After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 10

But They’re Not You

Gu Zhichuan felt that her words were extremely unpleasant to the ear. Lin Gantang was not going to budge, and he felt frustrated as well. His voice turned frosty. “I think you should first calm down.”

These words ignited the fire in Lin Gantang’s heart. She picked up the lemon water on the table and forcefully splashed it on his face. “I think you should put away your self-righteousness.”

The diners at the other tables were dumbfounded when they saw the disheveled Gu Zhichuan and Lin Gantang striding away.

Shi Muzhen observed the siblings and quietly retreated to avoid being angered.

When a waiter passed by and saw this, he asked curiously, “Miss, what can I do for you?”

Shi Muzhen hurriedly waved her hand and swept her gaze across the spot where Lin Gantang was sitting. “The people at that table have left; I didn’t see anyone paying the bill.”

“You mean Mr. Wen? He’s a member here and paid in advance,” the waiter explained.

Shi Muzhen forced a smile.

She wanted to embarrass Lin Gantang, but ended up embarrassing herself.

She was jealous of Lin Gantang – she could marry Gu Zhichuan after pestering him, but if that didn’t happen, there was still Wen Yanqing who was willing to give her everything.

Shi Muzhen looked at Gu Zhichuan. She felt that this was a great opportunity for her to snatch him away.

She didn’t believe that Lin Gantang would let go. Lin Gantang loved him so much and was willing to do anything for Gu Zhichuan. With the current conflict, Lin Gantang would go back and admit her mistakes sooner or later.

Taking advantage of the situation was not glorious, but Shi Muzhen had nothing to lose.

Lin Gantang walked to the plaza.

Wen Yanqing quietly followed behind her.

He looked at her slender back, his eyes surging with affection, so thick that it seemed to condense into reality and engulf her.

Lin Gantang turned around and saw his restrained gaze.

“Wen Yanqing, I’m sorry.” Lin Gantang lowered her head. “I’ve done many wrongs in the past few years; I’ve said some things to you that were too much. I’m ashamed and sorry for what I’ve done in the past.”

“Then can you…” Wen Yanqing took a step forward.

Lin Gantang interrupted him, “Are you thinking that I should now accept your feelings? I think I might need some time to calm down.”

“Didn’t you say that you’re cutting ties with that Gu guy?” Wen Yanqing asked urgently.

“Yes, I don’t love him anymore.” Lin Gantang raised her head and looked straight at him. “Wen Yanqing, I’m very touched by what you’ve done for me all these years. I feel very guilty about how I treated you in the past, but I can’t agree to be with you just because I feel guilty. I can’t take advantage of your kindness to me.”

Lin Gantang smiled bitterly. “There are many women in the world who are better than me. Why do you like me?”

Every word Lin Gantang uttered was like a knife stabbing into his heart.

However, his heart was already bloody and riddled with holes.

Why would he be afraid of a few more slashes?

Wen Yanqing couldn’t remember how many times she had rejected him. “But they’re not you, Little Litang.”

Lin Gantang was moved.

The name ‘Little Litang’ reminded her of when she was twelve years old.

That was what her mother had affectionately called her.

At that time, Wen Yanqing and his mother’s surname was Fang. They had yet to return to the Wen family, and the mother and son depended on each other.

Little Litang was bullied by a student. He happened to pass by and protected her, and Lin Gantang told him her nickname.

When she was twelve, she lost her mother. She suspected that her biological father had betrayed her mother, resulting in her mother’s death. As she entered puberty, she became cold and impulsive.

Wen Yanqing was 16 years old and also lost his mother that year.

However, the two people who were in the same boat did not empathize with each other.

At the age of twelve, she did not know much about emotions and was guarded against everyone around her.

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