After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 122 - Wanting a Divorce  

Chapter 122: Wanting a Divorce

“Hmph, even if she has the money, she won’t be able to come back. She won’t be able to come back in the future,” Zhang Qian said coldly with a snort. He had long gotten tired of looking at Li Gui’s face. Back then, he had thought that she was beautiful but who knew that in just a few years, she aged so much that she had become uglier than his mother. It just so happened that he had taken a fancy to another woman, so Li Gui could forget about coming back for the rest of her life.

When Old Madam Zhang heard this, she looked at her son in confusion. “What?”

At first, Zhang Cong did not understand what Zhang Qian meant. Suddenly, he remembered that he saw his father sneaking around behind the factory a few days ago. At that time, there were too many people around, so he did not follow his father. He had also heard some rumors in the factory recently. Could it be that this old man wants to get a divorce and remarry! Then what about his betrothal money!

“Father, what do you mean by that! Are you planning to divorce Li Gui! Don’t tell me you’re going to get another wife!” Zhang Cong asked accusingly.

Zhang Qian lowered his head and took a sip of water without answering and seemed to acquiesce. This made Old Madam Zhang very confused. He wanted to get a divorce and marry someone else?

“Who are you going to marry?” Old Madam Zhang looked at Zhang Qian and asked.

When Zhang Cong realized that his father was really going to marry another woman, he immediately became anxious. “It’s someone from our factory! The famous one! The widow whose name is Feng Fang!” Zhang Cong sat on the chair and sized up Zhang Qian. “No wonder you let Li Gui go to the countryside so readily. You must have wanted to marry Feng Fang for a long time! The two of you must already be together!”

When Zhang Qian heard his son reproaching him, he raised his stool in anger and wanted to smash it at Zhang Cong. Zhang Cong still had an injured leg, so he hurriedly grabbed Old Madam Zhang’s arm and did not let go. He was so frightened that he begged for mercy repeatedly, “Grandma! Grandma! Look at my father! Save me!”

Old Madam Zhang hurriedly stopped Zhang Qian. “He’s your son! One of his legs is already broken and you still want to break the other one!”

Zhang Qian pursed his lips and threw the stool to the side. He sat down far away and ignored the others. This divorce is set in stone! It does not matter what anyone says. He has long found Li Gui to be an eyesore. Feng Fang is so good, she is so young and beautiful.

Zhang Qian, who sat a distance away, muttered, “No matter what, I will get a divorce…”


Feng Fang was only 32 years old this year. Her previous husband was a worker at the food factory, but he died in an accident. Later on, the people at the factory pitied her and allowed her to take over her husband’s job at the factory, and that was how Zhang Qian got to know her. Old Madam Zhang had heard of Feng Fang before. The Zhang family and the family of Feng Fang’s husband knew each other previously, but they lost contact after they moved.

“Feng Fang has three boys! They’re all younger than our Zhang Wei. If you bring all of them back, how can you afford to raise them! No!” Old Madam Zhang had only just managed to chase Li Gui and the two girls away, but now there were four people coming to live off her. That would not do!

Zhang Qian snorted coldly and said, “Feng Fang has a registered residence and household register in the city, and so do her children. She has food stamps every month and doesn’t need us to give her food. She will be giving us food!”

Every registered household in the city received about 30 catties of foodstuff per month. Previously, Li Gui had a registered residence and household register in the village, and the four children had to follow their mother’s registration, so it was hard to feed everyone in the family. If Feng Fang had a city household register, it meant that the children would be able to get about 10 catties of foodstuff per month. The children would not be able to finish so much foodstuff even if they wanted to, so it would be possible to save a lot on food. Old Madam Zhang did her calculations and it did seem that Feng Fang was more cost-effective than Li Gui.

“If you get married, you need to give betrothal gifts! Then what about me! I have to get married too!” When Zhang Cong saw that Old Madam Zhang was also satisfied with Feng Fang, he became anxious. If his father’s new wife married into the family first, he did not know what to do if the Sun family would not let him off.

Old Madam Zhang also looked at Zhang Qian. She had been so concerned about the food that she did not think of this. If Feng Fang wanted 500 dollars as a betrothal gift, who would still marry her!

“She said she doesn’t want betrothal gifts or anything,” Zhang Qian said.

Zhang Cong heaved a sigh of relief, but on second thought, Feng Fang did not seem like an easy person to deal with as she was not as obedient as Li Gui. It was possible that when the time came, she would ask for money just because she wanted it. Zhang Cong hurriedly said to Old Madam Zhang, “No! Grandma! Think about it! Who is Feng Fang! What if she doesn’t want to give you money after marrying into the family. Then even if she makes a lot of money in a month, she still won’t give it to you!” If Feng Fang did not give them any money, then he would not be able to get the betrothal gifts for the Sun family.

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