After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Heart TransTransplantation Surgery

Chapter 45: Heart TransTransplantation Surgery

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“Of course,” Ye Qiuqiu boasted, “1 majored in Chinese language during university.”

“Then how did you end up as a financial officer?”

“I have a double bachelor’s degree. My second major was financial management.”

“..Sorry for being disrespectful, the top student,” Lin Gantang sighed. “Qiuqiu, you’re wealthier than me.”

“If I could, I’d choose money instead.”

The sound of thunder echoed from a distance outside the window. The wind blew the curtains wildly, carrying the scent of rain in the air.

“It’s about to rain. The lightning is so intense. I’ll hang up now.”

Lin Gantang ended the call, and closed the window, and the subsequent moments were filled with flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder. Soon enough, heavy rain poured down.

The following morning, the surroundings of the building were drenched.

Mr. Lin needed to visit the hospital for a follow-up appointment, and Lin Gantang was concerned and accompanied him.

“What’s there to worry about? Just let Lu Yuan accompany me,” Mr. Lin grumbled, a mix of annoyance and satisfaction evident.

His daughter was showing such consideration, it touched him.

As Lin Gantang stepped out of the door, she heard a faint, feeble voice emanating from the low bushes. She approached to find a nest of stray kittens.

The five kittens were drenched, and two of them had opened their eyes, weakly moving a few steps forward. The other three remained motionless.

Mr. Lin joined her and observed, “Last night’s rain probably got to them. Newborn kittens are quite fragile. I doubt they’ll survive.”

With Mr. Lin’s follow-up appointment scheduled, Lin Gantang couldn’t delay further. She called Auntie Zhang over and instructed, “Auntie Zhang, take them inside and dry them off. Then, take them to the pet hospital for a checkup.”

Mr. Lin seemed surprised. “Are you planning to adopt them? If you want a pet, I can find you a Persian cat. They’re quite elegant.”

“For now, I’m not considering getting a cat. The little multicolored kittens are adorable too. I’ll save them and find someone to adopt them.”

“Sure, sure, sure. It’s your call.”

Mr. Lin completed a thorough checkup at the hospital. The doctor reported good progress but pointed out slightly elevated blood lipid levels, recommending a low-fat diet.

Lin Gantang took the report and reminded him, “Forget about heavy oils and salts. We have a pregnant woman at home. This might also be a good time to quit smoking.”

“Are you trying to kill me?” Mr. Lin joked.

“Why would I want that? I’m not interested in prison food.”

Mr. Lin didn’t engage in a verbal exchange. Since his health was improving, he believed he’d have plenty of time to manage her antics in the future.

As they prepared to leave, Mr. Lin noticed someone familiar through the window.

“Isn’t that Gu Zhichuan?” Mr. Lin pointed and inquired.

Lin Gantang recognized him instantly and nodded.

“The woman beside him…” Mr. Lin observed their interaction and remembered what Lin Zhaonan had discovered. His expression furrowed as he said, “Is she Feng Yangyang?”

“Yes.” Lin Gantang watched as Gu Zhichuan helped Feng Yangyang into the hospital, diverting her gaze. “Feng Yangyang had a heart transplant, so her health isn’t great.”

Nevertheless, the surgery was successful. The reason for her frequent hospital visits likely stemmed from Feng Yangyang’s knowledge of Mrs. Gu’s intent to arrange blind dates for Gu Zhichuan. By pretending to be unwell, she managed to capture Gu Zhichuan’s attention.

This approach prompted him to find time amidst his busy schedule to care for her and be by her side.

Hearing about Feng Yangyang’s surgery, Mr. Lin reflected, “She’s quite fortunate. Many people never receive suitable organs.”

“Do you know who her heart donor was?” Lin Gantang’s tone carried a hint of coldness.

Mr. Lin’s curiosity was aroused.

“Gu Zhichuan had a first girlfriend named Ruan Ning. They deeply loved each other and were planning to get married. Tragically, Ruan Ning was involved in a car accident and couldn’t be saved.” Recalling her past life, Lin Gantang’s words held a touch of mockery. “And Feng Yangyang received that heart transplant..”

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