All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 204:

Chapter 204:

The head of the Red Scales, Yulius, widened his eyes as he watched the scene before him.

Two thousand Sea Race warriors had been killed by less than ten human cultivators.

When more than forty human cultivators formed a battle formation and arrived on the battlefield, it was as if they were pushing through the battlefield, and the Sea Race soldiers fell in droves.

As for the other six thousand Sea Race soldiers who surrounded humans, their losses were even worse. In the west, black frost arrows descended from the sky, piercing through the bodies of Sea Race warriors.

Those ten Sea Race Foundation Establishment experts were chased by a thirty meter long giant ice spear. One by one, they were instantly killed on the spot.

To the east, a fire dragon that was a hundred meters long could even spit out fireballs and burn countless Sea Race warriors to death.

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Many Sea Race warriors retreated, wanting to hide underwater.

In the end, the sound of an unknown explosion soon broke out. Quite a few of the Sea Races that hid underwater were even blasted into the sky.

On the furthest side, a fifty-meter-tall wood giant brandished its black sword and slashed down, killing over a hundred Sea Race warriors.

This scene made the Sea Race soldiers look like fish on the plank, waiting to be slaughtered.

The scene before his eyes was simply unimaginable. Something that should never have happened before was actually happening right before his eyes.

No way.

If he didn’t make a move. The Red Scales were finished.

“Human ants! You’ve successfully angered me!!!” The leader of the Red Scales slowly stood up and stood before the throne. His gaze locked onto Wang Lufei, who was walking over.

Yulius not only had a body that was a circle taller than the Deep Sea King who had once invaded Yan Huang Sect, he also had dark green patterns on his body.

The crown on top of his head had also been upgraded. It was actually inlaid with gems.

It was simply like a high level Deep Sea King.

“Oh my god, is Brother Lufei going to fight the boss?”

“It’s a pity that Big Brother Bear didn’t go online. Otherwise, Big Brother Bear would also be here. If the two of them work together, they might win!“

“I heard that Brother Bear has received information from Brother Star about the Greater Demons of the Sea Wheel Realm in the 100,000 Northern Mountains. He went offline to study strategies!“

Many players looked at Wang Lufei while dealing with the Sea Race.

Late-stage Spirit Vein, single-handedly fighting against the Sea Wheel Realm.

Hold the grass, this was getting bigger and bigger.

Would Lufei win?


Wang Lufei didn’t say anything. He rushed to Yulius with Shave.


Wang Lufei’s attack was a hundred punches.

With every punch, he used all of his strength, until his fist reached his flesh.

After a few breaths, Wang Lufei took a few meters back and gasped for breath.

From start to finish, Yulius did not dodge or dodge. He took all the attacks from Wang Lufei.

“Hmm? Has your combo ended?

“It’s my turn!“ Yurius spoke indifferently and punched out with terrifying speed. As soon as Wang Lufei raised his arms, he felt a punch in his abdomen.


Wang Lufei spat out blood and flew away. Even the golden and black Colored Arm on his body were destroyed and he fell to the ground.

“!” This scene caused the entire crowd to fall silent.

Immediately, the players were in an uproar.

“Hold the grass, the classic reappears!“

“Another wave of showing off!“

“As expected of my brother Lufei! Wang Lufei, the King of Scrapping!“

“Brother Lufei, you’re so good. You’ve given us a second generation of players, and you’ve reproduced the classics of the past!”

“This super Deep Sea King is going to belch. The next time there’s a super Deep Sea King, Brother Lu Fei will probably win again!”

The players were all excited.

The topic was getting more and more ridiculous!


Yulius was a little stunned.

How could these human cultivators not be afraid after he had revealed such a powerful situation? Not only were they not afraid, they were also excited?


“Damn it…” Wang Lufei ate a few pills to control his injuries.

Wang Lufei heard the shouts of the players around him. What classic reappeared, what Scrapping King returned.

Wang Lufei spat a mouthful of blood.

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His nose was crooked from anger.

“Hold the grass, I’m going to become the King of Pirates! Not the King of Scraping!

“Brother Lufei, leave it to us!” At this moment, nine figures were standing in front of Wang Lufei.

Shockingly, it was the Straw Hat Pirates.

“I’ve seen this episode before!“

“I’ve seen it too!”

“Hold the grass, I already know what will happen next?”

“Don’t ask me why I know. I can see through the future!”


Seeing this scene, the other players were in an uproar. They all looked like they had seen through everything.

In the next moment, the nine people took action!

Slash! Slash!

Demon Wind Kick!

Almost at the same time, Emperor Zoro slashed down, and Handsome Sanji kicked Yulius.

“What?” Emperor Zoro’s face sank.

He slashed with all his strength, but not even a single white mark fell on Yulius’ body.

“Ah! My foot!” Handsome Sanji covered his feet and fell to the ground, rolling around.

“Xiao Li Throwing Knife!!!” Xiao Li Throwing Knife raised his hand and a Lightning Technique Throwing Knife arrived!


Yulius grabbed it and swung it back.


Wu Liuqi looked at a bloody hole in his chest.

“Hold the grass! He shot you, why did you shoot me?” Wu Liuqi fell, his face filled with death.

“Hmm? My hand slipped!” Yulius was stunned. This Lightning Technique Throwing Knife did have a physical body. It’s really not easy to control.


Wu Liuqi spat out another mouthful of blood before he died. It was quite miserable.

“Let’s attack together!” Chen Beixuan and Emperor Ye Tian glanced at each other before jumping up in unison.

One of them pressed his palms together and unleashed the Thirty Six True Martial Arts!

With a raise of his hand, he activated the huge wood technique palm and crushed it down.

“I’ll come too!” I am the First Protector brandished his sword and came.

“And me!” Seven Sword God took out a self-made flying sword and stabbed it at the location of Yulius.

“Hehe!” Yulius suddenly turned around at a high speed and suddenly stood still.


The four people who charged up did not understand.

But in the next moment, four attacks struck the four of them in unison, directly blasting them apart.


An instant kill!

“Haha, if you let me go behind you, it will be your death!” Scatter, Sanbonzakura suddenly appeared behind Yulius. With a raise of his hand, the eighteen Soul Severing Blade shaped boomerangs all struck Yulius’ back.

“?” However, the eighteen boomerangs actually stuck to the muscles on Yulius’ back.

“I’ll give it back!” With a single force from Yulius, the eighteen boomerangs instantly flew back, directly piercing through Scatter, Sanbonzakura’s body!

In the blink of an eye, he killed five people.

Gua gua gua!

At this moment, all the players couldn’t help but clap.

“Hold the grass! As expected of a super Deep Sea King, he’s invincible!“

“That’s not bullshit, it’s a great monster at the peak Dragon Class!“

“I didn’t expect that we, who only entered after the second realm, would be able to personally experience a classic. Ah, a satisfied one!“

The first and second test players couldn’t help but speak, wishing they could give Yulius a compliment!


Yulius was stunned.

What were these human cultivators thinking?

Why were these fellows so happy after he killed so many of them?

At this moment, Wang Lufei suddenly stood up and stood in front of Yulius again.

“Brother Ming, I want to renew the last beast tide!!!” Wang Lufei roared!

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