After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: Of Course I Won’t Forget

Chapter 48: Of Course I Won’t Forget

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Zhang Rongqing gestured for her to sit down first and went into the kitchen to fetch a cup of fruit tea.

“This was just made. Give it a try. It’s refreshing on a hot day,” Zhang Rongqing placed the cup of fruit tea in front of Lin Gantang.

The transparent glass was filled with a light red drink. There were small drops of cold air condensation on the wall of the glass. There were plums inside and a few mint leaves. It was very refreshing.

Lin Gantang took a sip and then gently placed the cup down, remarking, “It’s tangy and sweet, really delightful.”

Che Qin took her cup and added, “I made this myself. If Sister Gantang likes it, 1’11 make more for you after you’re finished.”

Lin Gantang was somewhat taken aback by Che Qin’s culinary skills. Just as she was about to chat with her, Zhang Rongqing had already sat beside her and deliberately diverted Lin Gantang’s attention and interest in Che Qin.

“Things are better outside than in here. Gantang, what haven’t you drunk before? There’s no need to praise her.” Zhang Rongqing impatiently inquired, “So, your brother wants you to join the company? That’s great! After work, 1 can directly come over and take you out for dinner and shopping.”

With this interruption, Che Qin’s previously joyful expression dimmed significantly. Not engaging with Lin Gantang, Che Qin quietly retreated to a single-person sofa.

Lin Gantang took in the expressions of the two individuals before turning her conversation back to Zhang Rongqing. She intentionally grumbled, “What do you mean by great? I work hard all day, unlike my brother’s level of determination.”

“That’s your family’s company. What can others do to you when you’re just sitting in the office? It’s better than being at home. Like me, it’s so boring.” Zhang Rongqing seemed to be enthusiastically encouraging her to go to work. “If you ever run into trouble, you can have your brother handle it. After work, you can go wherever you want. Your dad won’t have any control. It’s so liberating.”

Seeing Lin Gantang nod in agreement, Zhang Rongqing thought to herself that once this matter was settled, she could visit the Lin family’s company to see Lin Zhaonan whenever Lin Gantang went to work. She could use the excuse of wanting to see Lin Gantang.

“Don’t feel annoyed about work. You need to do something in life to feel valuable,” Zhang Rongqing earnestly advised.

“Let’s not discuss it anymore. I came here to chat with you. The more we talk about this, the more irritating it becomes.” Lin Gantang stood up and called out, “Come on, let’s go to your room. Have you changed any jewelry recently? Let me tell you, HW’s stuff is something. Bring out your tablet. Let’s pick out a couple together.”

Zhang Rongqing’s joyful expression couldn’t be more genuine, “You want to pick out two necklaces?”

“Yeah, one isn’t enough.”

Based on her past experiences, the other one would certainly be meant for her. Zhang Rongqing happily speculated.

Although the Zhang family had their own business, Father Zhang’s management wasn’t particularly strong. Zhang Rongqing had many things in her jewelry box, but there weren’t that many expensive items.

On the dressing table, Lin Gantang looked at the skincare products that Zhang Rongqing had casually placed there and commented, “Is this new series effective? 1 used the one you gave me yesterday, and it seemed to be absorbed very well.”

Zhang Rongqing smiled, her gaze shimmering, as she handed over the tablet, “Indeed, it’s effective. 1 noticed your skin has a healthy glow today. Make sure to use it regularly. I think its ingredients are quite suitable for you.”

“Yes.” Lin Gantang nodded. “This is the first time you’ve given me such a nice gift. Of course, I won’t forget it. Come on, take a look at this bracelet.”

The two of them huddled together to view the jewelry images on the official website. Che Qin stood beside them, seemingly transparent, and bit her lip.

Lin Gantang didn’t seem entirely satisfied, sighing, “1 think it’s better to visit a specialty store. We can try them on. After all, we do have time to go out.”

Zhang Rongqing’s eyes shifted, “So… should we go now? It’ll be dinner time after we’re done. Let me treat you to a meal. I’m quite sorry about what happened last time and want to apologize to you..”

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