After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 27

Birthday Present

The news was not hidden, so it was not surprising to find out.

However, Wen Yanqing didn’t show up.

Lin Gantang scanned the hall but didn’t see him. She felt that those who had eagerly rushed to the event were overthinking.

The banquet began.

As usual, Mr. Yin said a few words of gratitude. Yin Zhen’s natural and graceful performance won her a lot of praise.

After cutting the cake, Yin Zhen, as the guest of honor, danced the opening dance with Mr. Yin.

Lin Gantang did not join in the fun. She ate the cake and watched as Jiang Tongtong followed Lin Zhaonan’s dance steps with some unfamiliarity.

Jiang Tongtong came from an ordinary background and hadn’t been exposed to such banquets and balls before. She didn’t know about flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, or the social etiquette of wealthy families.

At first, Mr. Lin was worried that their upbringing and education were too different and that their views might not align. Besides, Lin Zhaonan would be responsible for the family in the future, and his wife couldn’t be ignorant. So, he initially disagreed with them being together.

But seeing Lin Zhaonan’s determination, Mr. Lin observed that apart from these differences, Jiang Tongtong had no other issues. So, he reluctantly agreed but had a condition. He hoped Jiang Tongtong would take some courses, and he would send her to attend them.

At that time, Mr. Lin was genuinely considering their future. Jiang Tongtong was grateful and agreed.

Jiang Tongtong worked hard to become someone suitable for Lin Zhaonan. However, Lin Zhaonan told her that she didn’t have to change for him, and they secretly got married.

Among the family, only Lin Gantang looked down on Jiang Tongtong and kept causing her trouble.

Lin Gantang snapped back to reality, just in time to see Jiang Tongtong messing up her dance steps and looking guilty, not daring to look at Lin Zhaonan. It made Lin Gantang smile.

Le Yu noticed Lin Gantang sitting alone and invited her to dance, but she declined.

The others didn’t approach, probably considering Gu Zhichuan, even though the Gu family wasn’t present.

After Lin Zhaonan and Jiang Tongtong finished their dance, they walked over to Lin Gantang.

Lin Zhaonan took the opportunity to tell them about the identities of the people at the party. During the conversation, several CEOs warmly approached Lin Zhaonan, and he handled it with ease.

Lin Gantang felt dizzy.

After the dance, the older generation gathered together, toasting and mingling.

The younger generation was more interested in having fun. Some of them suggested that the mountain paths of Mount Qinghe were suitable for car racing, and they planned to check it out.

Lin Gantang looked up in the distance. There were lights on the mountain path, and the lights were like ribbons circling the mountains in the dark.

“Once this area is developed, there will be many more projects in the future. At that time, the Yin family will also develop and build a resort near Qinghe Manor. They are preparing to build a new attraction.” Lin Zhaonan explained.

Lin Gantang nodded but felt a bit bored. She said, “I’m going to find a friend and step away for a while.”

Once she left, Lin Zhaonan took Jiang Tongtong somewhere else.

Lin Gantang returned to the second floor and found the lounge.

Yin Zhen had changed into a fiery red gown, reflecting her passionate and flamboyant personality.

When Yin Zhen saw Lin Gantang, she wasn’t pleased. However, as a guest, she couldn’t immediately scold her, so she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to give you a birthday present,” Lin Gantang replied, approaching her.

“A present? Your brother already sent the Lin family’s gift. You don’t need to give anything else,” Yin Zhen responded, fearing that she had ulterior motives.

“The Lin family is the Lin family. I’m giving you something from myself. Open your phone.”

Yin Zhen became a little curious about her intentions, having had numerous conflicts before, so she obliged and looked at her phone, wondering what she was up to.

Lin Gantang deftly exchanged their WeChat contact information. “I’m giving you my WeChat ID, sister. If we’re busy and can’t meet in person, we can argue on WeChat.”

Yin Zhen finally realized. “Are you crazy? Who asked for your WeChat ID?”

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