After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 28

Who Pushed Her Down?

Yin Zhen noticed that the last two times she saw Lin Gantang, there was no confrontation, but she ended up being infuriated both times.

She pushed her away and slammed the door shut.

Lin Gantang couldn’t help but laugh. The current Yin Zhen, when she loses her temper, doesn’t resemble the future mature and intellectual version.

Leaning against the wall, Lin Gantang checked Yin Zhen’s Moments.

It was all work-related content, except for one recent post announcing her second aunt’s pregnancy and the birth of a baby girl. She shared the news to congratulate her.


As long as Lin Gantang didn’t harm Jiang Tongtong, their Lin family will have a new member in a few months.

Lin Gantang felt regretful for her actions in her past life.

When Jiang Tongtong was six months pregnant, there was a physical conflict between them, and Lin Gantang accidentally pushed Jiang Tongtong into the street. Despite the car braking hard, it still hit her. In the accident, Jiang Tongtong survived, but the baby did not.

That incident frightened Lin Gantang. Jiang Tongtong, who had been forgiving and patient with her, couldn’t let go of her anger and resentfulness. Lin Gantang realized how naive she had been, and since then, Jiang Tongtong held a grudge against her.

In the past, Lin Gantang didn’t care about her family’s matters. However, she now knew about Jiang Tongtong’s possible pregnancy from her previous life. Shortly after their marriage, she went to the hospital and saw Lin Zhaonan accompanying Jiang Tongtong for a prenatal checkup. He mentioned that Jiang Tongtong had fallen into the water, which affected the stability of the fetus.

Lin Gantang remembered this vividly because, in her past life, when she saw Jiang Tongtong pregnant, she excitedly asked Gu Zhichuan, “When will we have a child?”

Gu Zhichuan didn’t consider it and coldly replied, “I don’t like children and haven’t thought about it.”

In response, Lin Gantang threw away the pre-pregnancy health check report.

Coming back to reality, Lin Gantang decided it was time to go home.

“Brother.” Lin Gantang called Lin Zhaonan on the phone. “Where are you? I’ll come to find you.”

“Uncle Yin is looking for me. I’m with him. Is there something wrong?” Lin Zhaonan was a bit surprised at the way Lin Gantang called him “brother”. It reminded him of their childhood.

“Is Jiang Tongtong also with you?”

“She said she wouldn’t disturb us and is waiting in the hall. Didn’t you see her?”

“I’ll go find her.”

Since Yin Zhen’s birthday party, which Lin Gantang didn’t attend in her previous life, she wasn’t sure what would happen today. However, thinking about Lin Zhaonan’s words about Jiang Tongtong falling into the water and seeing the calm lake outside, Lin Gantang felt an unexplained chill in her heart.

“Have you seen Jiang Tongtong? The one who is always with Lin Zhaonan,” Lin Gantang asked Le Yu quickly when she saw him wandering outside.

“Jiang Tongtong?” Le Yu thought for a moment and pointed to the right. “I saw her chatting and laughing with others. She went towards the fishing platform.”

Le Yu saw that she had gone straight after listening to him and couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you in such a hurry? Eh? Wait for me. Do you need help?”

Lin GanTang was walking too fast to hear him. She followed the direction he pointed until she saw the reflection of the colorful lights on the water in front of her.

Jiang Tongtong had her back to the water and was surrounded by four or five people.

There were both men and women, all behaving arrogantly.

At that moment, there was even a conflict, with pushing and shoving.


However, it was not easy to bring the situation under control. Just as Lin Gantang managed to pull back Jiang TongTong, who had almost fallen into the water, half of her body was knocked down, and she fell into the water.

“Tangtang!” Jiang Tongtong, who was still trying to stand up after falling, reached out to help her.

A man wearing a black T-shirt moved closer to Jiang Tongtong with a fierce expression.

But before he could do anything, a panicking woman nearby shouted, pushing him away, “Didn’t you say scaring her would be enough? Who pushed her down?”

“She fell by herself!”

“Let’s go. Are we waiting for trouble to come looking for us?” The other man, with a buzz cut, pulled the guy in the black T-shirt and ran off.

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