Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2459 - Attack from all sides   

Chapter 2459: Attack from all sides


Ling Han laughed loudly. “Since one is here, the remaining ones should all be present as well, right?”


A cold sneer rang out, and another four Celestial Kings appeared, two in front and the other two behind. In this way, the six Celestial Kings had completely sealed off the path in front, behind, and above Ling Han.

And sturdy walls were on either side of him. The same went for the ground below him as well. Even the powerful might of a Celestial King could not cause any damage to it, which meant that Ling Han was really and truly trapped here.

Previously, it was mentioned that it would be very difficult for a Celestial King to kill another Celestial King. This had a prerequisite to it. The moment that there was a larger advantage in numbers, and the Celestial King had been surrounded, it would also be very normal for a Celestial King to be killed.

…If the first Celestial King had not been killed by Ling Han, there should have been a total of seven Celestial Kings.

Ling Han smiled slightly. “Haven’t you guys learned enough from the last lesson?”

The five Celestial Kings all looked wary. Previously, the Blue North Celestial King had been killed with a single toss of the sword from Ling Han, and that threat hadn’t changed. The might of the Celestial Tool was truly terrifying. There was practically no way a First Heaven Celestial King could bear up against it; he could only flee and escape.

Yet Yu Wudi sneered. He summoned the Violet Divine Staff. “Don’t think that you are the only one who has a Celestial Tool!”

He only had to restrain Ling Han head-on so that the Divine Demon Sword would not be able to unleash its might, and the other five Celestial Kings would be able to exert their full efforts to cut off Ling Han’s head.

If it were not for the fact that one of the Celestial Kings insisted on trying to blindside Ling Han, he would not have been killed by Ling Han without even managing to attack once. He could be considered as having suffered his just desserts.

Primarily, he had been intimidated by Ling Han’s previous kill. Even if he knew that Yu Wudi had a Celestial Tool, he still wasn’t very reassured. They wanted to have more insurance, and schemed against Ling Han. The results were the complete opposite of his plans as he had destroyed himself with his error in judgment.

Ling Han shook his head. “I had initially wondered just how frightening this trap would have been. In the end, it is just the six of you. Sigh, my excitement’s all wasted.”

“Ling Han, just where do you get this confidence from?” Yu Wudi humphed. Since Ling Han had now entered into this trap, his fate was definitely death with no hope of survival.

Ling Han looked towards those other Celestial Kings. “There is only a single Celestial Tool; can you divide it equally amongst yourselves?”

The reason why they had previously accepted the invitation of the Blue North Celestial King was precisely because they wanted to obtain the Celestial Tool.

One of the Celestial Kings spoke, his voice deep. “We are also very interested in the cultivation technique that you cultivate. If you are willing to allow us to flip through your spirit, there is no definite need to kill you.”

Regarding this condition, Yu Wudi made no indication he opposed it.

Because if Ling Han’s spirit was riffled through, it would be equivalent to Ling Han having handed the power over his life to them. If they wanted to destroy his spirit, it would only be the matter of a single thought.

Ling Han naturally would not fall for it. He smiled faintly. “I am not interested in your suggestions. Why don’t I just kill all of you, then?”

“In your dreams!” the great Celestial Kings rebuked.

Meanwhile, Yu Wudi said, “There is no need to waste words on him. This kind of person is extraordinarily stubborn, and would be holding out hope until they are faced with the grim reality.”

“Let’s move!”

All six great Celestial Kings looked coldly on Ling Han. An Ascending Origin Tier, a Pseudo-Celestial King could be strong to this extent; this was too abnormal. The cultivation technique he cultivated had to be world-shaking. They very much wanted to take possession of it.

Ling Han was all smiles, calm and unhurried. Think of the experience of the insect cave inside Hui’s body—he had survived even such a crisis, so what fear would he feel towards these six mere Celestial Kings in front of him?

Too bad these people did not know that unless one had once been the overlord of a realm, even if they possessed Wally’s model, it would still be useless. At least, they would have to be a Ninth Heaven Celestial King before they could be qualified to even touch this level.

Hence, even if Ling Han was willing to hand Wally’s model to them, not one of them would be able to learn it anyway.

To say the least, even if it was taught to Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, not even one in 10,000 could possibly make use of it. That was something that could allow one to advance into the Heavenly Venerable Tier!

