Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2462 - The most perfect Celestial Seed  

Chapter 2462: The most perfect Celestial Seed

Whomever they told this matter to, it was guaranteed that not a single one would believe it, even if the person who had said it was a Celestial King, or even if six Celestial Kings swore that it was true simultaneously.

‘F***, how could something so unbelievable happen? Even if you are a Celestial King, you cannot treat us like idiots, either.’

Yu Wudi was filled with jealousy. He did not know why Ling Han’s tribulation would last so long, but the heavenly tribulation represented the jealousy of the heavens. They were so jealous that they did not hesitate from going against their own rules, and deploying an unending heavenly tribulation, which showed just how outstanding and extraordinary Ling Han was. That was the only reason why the heaven and earth did not want him to break through.

Yu Wudi had to stop him!


Brandishing the Violet Divine Staff, he charged towards Ling Han again. The Divine Staff released its might, blasting out a purple halo of brilliance.

Ling Han greeted the oncoming attack with the Divine Demon Sword. This was only his subconscious movement. The Divine Staff was too powerful, and he did not dare to take it head-on even with his physique. He had to block it.


Sword and staff clashed, and Ling Han was instantly sent flying. With a wa, blood was spat out of his mouth.

The other five Celestial Kings discovered that the heavenly tribulation did not target Yu Wudi any further, much to their surprise.

This had definitely broken records. He had attacked a person who was undergoing a heavenly tribulation, yet he himself was actually not dragged into the heavenly tribulation.

…Though they had previously already undergone a tribulation.

“Die!” the five Celestial Kings roared as they blasted at Ling Han too. If they did not make their move now, when would they have another chance?

This time, the pressure on Ling Han was even greater.

Previously, though the six Celestial Kings had also been attacking in unison, they had focused the majority of their energy on opposing the heavenly tribulation. It was different now. They could completely concentrate on their offensive.

It should be known that they were all Celestial Kings, and five of them were at the peak stage of the First Heaven, and while Yu Wudi’s cultivation level was not all that high, he was a Monarch Star. His battle prowess did not lose out to theirs, either, what more when he held such a deadly weapon like the Violet Divine Staff, so the threat he posed was massive.

Ling Han was completely battered and bruised from the attacks. He had to both face the heavenly tribulation and suffer being under the combined attacks of six great Celestial Kings at the same time. More importantly, he still had to focus the major part of his energy on forming the Celestial Seed Mark.

This was practically a mission impossible!

But Ling Han’s battle spirit was still soaring to the extreme. He enjoyed being challenged and the need to create miracles in impossible situations.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Even if his Godly bones were tough, being under such a terrifying barrage of attacks, they still broke, and his flesh had naturally long since been torn apart. Blood covered his whole body, and poured all over the ground.

At present, his condition was horrible to the extreme. A few bones jutted out of his body, and his bone marrow was visible. There was definitely no way his family and friends would be able to recognize him now.

Yet Ling Han did not feel the slightest bit of despair. On the contrary, his battle spirit soared high, and his fighting spirit burned fiercely. He anticipated the completion of the Celestial Seed Mark. That moment would be the instant that he would turn the tables on his enemies and counterattack aggressively.

He used the Greatest Eternity Everlasting Physique, and exerted time acceleration effects on himself. An instant was equivalent to several days, or even several weeks!

Faster! Faster! Faster!

Boom, his body trembled as he entered into a certain mysterious state.

Everything had stopped and become silent. He could clearly see the twisted expressions on the faces of the six great Celestial Kings which were changing slightly bit by bit. It was as if he was removed from this heaven and earth, and become an outsider looking in.

He could see the Timestream as it slowly unfolded in front of him, flowing towards the future, but connected to the past.

However, a mysterious power was sealing it off. He could not cross the river, nor could he walk along the banks, tracing back history or exploring the future.

He could only be limited to this state, and within this space.

Had time stopped?

Ling Han “looked” at the heavens. This was his divine sense flitting. He could see bolts of lightning strike down, but their speed seemed to have decreased to a chilling extent. They could only descend no more than an inch in the time a single breath would take.

