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Chapter 202:

Chapter 202:


Seeing the torpedo, He Yiming was stunned.

How could this be a torpedo? This was simply an early-stage Spirit Vein Realm second batch player.

At first, He Yiming thought Illusion had developed missile technology, but after thinking about it…

He didn’t even have gunpowder technology, where did he get the torpedo?

“Eight Gate Dunja! Eight gates!” This player quickly flew towards the Sea Race, and he activated his Eight Gate Dunja, increasing his cultivation to late-stage Spirit Vein Realm!

“How can he deal with so many Sea Races alone?” He Yiming didn’t understand.

“Hahaha, this human cultivator is really courting death!“

“I’ll tear him alive first!“


Many of the Sea Race soldiers immediately saw the fast approaching player. Although they were surprised that humans were faster than the Sea Race, what was the use of a mere Spirit Vein human cultivator?

Coming here, wasn’t he just throwing his life away?

In fact, these Sea Race warriors were right.

The moment the player rushed into the middle of the Sea Race, the player moved.

After raising his cultivation to the late-stage Spirit Vein Realm, this player did not say another word and activated Dual Cast.

“Left hand ice!”

“Right hand Blaze!“

The next moment, the left half of the player’s body burned with flames, and the right half of his body was covered in ice.

“Ice-Fire Red Lotus Explosion!!!” The player roared.


The next moment, this player exploded and turned into a huge shockwave.

Bang bang bang!

Nearly a hundred of the soldiers of the Sea Race who rushed together intending to tear this player alive in one breath got too close and were all blown to pieces.

The self-destruction of a late-stage Spirit Vein Realm was not weak.

The explosion caused by the fire and ice spells was even more terrifying.

“What the hell?”

“Why did this human cultivator explode?”

“What happened?”

“Not good, be careful. A large number of human cultivators are coming!“

The Sea Race soldiers turned their heads.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Twelve ‘torpedoes’ or twelve players were flying at a shocking speed.

“Left hand ice!”

“Right hand Blaze!“

“Ice-Fire Red Lotus Explosion!!!“

These players saw the right time and rushed into the Sea Race. They immediately exploded.

Bang bang bang!

In an instant, the Sea Race soldiers suffered heavy losses. At the very least, they killed a thousand Sea Race soldiers and hundreds of them were injured.

“Moreover, the strong sound waves caused by the underwater explosion were even more powerful, shattering the eardrums of many Sea Race warriors.

As a result, even though the remaining Sea Race warriors were not dead, they could not hear a sound.

“Quick, retreat!“

“These human cultivators are crazy!“

“Retreat! Retreat!!!”

The Sea Race soldiers were scared. They turned around and tried to escape.

“Run? Run!”

“Hold the grass. Still want to run? All of you!”

“Quick, shoot them out! Damn, I’m so anxious!”

“What are you thinking? The next torpedo is mine!”

“I, I, I, I want to play a torpedo car!”

When the players saw that the Sea Race wanted to run, how could they do that?

Thus, the second wave of torpedoes once again arrived.

“Hahaha, child of the Sea Race, don’t be afraid. Brother is a good person.”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

“Sea Race warriors, don’t run. We are here to play with you!“

Twelve players chased after the Sea Race soldiers at an astonishing speed. As they advanced, they all shouted out loud. Their faces were filled with evil smiles, like villains.

“Demons, these humans are all demons!” The Sea Race warriors cried and tried to run, but they realized that they couldn’t beat these human cultivators.

Boom boom boom!

With 12 explosions, more than 90% of the remaining Sea Race soldiers were killed. Less than a hundred Sea Race soldiers were left. All of them were seriously injured. Most of them struggled for a while, but they still died on the spot.

Only a few Sea Race managed to escape.


The players didn’t say anything and continued to chase after the submarine!

“???” He Yiming was stunned.

Is it possible?

More than two thousand Sea Race warriors, two waves of torpedoes killed more than half of them?

He Yiming sighed in admiration and followed behind the submarine.

Not long after, the cave reached the end. There was a bright light above their head.

“Float up!” After the players controlled the submarine to slowly float up, they discovered that they had arrived at a huge space.

This was a hollow area under the sea and in the mountains. On the ground was a shallow area, and in the center was a small island.

At this moment…

More than two thousand Sea Race soldiers, holding bone spears and weapons in their hands, formed a formation and waited for the players.

Behind the Sea Race soldiers were ten tall and powerful Sea Race members who had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm.

At the highest point of the island, on a throne, sat a ten-meter-tall Sea Race powerhouse with an astonishing aura.

A Sea Race powerhouse.

“Human cultivators, you dare to attack this Sea Race den? Your courage is admirable!“ The Sea Wheel powerhouse on the throne spoke slowly. His tone was extremely arrogant, and he did not even get up.

“Hold the grass, so many Sea Race?”

“Hey, it’s finally time for me to show off!“

“The one on the throne must be the boss! Hold the grass, isn’t this the super Deep Sea King?”

The players climbed out of the submarine one after another. They were all excited and prepared for battle.

“Hmph, a bunch of ants. Is there not a single person who can speak?” The Sea Wheel Sea Race on the throne snorted in disdain.

A bunch of human ants in the Spirit Vein. How could he lose so many Sea Race warriors?

Or was it that the Sea Race soldiers under him had not fought for years and had become a bunch of trash?

Forget trash. If you’re dead, you’re dead!

“I’m He Yiming!

“Your Sea race has invaded my sect twice. Today will be your death day!” He Yiming was standing in the air, emitting a Foundation Establishment aura.

“Late Foundation Establishment Realm? Hehehe, this is what you all rely on? This Lord is really courting death!” The Sea Wheel on the throne couldn’t help but laugh.

“I am the leader of the Red Scales, Yulus!

“Humans, from the moment you entered this place, it became your death!

“Come out, my 8,000 Sea Race army!” Yulus snapped his fingers.


In the shallow water around, there were suddenly a large number of Sea Race soldiers. The number of them was shocking, more than 6,000!

In addition, there were two thousand Sea Race warriors outside the island.

Eight thousand Sea Race soldiers surrounded He Yiming and the players.

“We’re surrounded?”

“Hold the grass, there are still so many Sea Race?”

“Hold the grass, this Sea Race boss can use tactics?”

The players were shocked.

He Yiming’s face darkened.

Because the surrounding was not only surrounded by six thousand Sea Race soldiers.

There were more than thirty Sea Race powerhouses in the Foundation Establishment Realm, which was equivalent to thirty Deep Sea Kings.

It seemed like he had fallen into a hopeless situation.

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