After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 121 - Going Home in a Sorry State  

Chapter 121: Going Home in a Sorry State

Zhang Cong was so exasperated that he spoke without thinking and blurted out everything. “It’s impossible that you don’t have money! What did you do in the county city today! You sold so many mushrooms! I’m going to file a report on you! You’re opportunistic! You’re taking the capitalist path! You’re undermining the foundation of socialism! I’m going to file a report on all of you!”

His words completely infuriated the villagers. In this day and age, there was no one who did not sell some vegetables to supplement their family’s income. The black market was an unspoken secret. At that time, it was a capital offense to buy and sell items in private and people could get denounced for it!

“Get lost!”

“Don’t come here again!”

A few burly men chased Zhang Cong out of the village, beating and kicking him for good measure. By the time he reached the train station, there was not a single untouched spot on his body and his clothes were all in tatters. This was the most presentable and stylish set of clothes that he owned. It was really embarrassing how he looked like a beggar now instead of a city dweller.

When he finally made it home, he heard Old Madam Zhang say when he went in, “You damned child, why are you only back now! Aiyo! Who hit you!”

When Zhang Cong entered the house and saw Old Madam Zhang, he hugged her tightly and cried, “Grandma! Li Gui hit me!”

Old Madam Zhang was shocked when she saw Zhang Cong’s injuries. When she heard him say that it was Li Gui who did it, she did not believe it. Old Madam Zhang would believe him if he said it was someone else, but Li Gui was usually very submissive at home and the best thing about her was that she was very obedient. She hit Zhang Cong? That must be a joke.

Old Man Zhang took out some money from the family savings and said to Old Madam Zhang, “Let’s talk about it later. Hurry up and send Cong Cong to the hospital.”

At that time, it was indeed very expensive to go to the hospital, but fortunately, Zhang Cong had a work permit and many of the medical tests were free for him. He was only charged for the medication and went home with a cast on his leg. Zhang Qian then bought a pair of crutches from his neighbor for five dollars.

“You useless thing, you went to ask for money and got yourself injured instead. You just wasted five dollars of my money!” Zhang Qian threw the crutches to one side when he returned.


Old Madam Zhang doted on this eldest grandson of hers the most. “Why are you saying this! As if Cong Cong is doing this on purpose!”

Zhang Cong sat beside Old Madam Zhang and complained tearfully, “Grandma, you have to uphold justice for me! This Li Gui, she hit me!”

“Li Gui hit you? Are you muddled, how would she have the guts to do that! Besides, as if you can’t beat her in a fight?” Old Madam Zhang did not believe him. The injuries on his body were definitely caused by a group of people.

“It’s Qiao Mei! It’s Li Gui’s daughter who hit me!”

“Ah, her, the one that Old Madam Li said looked like a Black Bear Spirit.” Old Madam Zhang thought for a long time before she remembered who Qiao Mei was, but how could a woman beat up his grandson? “Just by herself?”

“And the people from their village! They all helped Qiao Mei hit me!” Zhang Cong cried out to Old Madam Zhang.

Zhang Cong had no way of winning a fight with the people from that village, and he had even said something that offended them. If he went back, he would definitely get cut up into pieces. However, his grandmother would definitely help him. Old Madam Zhang doted on him the most, and he was quite sure that a group of people would not bully an old person.

“Don’t be afraid! Grandma will think of a way for you. Hey, you’re his father, but why aren’t you saying anything! Where’s your usual attitude! People are bullying your son!” Old Madam Zhang pointed at Zhang Qian and shouted at him.

Zhang Qian was the type of person who would not care about anything as long as it had nothing to do with him. He was a loafer who just wanted to hang out and waste his time in the factory every day. He did not really like anything but he was a lecherous man who liked beautiful women. The only other thing he cared about was his reputation. When he heard that people bullied his son, he felt that it was a slap to his face. Old Madam Zhang was so good with her words. If she had only mentioned Zhang Cong without adding the fact that he was Zhang Qian’s son, Zhang Qian would not have been so angry.

“Tomorrow! We’ll go to that village tomorrow to demand an explanation! If she doesn’t give us the money and doesn’t apologize to Cong Cong, she can rot in the countryside for the rest of her life!” Old Madam Zhang said to Zhang Qian.

Zhang Qian was so angry that he wanted to go to the village immediately to find out who had injured his son. However, he also had other plans in mind. He was already tired of Li Gui. If not for the fact that she was so beautiful in the past, he would not have given so many betrothal gifts to marry a widow! It was fine if he did not think about the past, but the more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

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