support the Three Gates! The main force of the 1st regiment, follow me and push them head-on!!! Roar!” Star roared.

Clang! Clang!

The main force of the 1st Star Regiment stood up, their blood boiling.

This was the true adventure.

Less than five hundred players were surrounded by the army of the eight thousand Sea Race, yet Brother Star still said that he was going to push them head on.

How could this not make people hot-blooded and excited.

Star was fast, but someone was even faster than him.

“Moon Steps! Shave!”

Accompanied by a loud roar, a figure leaped into the air and directly landed in the encirclement of two thousand Sea Race soldiers.


As the dust in the sky dispersed, a figure that was pitch black and covered in an Colored Arm stood proudly.

ID: Wang Lufei!

“You’re courting death! You dare charge into our Sea Race army by yourself?”

“Hahaha, stupid! Did he really think that he was invincible?“

“Attack together and kill him!”

The surrounding Sea Race soldiers all sneered disdainfully.

Did a late Spirit Vein Realm human really think that he could defeat two thousand Sea Race warriors?

Almost at the same time, more than ten Sea Race experts attacked Wang Lufei!

“Let me show you my new power!” Wang Lufei spoke slowly, and then his aura changed!

The power of the golden spirit exploded on Wang Lufei! The golden color of the weapon suddenly filled the air, turning into patterns that were carved onto Wang Lufei’s body.

He and Wang Lufei used the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to fuse perfectly.

Rich gold and armed.

“This is my Wang Lufei’s brand new power… Two layers of armor!” Wang Lufei opened his mouth. Under the power of the golden body, Wang Lufei’s body was as if he could not break through the golden body.

Bang bang bang!

Many of the Sea Race’s bone spears whizzed over and stabbed Wang Lufei’s body.

Bang bang bang!

Wang Lufei slipped past, and the seven Sea Race soldiers were blown to pieces.

The other Sea Race warriors didn’t even see what was happening.

This speed was too fast.

“Kill!” At this moment, Wang Lufei was shuttling through the Sea Race warriors. A single punch from a child of the Sea Race was absolutely fatal.

“Quick, use poison!!!” Many Sea Race warriors didn’t dare to approach, so they lined up and opened their mouths, preparing to spit out poison.

“One Blade Flow!”

“Cut across!“

However, following a great roar, a figure hacked down from the sky.

The Blade Intent All Life Breath was activated.

“???” The heads of these thirty plus Sea Race warriors instantly soared into the sky.

These Sea Race warriors hadn’t even reacted to their death, so how could they spit out their poison?

“Brother Lufei, you’re too fast! Wait for me!” Emperor Zoro raised his Soul Cutter Blade and said indifferently.

“Bastard, how can you allow you to slaughter our noble Sea Race warriors like this?” At this moment, a half-step Foundation Establishment expert of the Sea Race wanted to sneak attack Wang Lufei from behind with a heavy step.

“Demon Wind Kick!” However, a figure instantly appeared in front of this half-step Sea Race Foundation Establishment expert. With a single kick, the scorching Demon’s foot directly smashed into the chest of this half-step Sea Race Foundation Establishment expert. The huge depression on his back immediately bulged out, and it began to crack.

As the half-step Foundation Establishment expert’s corpse collapsed, Handsome Sanji’s figure appeared, smoking a wooden vine.

“Brother Lufei, save us some meat too!” Handsome Sanji said with a smile.

“Dammit! Let’s fight together! How can a mere three human ants let them… Pupu!” A Sea Race leader roared angrily. Unfortunately, the moment he gathered ten Sea Race warriors, a flying knife shot straight through his head.

The impact of this flying dagger did not diminish. It pierced through the heads of the other ten Sea Race warriors before landing.

“Hold the grass, Lufei, you guys know how to shave? Aren’t you bullying us for being slow?” Xiao Li used the Moon Steps with his flying knife. He just arrived.

“Wood Spirit Palm!” In the sky, a huge palm formed by a ten meter tall wooden vine fell to the ground with a loud bang, directly smacking a Sea Race soldiers to death.

“That’s right. Damn, you’re bullying us players who haven’t learned to shave yet! How shameless!” Emperor Ye Tian shouted…

“Scatter!” With a low voice, the eighteen wooden rattan boomerangs danced in the air, piercing through Sea Race warriors. They all flew back and fell into the hands of a player.

ID: Scatter, Sanbonzakura!

“Hold the grass. That’s a boomerang, right?”

“Hold the grass, I don’t even have a low-grade spirit weapon in my hands, so I can only make do with it!” Scatter, Sanbonzakura rolled his eyes. “Damn it, if I had the strength and sufficient spirit treasure, I would have already used the ‘Scatter Stone’ to remove a wave of large Bs, alright?

“I poke, I poke, I poke!” In a corner, a player took out a self-made flying sword and stabbed a Sea Race warrior for over a hundred times.

“Heh, it’s really too hard to stop me from cutting!” ID: Seven Sword God couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice.

“Hold the grass, Star Palace, accelerate! If we dilly-dally any longer, there would be no more monsters!” Star vomited. He really did.

Wang Lufei’s Straw Hat Pirates were too fierce.

His first formation had just been set up. Hold the grass, the monsters were all about to be killed.

“Human ant!!!” At this moment, the ten Foundation Establishment experts of the Sea Race are finally unable to sit still. They all appear and block Wang Lufei and the others.

“Haha, a mere late-stage Spirit Vein Realm. So what if you have a golden spirit body? I’ll be the first to take him down!” At this moment, an early Foundation Establishment expert of the Sea Race couldn’t help but rush towards Wang Lufei.

“Capture!” This Sea Race expert was laughing proudly. With a swing of his claw, he was about to kill Wang Lufei.


He was fast, and Wang Lufei was even faster. He punched out, directly bombarding the head of this Sea Race Foundation Establishment expert.

As the headless corpse of an early Sea Race Foundation Establishment expert fell to the ground, the air fell silent.

“Next!” Wang Lufei said lightly and walked forward step by step.

“Dammit!” Two Sea Race Foundation Establishment experts, one on the left and one on the right, attacked!

Slash! Slash!!!

“Demon Wind Kick!!!“

However, Emperor Zoro and Handsome Sanji attacked from both sides.


The Sea Race Foundation Establishment expert on the left was split in half!

The Sea Race Foundation Establishment expert on the right had his head kicked flat!

“Brother Lufei, leave these little Foundation Establishment scum to us!” Emperor Zoro and Handsome Sanji said calmly.

“Good!” Wang Lufei laughed. He looked over and locked onto the Sea Race Sea Wheel expert.

Leader of the Red Scales Clan, Yulius!

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