Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2461 - A strange heavenly tribulation   

Chapter 2461: A strange heavenly tribulation


Before setting out onto the Celestial Path, everyone said that a naturally complete Celestial Seed would be far superior to a Celestial Seed formed from shards.

However, this was not an absolute truth.

Ling Han had already obtained enough complete Celestial Seeds, extracted their essence, and formed a completely new Celestial Seed. According to the previous theory, this was a kind of weakening as it was actually pieced together from shards.

However, Ling Han only extracted their most fundamental essence, and added with his own appreciation, the Celestial Seed formed from all this was truly strongest for him.

And now, the Celestial Seed hadn’t even formed completely yet, but the heavenly tribulation had already arrived. This was enough proof of how amazing the Celestial Seed that Ling Han would form in the future would be.

The heavens were jealous!

Clang, an extremely terrifying bolt of lightning immediately struck.

“Don’t allow him to undergo the heavenly tribulation, or all our schemes will result in nothing!” Yu Wudi called out loudly, and rushed into the heavenly tribulation without paying it any mind at all as he brandished the Violet Divine Staff, intending to stop Ling Han from “breaking through”!

Though the five great Celestial Kings did not want to undergo a heavenly tribulation very much, they thought about the secret that Ling Han was hiding. It was something that could allow the power of a Pseudo-Celestial King to face a true Celestial King head-on, so just how amazing did it have to be?

Their greed got the better of them, and they continued charging in to attack while gritting their teeth.

Kuang, the heaven and earth felt no mercy, and were just to anyone and everyone. If one interfered in the heavenly tribulation of another, they would have to bear their punishment. Six clumps of dark clouds unleashed power at practically the same moment, and a frightening heavenly tribulation immediately descended.

The six great Celestial Kings were hard-pressed.

Interfering in the heavenly tribulation of another, they would definitely be targeted by the heaven and earth and dragged into it as well. But the heavenly tribulation they sustained would definitely be based on their respective cultivation levels. For example, Ling Han was only a Pseudo-Celestial King, but the other six were true Celestial Kings, so the heavenly tribulation they suffered would naturally be even more powerful.

Though the six great Celestial Kings were still attacking Ling Han, their might was considerably weakened. They were all focusing the greater part of their energy on resisting their respective heavenly tribulation.

Thankfully, what did not disappoint them was that the heavenly tribulation that Ling Han was undergoing was incredibly frightening, and he was thrown back and forth as he was endlessly struck by lightning, the sight of it being too horrible to look at.

“Keep it up; we’re almost about to kill him!” The six great Celestial Kings all cheered themselves on.

However, what they did not know was that the reason why Ling Han would look so battered was not because he really was no match for the heavenly tribulation, but rather because he had focused the majority of his concentration on forming the Celestial Seed Mark.

The heaven and earth did not really intend to kill him through delivering a punishment; it was an attempt to disrupt him from forming this Celestial Seed that would be flawless for him!

Ling Han naturally would not let the heaven and earth succeed. Hence, he would rather become terribly battered or even covered with wounds all over. He was determined to fully concentrate on forming the Celestial Seed.

If anyone could cast a look into his mind, they would see that all the Celestial Seed Marks had already crumbled and shattered, but the shards thus produced were dancing. There were tiny points of light floating, gliding towards the central area.

Here, a new Celestial Seed Mark was presently forming, but its main structure did not belong to any complete Celestial Seed.

…Ling Han had built it with his own comprehension.

This was too immature. How could the comprehension of an individual compare to the heaven and earth?

However, Ling Han was one who had endless contact with Void Particle Energy—the fundamental power of the Genesis World, and he had once been the overlord of a realm himself, though it was only at the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier, but that still far surpassed the Celestial King Tier, after all.

Now he was using these two kinds of experience as his guide to build the main structure of his own Celestial Seed Mark. How could this not be amazing?

Even Ji Wuming could not compare to him. After all, the former had only been a Ninth Heaven Celestial King in his last life, and no matter how powerful he was, he could not cross this boundary, and had his own limits.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The heavenly tribulation was merciless, every lightning bolt being stronger than the last. At the beginning, it only wanted to disrupt Ling Han, but it soon became even fiercer and more intense—since the process could not be disrupted, then it would directly erase Ling Han.

