After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 123 - Pick One of Two  

Chapter 123: Pick One of Two

Old Madam Zhang said confidently, “Hmph! How dare she! She can’t enter the Zhang family and not listen to me. That won’t do! After getting married, she has to hand over the money to me obediently.”

When Zhang Qian heard this, he grinned. It appeared that Old Madam Zhang was very satisfied with Feng Fang. That was great news to him and he could now dump Li Gui quickly. This Feng Fang was sexy and had a good figure and was so much better than Li Gui. To him, Li Gui was like a block of wood and he found her annoying.

Of course, Zhang Cong knew what his father was thinking, but he found no point in Feng Fang marrying over if she did not bring any money with her. They would be better off having Li Gui who was obedient and knew how to earn money. “Li Gui can earn more than 30 dollars a day! I saw it with my own eyes!”

Old Madam Zhang got a shock! 30 dollars! That was 900 dollars a month! That was not a small sum so she hurriedly asked Zhang Cong, “You said you saw it? How did you see it and how did she make so much money!”

Even Old Man Zhang, who usually did not care about family matters, came out of the room to hear the answer. Zhang Qian was also shocked and looked at Zhang Cong, waiting for him to speak.

“I saw it this morning. She had a pile of vegetables and fruits with her! She was selling them in the county city and business was very good! She made a lot of money in a day!” Actually Zhang Cong did not know what was considered a lot of crops as he had never worked in the countryside, but he was just astonished by the fact that she could make more than 30 dollars a day.

When Old Madam Zhang heard this, she immediately lost interest. Those crops depended on the weather and the harvests were sometimes good and sometimes bad. She had also secretly sold these before and she knew that it was not a long term way of making money. It was just something that one could do sometimes to earn a living, not to mention that this was an act that one could get caught for. People who did this did not know if they could get a chance to spend the money that they earned. Only people who were bold would dare to make this type of money.

“Oh, that’s not something profitable. I thought it was something else,” Old Madam Zhang said.

“It’s different, Grandma! I went to take a look! Li Gui built a house in the village, with an especially big courtyard. She must have planted a lot of vegetables! It’s not just a few hundred dollars a year!” Zhang Cong hurried to explain himself.

The people in the city only earned about 40 dollars a month, that was only about 500 dollars a year. If people in this village could earn a few hundred dollars a year, someone would have investigated it long ago. Who would still want to stay in the city! Everyone would go home to do farming. Old Madam Zhang still felt that the food stamps in the city were better than the undependable income from selling vegetables in the countryside.

Seeing that everyone kept quiet, Zhang Cong got really anxious. Feng Fang had a sharp tongue and was famous for being difficult to deal with in the factory. Once she came into the family, how would he still have a good life at home!


“In any case, I don’t want Li Gui anymore. I want a divorce! I’m a man and I have no one to take care of me at home. She’s not as considerate as Feng Fang!” Zhang Qian said.

Pfft! Zhang Cong rolled his eyes. His father is as lecherous as him and the dirty old man only knows how to think for himself, but what about his betrothal gifts. He also knows that Feng Fang is beautiful and, speaking of which, Li Gui’s daughter is also good-looking. If not for Old Madam Li and Li Gui teaming up together, he would not have fallen for Sun Yan!

No, I can’t let this beating go to waste. Besides, Sun Yan has been urging me to hurry up over the past few days. If I don’t give her the betrothal gifts soon, her family will report me and I will go to jail!

“Grandma! Then let’s go and get the money from Li Gui! She has a lot of money! I can’t just get beaten up for nothing! I have to get her to compensate me!” Zhang Cong felt that even if his father wanted to get a divorce, he had to get the money from Li Gui. After so many days, she must have made at least 100 dollars. He did not believe that he had bumped into her on the only day that she sold her goods.

Old Madam Zhang nodded. “That’s right, my eldest grandson can’t be beaten up for nothing! We have to go back and talk to her, and also bring her two sons to her so that we don’t have to feed them.”

Zhang Wei and Zhang Chao did not dare to speak and could only listen to Old Madam Zhang’s arrangements. The two children did not want to return to the countryside. What was so good about the countryside? Why did the two of them have to go along when Li Gui was the one who wanted to go back? Old Madam Zhang would usually say bad things about Li Gui to the two children, and the two children hated Li Gui even more now.

“You come with me too! You have to avenge your son tomorrow!” Old Madam Zhang pointed at Zhang Qian and said.

Zhang Qian waved his hand. “I’m not going. If you want to go, you can go by yourself.” He got up and prepared to leave. He did not want to go there to see Li Gui, just looking at her made him feel disgusted.

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