After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 120 - Chased Out of the Village  

Chapter 120: Chased Out of the Village

These lies just flowed out of her mouth. Auntie Dong was the closest to Qiao Mei among all the rest. When she heard what Qiao Mei said, she clenched her fists and wanted to hit Zhang Cong. However, seeing that Zhao Liang was around, she held back and went over to hold Qiao Mei.

“Mei Mei, your body is weak so don’t cry.” Zhang Qin thoughtfully brought a stool out from inside the house for Qiao Mei to sit on, but Qiao Mei cried even louder.

“You black-hearted b*tch! I’m not here to ask for money! I was kind enough to want to help you when I saw you carrying things, but you pushed me! You’re such an ungrateful person! I’m going to sue you!” Zhang Cong stood up with a limp and pointed at Qiao Mei as he scolded her.

“Huh? You said you’re not here to ask for money?” Qiao Mei immediately stopped crying once she heard what she was waiting to hear and she quickly posed a question to him.

“Of course not!”

“Then you won’t come back and ask for money in the future as well, right?” Qiao Mei looked at Zhang Cong with a smile. Only then did Zhang Cong realize that this woman was trying to trick him.

However, he did not know how to answer her as he definitely still wanted the money. In the end, the longer he stayed silent, the more everyone understood why this guy was here.

“He’s been exposed!”

“It’s so obvious that he’s not a good person!”

“The people in the city must find life very tough! They need to come to the countryside to ask for money, how great is that!” Auntie Dong put her hands on her hips and looked at Zhang Cong mockingly.

“Hahahahahahahahaha…” Everyone around them burst out laughing.


“That’s right. His father even said that my mother has to hand over all the money she earns in the future. Also that my mother has been living off him all these years and even gave birth to four children, and that she will never be able to pay back the Zhang family in this lifetime!” Qiao Mei shouted from the door.

The villagers all spat at Zhang Cong. “Pfft! What a joke! What rubbish! A woman bears children for your family and yet she still owes her life to your family. What a joke, we can laugh our heads off!”

Zhang Cong really could not bring himself to deny that his family ever said all these because he was afraid that Qiao Mei would use his words against him again. He also could not say that he would not come to Li Gui for money and vegetables in the future. Otherwise, Zhang Qian would skin him alive when he returned home.

“You! Aiyo… You have to take me to the hospital! You’ve caused me to break my leg!” Zhang Cong moaned when he saw that there was no way for him to rebut.

Qiao Mei looked at Zhao Liang, not knowing how Uncle Zhao was going to handle this. In this era, the Public Security Bureau did not really deal with issues like this, they only took up matters like murder, arson or poisoning. Basically, for such matters, the production brigade had the final say.

“This is extortion! He’s trying to extort money! Which one of you saw that happened!” Qiao Qiang stepped out and pointed at Zhang Cong, though he could tell that the bruised ankle was really injured. Whatever Qiao Mei did, she really did not hold back.

Ever since Qiao Mei had this pendant, she had become stronger and her body constitution had improved a lot. Her face had also become rosy.

Everyone shook their heads and said that they did not see it. This time, Zhang Cong was even angrier and cursed, “You bloody old man…” Before he could finish speaking, everyone got angry with him. Qiao Qiang was an old war hero and the pride of the village, no one could slander him. How dare he scold Qiao Qiang!

“Quickly get lost from our village!” Zhao Liang did not bother to be polite this time. A few militiamen grabbed Zhang Cong and wanted to drag him off. Seeing this situation, Zhang Cong did not dare to stay any longer and limped away. Before he left, he saw Li Gui standing at the edge of the crowd and shouted at her, “Give me money! I want to go to the hospital!”

Li Gui was afraid of getting into more trouble, so she just followed behind the crowd, not expecting that Zhang Cong still caught a glimpse of her. Just as she was about to reach into her pocket for the money, Auntie Dong stopped her and said quietly, “Sister, are you stupid, what good is there from giving him money. Then he will still come back to ask for money again and there will be no end to it. Just don’t give it to him!”

Li Gui fell into deep thought when she heard this. Although Li Gui was timid, she was not irrational and took the advice. She covered her pocket and said softly, “I… I don’t have money!”

“You still say that you’re not extorting money!” Auntie Wang, who was at the front of the crowd, said mockingly.

“Who’s extorting money! You’re all so unreasonable!” Seeing that everyone sided with Li Gui and Qiao Mei, Zhang Cong was so angry that he pointed at Li Gui and said, “Li Gui, let me tell you! You’re dead meat! Wait for my father to come! My father will beat you to death!”

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