Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2460 - Battle   

Chapter 2460: Battle


With this rebuke from Yu Wudi, the five great Celestial Kings felt unspeakable distress.

…You both had Celestial Tools, which could naturally cancel out the murderous aura emanating from the other Celestial Tool, but what about them? If they had had Celestial Tools before, how could they have possibly been chased off by Ling Han?

They had initially thought that once Yu Wudi unleashed his might, it would be enough to cancel out the Celestial Tool in Ling Han’s possession, and they could then make use of the opening and make their move, taking Ling Han’s life, but they had never expected that the shock wave generated by the clash of the two Celestial Tools would actually be so terrifying that Celestial Kings like them weren’t even worthy of coming close enough.

They stepped back, and then made their move. Boom, boom, boom, colossal hands appeared one after another, striking down on Ling Han.

Yu Wudi almost died of fury. ‘What is the point of attacking from so far away?’ It should be known that Ling Han’s physique was extremely amazing, and he could only be wounded through continuously attacking him harshly in close quarters.

‘With such a long distance between you, are you guys scratching an itch for him?’

Ling Han laughed loudly, and charged out, completely ignoring the attacks of these five great Celestial Kings as he launched a fiery offensive at Yu Wudi.

His physique was extremely close to the Celestial King Tier, and it was equivalent to a low-level Celestial King on complete defense, and it was constantly kept that way. The long-range attacks of the five great Celestial Kings were only like scratching an itch through the leather of his shoes to him, and could be completely ignored.

Peng, peng, peng. Though he had also been blasted back and forth, he still charged back out completely unscathed as he sliced out at Yu Wudi with his sword.

In comparison, though the battle prowess of those bugs inside the insect cave was much lower, firstly, there were really too many of them, and secondly, the insect poison could cut down on the power of his attack and defense, so the threat they posed was actually far superior to the combined forces of these six Celestial Kings.

Yu Wudi humphed. However, since things had reached this point, he was in no mood, nor did he have the time, to bother with the five great Celestial Kings.

He had a strong confidence in himself. He had already stabilized his cultivation at the Celestial King Tier, so how could it be that he would still be unable to suppress Ling Han?

Yu Wudi brandished the Violet Divine Staff, clashing forcefully with Ling Han. His cultivation level was superior, so how could he fear Ling Han?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every move they made resulted in a forceful clash, and the clashing of the Celestial Tools releashed a thunderous noise that could shake the heaven and earth. Furthermore, as the murderous aura surged out of the Celestial Tools, it even solidified. The Divine Demon Sword was emanating a black aura, while the Violet Divine Staff was emanating a violet aura. It was like the confrontation of two oceans.

There were ancient beasts galloping out of the murderous aura, and they pounced on their respective opponent. This was not a solid attack, but a spiritual barrage which could cause the spirit of a cultivator to sway.

However, both of them were Monarch Stars, and each had a Celestial Tool as well, so they were naturally unafraid of the barrage of this kind of murderous aura, yet it was a different story for the five great Celestial Kings. Their hearts were swayed, and they had no choice but to retreat even further.

Yu Wudi couldn’t help but shout, “Complete trash!”

Though the five great Celestial Kings could also cause some disturbance to Ling Han, it really was just a slight disturbance, and the effects were limited.

He could only depend on himself.

He brandished the divine staff, and struck out aggressively.

The reason why he invited the six great Celestial Kings to work together with him was not because he thought that he would not be able to suppress Ling Han, but rather that he wanted the six of them to help in stopping Ling Han from fleeing, and that was why they had used Yan Xianlu as bait to trick Ling Han into venturing into this dead end of a valley.

They had truly intended to capture Yan Xianlu, but the latter had directly broken through to the Celestial King Tier at the most crucial moment, and then aggressively charged through their siege and escaped.

Half their plan had succeeded, but when it really came down to a battle with Ling Han, things did not progress as smoothly as expected.

“Stay on your guard; don’t let this brat escape!” Yu Wudi yelled out loudly. This was the only time that the five Celestial Kings could finally be useful.

The five great Celestial Kings looked livid, but could not refute him. Who asked them to be indeed unable to withstand the murderous aura of the Celestial Tool?

