After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Certain Situation

Chapter 47: Certain Situation

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However, Lin Zhaonan didn’t agree when he returned home. He was concerned not only about the fetus but also about the potential for the child to inadvertently provoke the cat and get scratched once born.

Jiang Tongtong felt a bit disheartened, but she chose to heed his opinion.

Before the little tabby cat was adopted, it was kept in an empty room on the third floor. Auntie Zhang took care of it daily.

At the dinner table, Lin Gantang candidly shared her thoughts about her job choices with Mr. Lin. Upon learning that she had no intention of joining the company, he didn’t insist.

Mr. Lin said, “We’re well aware of our family’s circumstances, and with your brother taking care of things, I’m at ease. You can pursue what you enjoy.”

Mr. Lin was afraid that she would overthink things, so he explained, “There’s no need to compare yourself to others. Everyone has different aspirations.”

With the support of her family, Lin Gantang decided to conduct some market research first to identify viable options and a path that suited her.

After dinner, Lin Gantang returned to her room and opened her computer to gather information.

At that moment, Butler Lu knocked on the door and handed her the skincare products sent by Zhang Rongqing.

Lin Gantang absentmindedly opened the package and noticed that the bottles weren’t sealed. She wasn’t sure if they were originally like this or if someone had opened them before.

She checked the official website and found out from customer service that there should have been a plastic seal on the box.

Lin Gantang chuckled and threw the skincare products back into the bag. She then opened Zhang Rongqing’s WeChat and playfully fibbed, “Lately, my brother has been pushing me to work at the company. It’s so frustrating. When can 1 come over to your place? HW’s necklace looks great with outfits. Let’s pick it out together?”

The reply was swift, “I’m free. Let me know when you’re coming.”

Between them, Zhang Rongqing could act like nothing happened, so Lin Gantang reciprocated in the same manner.

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“Sounds good. I’ll prepare your favorite fruit tea.”

After a glance, Lin Gantang didn’t respond further. She placed the skincare products where she couldn’t forget them for tomorrow.

Putting aside her phone, Lin Gantang noticed the back of her phone case was worn. She replaced it with a new one, letting the small hamster charm dangle.

Thinking of her new boyfriend, she messaged him before his usual evening greeting.

“Are you resting?”

After a while, Wen Yanqing replied, “I’m at the office. There’s an impromptu meeting.”

“[Did I disturb you? I’ll take a shower first. Text me when you’re free.]”


In Shengfang Group, in the meeting room, Yi Qian stole a few glances at the boss who was engrossed in his phone.

The boss’s expression was akin to crushed spring scenery in a lake. That was quite interesting.

Over the past few days, the boss had been in a particularly good mood. Coupled with the recent interaction, something was going on.

He, Special Assistant Yi, had failed to grasp the first-hand information immediately. He had failed in his duty.

The meeting continued until eleven o’clock. After its conclusion, Wen Yanqing instructed Yi Qian to follow up on the meeting decisions. As he walked, he retrieved his phone.

Lin Gantang was already in bed and had fallen asleep inadvertently.

Wen Yanqing did not reply to her message for a long time. She then sent another message “Good night.”

The following afternoon, Lin Gantang asked the driver to take her to the Zhang residence.

While Mr. and Mrs. Zhang were absent, Che Qin was there.

Lin Gantang brought a gift for her. “1 didn’t know Uncle Zhang and Auntie Zhang wouldn’t be here. I prepared a small gift for them. I hope they don’t mind.”

“You’re too polite, Gantang.” Zhang Rongqing happily accepted the gift. Glancing into the open gift bag, she noted it contained tobacco, alcohol, and tea leaves, which were the most common gifts for visiting.

Zhang Rongqing’s joyful expression slightly faded.

“My dad asked me to bring this. Otherwise, given our relationship, why would 1 bring a gift? Bringing something would be overly formal, don’t you think?”

Lin Gantang grinned, and Zhang Rongqing could only manage a forced smile in


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