Enlightenment rose in his heart. Previously, he had added a heavy stroke to the Celestial Seed Mark, and it was his comprehension of the Regulations of Time. Furthermore, he had activated the Greatest Eternity Everlasting Physique, which seemed to have touched on some mysterious state.

It was not time that had stopped, but rather the channeling of his divine sense had surpassed time itself. Hence, he could not move his physical body, but it was like his spirit had transcended.

He felt an urge to allow his spirit to leave his physical body. In this way, his spirit would be able to roam the heaven and earth without anything holding him back, and would no longer be limited by any kind of Regulations, no longer being detained by any powerful being.

However, he immediately suppressed this urge. The spirit was rooted in the physical body. If the physical body was lost, the spirit would also soon wilt and die.

His heart clenched as he focused on the Celestial Seed Mark.

At this time, he could truly concentrate completely on the building of the Celestial Seed Mark.

Stroke after stroke, the Celestial Seed Mark would be that bit more complete every time he experienced enlightenment. It was like a precious crystalline tower in his mind, dazzling all directions.

One year, 10 years, 100 years… Time flashed by. When time had reached over 700 years, that bolt of lightning finally struck him, and was slashed apart by a wave of the Divine Demon Sword.

As for the attacks of the six great Celestial Kings?

Ling Han estimated its speed, determining that the first attack would probably land in only another six years.

He continued progressing with his own affairs, as if an instant was an eternity.

It was unknown how many years had passed when Ling Han suddenly felt his body relax. A strange power surged out, and the Regulations of heaven and earth manifested completely in front of him. It was as if he could just casually pluck any one of them, and turn it into his own weapon.

The Celestial King Tier!

Only a Celestial King would be able to pull on Regulations at will, but it was clear he had not advanced into the Celestial King Tier, so why had he truly gained the power of a true Celestial King?

In a moment of distraction, he leaped out of this state.

Instantly, time returned to normal. Boom, the attacks of the six great Celestial Kings blasted out madly.

Peng, dust filled the air, turning into a mushroom cloud that rushed into the skies.

“Is he dead?”

A frightening power surged, and the six great Celestial Kings stopped their offensive. The reverberation of the aftermath was too strong, and even they did not dare to barge rashly in.

“This brat was suddenly dazed for a moment.”

“En, if that had not been the case, our final attack might not have succeeded.”

The six Celestial Kings said so. Ling Han had suddenly faltered for a moment previously, and their attacks had thus landed solidly on him. This was extremely strange.

“Could it be a trap?” one of the Celestial Kings asked.

“You’re worrying too much. What kind of trap would have one be blasted straight on by six great Celestial Kings?”

Yu Wudi also humphed coldly. He was very certain that he had struck solidly with the Violet Divine Staff. With how destructive a Celestial Tool was, even a Celestial King would die from a direct hit, what more when it was a Pseudo-Celestial King that was undergoing a tribulation?

Ling Han had to be dead!

“He’s definitely dead. Don’t you see that even the heavenly tribulation has stopped?”

All the six great Celestial Kings nodded in agreement. Ling Han could deceive them, but there was no possible way he could deceive the heaven and earth. Now that the heavenly tribulation had abruptly stopped, that meant only one thing—Ling Han was dead.

They were all waiting. Once the aftermath of power weakened just a little bit more, they would rush in and pluck Ling Han’s spirit. It would only take a little time, and their power as Celestial Kings would definitely allow them to easily gather a dispersed spirit.


Right at this moment, a flame suddenly rushed into the skies, burning fiercely. Even from very far, the intense heat could still be felt.

“This is…”

The six great Celestial Kings were all silenced at the same time, and then their expressions drastically changed. “The Rising From The Ashes of the Immortal Phoenix Tribe!”

A terrifying aura blazed, and a figure walked out of the fiery light. He was of tall, lanky build, and not very sturdy in frame, but the aura he exuded was overbearing without compare, as if he was a heavenly emperor.

Ling Han!

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