The power was extremely frightening, and had crossed the threshold of the First Heaven, forcing Ling Han into dire straits. All the clothes he was wearing had long since been torn to pieces, lacerations adorned his flesh, and even the aroma of grilled meat could be smelled.

But a smile appeared at the corners of Ling Han’s lips.

He obviously knew this was a trap, and still insisted on barging in. Aside from wanting to kill the main culprits, there was another very important reason: to use the pressure that these people would exert on him as help to take that most crucial step.

Ling Han was the type to be more motivated with more pressure. Being ambushed by six great Celestial Kings, he felt a sense of crisis, as well as a powerful displeasure. He yearned to gain greater strength so he could destroy these people.

In his mind, the Celestial Seed Mark was becoming more and more complete. A frightening aura was surging out of his body. It was at the Celestial King Tier.

It was clear that he had not advanced into the Celestial King Tier, yet actually already possessed the image of a Celestial King. This was too astonishing.

No wonder the heaven and earth would be so furious and determined to destroy him. Because he was an anomaly that looked capable of removing himself from the control of the heaven and earth.

“Not good, he’s going to break through!” Yu Wudi was shocked, and brandished his staff even more furiously, practically paying no mind to his own defense at all.

The other five Celestial Kings also seemed like they had thrown their lives on the line. If they could not stop Ling Han, the moment he broke through and became a Celestial King, it would be practically impossible for them to stop Ling Han from escaping.

The six great Celestial Kings seemed to have descended into madness, bursting with their full battle prowess, and madly pouring attacks on Ling Han.

Ling Han channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, and allowed the blasts from the six great Celestial Kings and the heavenly tribulation to land on him. He had already reached a crucial point, and could not sustain any disturbance. He had to gather his full concentration.

The Celestial Seed Mark was close to forming, but there was still a node left. Once this node formed, the Celestial Seed Mark would take form completely, and could not be shaken. However, if he failed, this Celestial Seed Mark that was close to completion would crumble instantly.

Originally, this process could be as long as 10,000 years, a million years, or even longer, but Ling Han wanted to complete it in a short one or two days, or even shorter time, under such great pressure.

Hong, long, long, half a day passed, and the heavenly tribulation of the six great Celestial Kings was already beginning to disperse, but the tribulation clouds above Ling Han’s head were still dense, clinging closely together without any sign of dispersing. There were still lightning bolts striking down madly.

This scene stunned Yu Wudi and the others greatly, and they involuntarily stopped their attacks.

Shouldn’t a heavenly tribulation just last half a day?

The heavens would try their utter hardest to prevent any elites from emerging, because the stronger the living beings, the more possible it would be that they could affect the balance of heaven and earth. Thus, every time a living being became stronger, a heavenly tribulation would descend, and stop them from breaking through.

But the heavens would also leave a chance of survival. A heavenly tribulation would only last for half a day, and if he survived, that would mean he had gained the approval of the heaven and earth.

But why did it seem like this was akin to a difficult birth for Ling Han?

Half a day had passed, so why was the lightning still striking down endlessly onto the ground?

Was this because Ling Han had offended the heavens, and thus the heavens could not bear the sight of him? Was that why the heavenly tribulation was descending multiplied like this?

Yu Wudi and the others exchanged looks. At this moment, they did not know whether they should continue their attacks. All this was too strange. If they angered the heavens, which led to them also having to suffer heavenly tribulation every day, what would they do?

“If we made another move, would we still be attacked by the heavenly tribulation?” one of the Celestial Kings asked.

Ordinarily, this question would seem very foolish. You had already been dragged into the heavenly tribulation, and it had similarly lasted for half a day. It definitely would end later than that of the person whose heavenly tribulation was disrupted, so how could one possibly continue to be dragged in?

Yet this situation of Ling Han had never been seen before. The person who caused the disturbance had already finished sustaining the heavenly tribulation, yet the victim himself was still undergoing the heavenly tribulation.

But who would have experienced this before, and thus be sure that they would no longer be pulled into the heavenly tribulation should they interfere now?

They had to be seeing things.

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