After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 29


The fishing platform extended into the lake. The water in the lake was very deep.

Lin Gantang didn’t know how to swim.

The moment she fell into the water, she saw the anxiety and panic on Jiang Tongtong’s face.

She struggled in the water until it reached above her head, and the lights from the night gradually disappeared before her eyes.

Endless fear enveloped her from all sides.

The seawater that day was even colder than the lake water tonight.

She and Gu Zhichuan went out on a yacht. It was very dark, and Feng Yangyang said she wanted to have a serious talk with her.

However, she had other intentions. On the deck, Feng Yangyang had calculated the timing and, like a fish caught in a net, she pulled her into the sea with madness in her eyes.

Gu Zhichuan, who had just come out, had a drastic change in expression and jumped into the water to save her without any regard for his own life.

Sinking alone in the sea, Lin Gantang was almost suffocating. Under the light pouring into the water from the yacht, she looked at him swimming towards Feng Yangyang without any hesitation.

Lin Gantang closed her eyes in despair and sank bit by bit, submerging herself in the deep sea.

The lifeguards who rushed over after hearing the news did not find her.

The familiar pressure and pain in her lungs eroded her nerves. Lin Gantang felt that she was about to die.

It wasn’t until the water surged that her waist was firmly grasped, and someone desperately pulled her up.

Lin Gantang, who was breathing air again, felt extremely uncomfortable in her lungs and nose, and she coughed desperately. She realized that it was Wen Yanqing hugging her tightly as she regained consciousness.

Jiang Tongtong’s eyes were red from crying. She tried to pull her up, but she didn’t have enough strength.

“Let me do it.” Le Yu effortlessly pulled Lin Gantang out of the water. Seeing her drenched black dress, he wanted to hand her a coat like a gentleman but remembered that he had thrown it somewhere since he felt too hot earlier.

Wen Yanqing, who came up from behind, silently took off his shirt and covered Lin Gantang.

Although it was wet, it could cover whatever needed to be covered.

Lin Gantang clutched the white shirt tightly.

“I’ll take you to change your clothes.” Wen Yanqing said.

Lin Gantang tried to stand up with his outstretched hand, but her body was weak and trembling.

Wen Yanqing couldn’t hide the heartache in his eyes as he bent down and carried her like a princess.

“Call Lin Zhaonan and ask him to handle this matter.” Before leaving, Wen Yanqing turned around and said to Jiang Tongtong.

After walking for a while, more and more people gathered around. Wen Yanqing, with his upper body bare, carrying Lin Gantang, instantly attracted the attention of others.

But when they saw that their clothes were wet and that Wen Yanqing, who had always been mild-tempered, had a terrible expression on his face, they could guess what had happened.

Lin Gantang didn’t want to be looked at, so she buried her face in Wen Yanqing’s embrace. Wen Yanqing’s footsteps almost became chaotic. He lowered his head and saw her wet, curly hair, and his gaze softened for a moment.

Lin Gantang heard his heartbeat. It was strong. It beat faster and faster, and it was beating more and more chaotically. She held his hand tightly, step by step, and her heart matched the erratic heartbeat.

Yin Zhen heard the news and came over from the lounge. “Let’s go to my place. Lin Gantang is about my height. I’ll get her some clothes to change into.”

Wen Yanqing nodded and followed Yin Zhen to take Lin Gantang inside.

“You should also change your clothes. I’ll have the servants send the clothes to you.” Yin Zhen said to Wen Yanqing.

After Wen Yanqing left with the servant, Yin Zhen closed the door and threw a blanket over Lin Gantang.

“I’m not cold. Give me some clothes.” Lin Gantang put down the white shirt.

“Can you walk?”

“My legs are weak. Take whatever you want.”

Yin Zhen found a red dress and gave it to her. “I just bought this. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet.”

“Do you have a T-shirt?” Lin Gantang asked. “A looser one. Our bust sizes are different.”

Yin Zhen glanced at her chest and gritted her teeth. “You were the one who told me to take whatever I wanted!”

Lin Gantang didn’t argue with her. She sat there quietly, her hair still dripping.

Looking disheveled and pitiful.


Yin Zhen resigned herself to her fate and went to find a loose T-shirt and shorts.

Seeing that something had happened in her territory, she would let it go!

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