After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: Another Way to Live

Chapter 46: Another Way to Live

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That was why she couldn’t help but ask Gu Zhichuan a question that she didn’t have the time to ask in her previous life, asking him if he knew who he loved.

Did he end up with Feng Yangyang because he fell in love with him, or because of Ruan Ning’s heart?

Regardless of whether it was Feng Yangyang or Ruan Ning, it would never be her, Lin Gantang.

In her previous life, she couldn’t understand why Gu Zhichuan had repeatedly favored Feng Yangyang, why Feng Yangyang could summon him away with a single phone call at any time, and why he had shattered their marital and emotional bond for Feng Yangyang.

Later, she understood. It was because of the heart within Feng Yangyang’s body.

She knew Gu Zhichuan had an unforgettable first love. She was confident she could compete with someone who had passed away, but she hadn’t anticipated that Ruan Ning would live on in a different form.

In the car, Lin Gantang closed her eyes.

It didn’t matter. Now, she had already extricated herself from that muddy water.

Mr. Lin had lived for so many years. How could he not understand the complicated relationship between them after hearing this? He was instantly furious. He opened the car door and wanted to rush out. “Bastard, how dare you bully my daughter!”

“Dad!” Lin Gantang grabbed him. “Don’t move, or you might split your incision!”

With this reminder, Mr. Lin felt a dull ache in his wound.

His face turned as dark as the rolling clouds covering half of the sky outside. “If you hadn’t discovered the truth, wouldn’t marrying into the Gu family have been a pointless ordeal? What did I say? I told you back then, Gu Zhichuan couldn’t be relied upon! I didn’t agree to this marriage!”

“Dad, I’m sorry.” Lin Gantang felt remorseful.

“I’ll pay a visit to the Gu family and ask Gu Guoliang how he dares to condemn my Lin family!”

Mr. Lin returned home in a huff.

The rain had resumed, and the raindrops, as big as beans, pelted the ground. The surroundings were shrouded in mist.

Auntie Zhang had also returned from the pet hospital. Among the five kittens, only a little tabby had survived.

The other one hadn’t made it during the journey.

Auntie Zhang fetched a bamboo basket, lined it with a soft, warm towel, and fed the newly bought goat milk powder to the kitten. It nestled inside and fell asleep.

Lin Gantang took a photo and shared it on her Moments. “An unweaned tabby kitten. Does anyone want to adopt it?”

After a while, there were quite a few comments. Ye Qiuqiu playfully said she wanted to hug it, and the others found it cute and inquired about its origin and gender, but no one expressed an interest in being the kitten’s litter box attendant.

Zhang Rongqing sent a voice message, “I’ve delivered the skincare products 1 bought for you. Since you weren’t there, I left them with your housekeeper. By the way, instead of searching for an adopter, why not send the kitten to an adoption center? Your friends have the money to raise purebred cats. Your little stray ones might not find takers.”

Lin Gantang was nonchalant and didn’t quite agree. “Thanks for the suggestion.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s go shopping sometime.”

Lin Gantang was amazed at Zhang Rongqing’s thick-skinned demeanor. On that day at Qinghe Manor and the villa, she had already spilled everything, yet Zhang Rongqing still casually invited her for shopping.

Jiang Tongtong returned from work and was pleasantly surprised by the kitten. She crouched down, observing as it slept with its limbs sprawled.

“You’re pregnant. Is it convenient to have the kitten at home?” Lin Gantang was concerned about any potential impact on the fetus.

“It’s fine. I’m immune to toxoplasmosis, and many pregnant women keep cats and dogs at home with their newborns. If you’re worried, 1 won’t touch it.” Jiang Tongtong stared at it, captivated.

“You want to keep it?” Lin Gantang noted her fondness for the kitten.

“Let’s check with Zhaonan and Dad first,” Jiang Tongtong replied ambiguously..

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