Yu Wudi moved with full power, his eyes cold. Regulations seemed to have become a part of him as every single movement he made was extremely frightening, and with the addition of brandishing his Celestial Tool, he was practically a god of war.

Ling Han’s right hand gripped the sword, and he was completely fearless of clashing head-on with his opponent.

Indeed, his cultivation was considerably inferior, but with how tough his physique was, what did he have to fear?

Meanwhile, his left hand surged with Regulations. Fields of lightning surged out, turning into a sea of lightning. Space was sealed off, imprisoned, while time was frozen and slowed. Meanwhile, Regulation of Slaughter was boosting the Divine Demon Sword. He, too, was proficiently playing around with Regulations.

It should be known that he had a shocking number of Celestial Seed Marks in his body. They numbered in the hundreds already, and if every single Celestial Seed Mark matured, that would correspond to the Regulations of the Great Dao.

And great dao was limited. Hence, a considerable number of the over 100 Celestial Seeds were actually duplicates, but there were differences in the minor details. After all, Celestial King Tier had Nine Heavens, and Celestial Seeds, too, could evolve nine times before finally reaching the pinnacle.

Having grasped so many Celestial Seed Marks, Ling Han’s practice of Regulations had also practically reached its limits.

Just as Ling Han had planned previously, he would extract the essence of countless Celestial Seed Marks, and nurture a perfect Celestial Seed that belonged solely to him. Only such a Celestial Seed could truly be considered perfect.

In the intense battle, Ling Han’s appreciation of great dao deepened, and he felt an urge to break through, unable to control his cultivation level.

This, too, reflected on himself as celestial light endlessly surged from him. There was a Celestial-King-Tier aura blazing.

“Humph, you think of breaking through to the Celestial King Tier to resolve the crisis?” Yu Wudi sneered. “Even if you undergo the heavenly tribulation, I will still kill you!”

He thought that it was because Ling Han felt like he could not hold on for much longer, and thus planned to undergo the heavenly tribulation to resolve his crisis. He was determined—even if Ling Han was to experience the heavenly tribulation, he would still forcibly kill him. After all, without experiencing the heavenly tribulation to the end, there was no way he could truly reach the Celestial King Tier.

Ling Han smiled faintly. If Yu Wudi was determined to entertain such wishful thinking, the former would just allow him to keep this mistaken perception.

Yu Wudi’s offensive became even stronger. He wanted Ling Han to become distracted, and the moment the latter became distracted in his breakthrough, the resulting consequences would be extremely terrifying. Being unable to break through was a small issue, but it was very highly possible that it could wound his essence.

The other five Celestial Kings also strengthened their attacks. Like Yu Wudi, they thought that Ling Han was going to give out soon.

Yet Ling Han was extremely calm. A thought flashed through his mind. Perhaps it was time to condense his own Celestial Seed.

He did not have to immediately nurture the Celestial Seed, but he could try extracting the essence of those Celestial Seed Marks in his body, and begin to walk out his own path.

In the future, when he obtained even more and stronger Celestial Seeds, he would still be able to continue extracting their essence to upgrade that unique Celestial Seed of his.

With this thought in mind, his heart blazed.

Boom, a world-shaking change began to take place inside his body.

Kuang, kuang, kuang. In his mind, all the Celestial Seed Marks were crumbling and falling into pieces, as if they had been set upon with fiery flames, and were presently melting down rapidly.

But in the center of these Celestial Seed Marks, a new mark was silently forming. Though it was only composed of simple strokes, the aura it exuded seemed capable of shaking the heavens for eternity.

Boom, dark clouds suddenly rolled out in the skies, lightning flashing closely together. A heavenly tribulation was forming.

This was too shocking. Ling Han clearly hadn’t formed the Celestial Seed yet. This was only the basic form of a Celestial Seed Mark, but its appearance caused the heaven and earth to be moved, intending to strike down with lightning to erase him, which showed just how powerful this Celestial Seed Mark was.

There was no absolutely perfect and flawless Celestial Seed in the world. The best Celestial Seed was one that was the most suited to oneself.

Enlightenment flickered in Ling Han’s heart. The other Celestial Seed Marks crumbled and collapsed like they were structures that had been corroded by time, and in their midst, the basic form of the Celestial Seed was silently taking form.

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