Even if Ling Han explained this to them, it would be useless. Would Yu Wudi and the others believe him?

Moreover, Ling Han had no intention of telling them such a secret, either.

“Then come battle.” Ling Han waved the Divine Demon Sword. After drinking the blood of another Celestial King, this Celestial Tool was exuding a devilish gleam. The blade was covered with splotches of blood, looking very strange.

Ling Han sensed it momentarily, and couldn’t help but be surprised. This was Celestial King blood essence!

It was unknown how much Ancestral King blood essence he had refined, so he would naturally not be unfamiliar with it. It was precisely because of this that he was extremely surprised. It was clear that his sword had nailed the forehead of that Celestial King, so how could it be covered with blood essence?

It should be known that blood essence was stored inside the heart.

Could it be that the Divine Demon Sword had the ability to actively extract blood essence?

Why hadn’t he realized this before?

Ling Han examined it carefully. In truth, the Divine Demon Sword was devouring the Celestial King blood essence, and as the blood flowed, it was slowly becoming dimmer as the essence within was absorbed. And correspondingly, the aura that this Divine Sword exuded was also becoming more and more overbearing and cold.

The sword was a weapon of violence, drinking blood and causing murder.

Previously, he had not discovered this ability, because the enemies he killed were not at the Celestial King Tier at all. The Divine Demon Sword couldn’t even be bothered to drink the blood of their likes.

“Die!” Yu Wudi was the first to charge out, and swiftly waved his staff down on Ling Han’s head, planning to smash Ling Han into mush.

When this staff descended, it was like the whole heaven and earth had collapsed, and space crumbled, turning into multiple whirlpools of darkness.

This was the battle prowess of the peak stage of the First Heaven. At present, Yu Wudi’s Vitality Index was at least 5400 points, and his battle prowess surpassed it slightly. The might of the staff was great, and could not be stopped.

Ling Han wanted to test out his power, and slashed out towards Yu Wudi with a wave of the Divine Demon Sword.


The two Celestial Tools clashed, instantly erupting with dazzling lights. Unless they were Celestial Kings, potential onlookers could not even open their eyes in front of it, and what was even more terrifying was the ferocious might emanating from the two Celestial Tools. Even a lower-level Celestial King would be breaking out in a cold sweat.

What was the Violet Divine Staff?

It was a precious tool forged by a Ninth Heaven Celestial King. Even if the Imperial Void Celestial King had not entered the ranks of the strongest Celestial Kings at that time, his cultivation level was still there. A Ninth Heaven Celestial King could crush a First Heaven Celestial King with a single finger, so the might of this Celestial Tool was naturally frightening.

The Divine Demon Sword did not have such a background, but the level of Devouring Metal was even higher. In the future, it could become Heavenly-Venerable-Tier ingredient, and had refined a few pieces of Divine Metal previously, as well as gulped down Celestial King blood, so its murderous aura was naturally world-shaking.

…If Ling Han had killed those Ancestral Kings of the Foreign Realm with the Divine Demon Sword previously, the present Divine Demon Sword would definitely have been even more terrifying.

Thus, when the Divine Demon Sword clashed with the Violet Divine Staff, the might it unleashed was limited, but the murderous aura was too terrifying. It was definitely not something that a First Heaven Celestial King could withstand.

The other five Celestial Kings couldn’t help but step back quickly, breaking out in a cold sweat from being weighed down by the murderous aura exuding from the Celestial Tool. They had lost more than half their battle prowess.

If the Celestial Tool was not so frightening, what need would the Celestial Kings have to seek it out so tirelessly?

Peng, Ling Han was sent sliding backwards, feeling like all the bones in his arm had been shattered. It was completely numb, and he was practically incapable of even raising his arm.

In terms of power, it was indeed Yu Wudi that was on top. After all, he was a true Celestial King, and a Monarch Star at that. If he did not have a complete upper hand in terms of power, that would be strange.

Ling Han shook his arm, and blood instantly surged, releasing a sound akin to the howl of a dragon. Immediately, he recovered.

His physique was not so easily dealt with, either!

“What are you all standing around for? Do you want to reap the harvest without sowing any seeds?” Yu Wudi was irritated. The reason he had allied with these five great Celestial Kings was for the sake of dealing with Ling Han, yet now they were actually watching the show from the sidelines. How was that reasonable?

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