After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 11

Is She Caring About Her?

Since he was young, Wen Yanqing knew that his father was Wen Rendong, the head of Shengfang Group.

But Wen Rendong did not know of his existence.

Wen Yanqing’s mother, Fang Xin, had dated him when she was young and fell in love with him. Unfortunately, Wen Rendong was only lusting after her beauty and did not have true feelings for her.

When they broke up, Fang Xin found out that she was pregnant. She went to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said that it would be difficult for her to get pregnant again after her body condition deteriorated.

In the end, Fang Xin decided to hide this from Wen Rendong, giving birth to Yanqing and moving to another city.

The hardworking Fang Xin got progressively weaker. She was afraid that she would hold the child back and wanted him to return to the Wen family. However, he still chose to live with his mother.

Before the age of 18, Wen Yanqing and his mother had set up a stall, sold fruits, and repaired bicycles. Although they led a bitter life, they never complained.

Wen Rendong also got his retribution.

He married two wives and had countless mistresses, but he did not have a single child.

Years of indulgence and intemperance had ruined the seeds.

Wen Rendong panicked. Seeing that there would be no successor to his family’s wealth after a hundred years, he was at his wit’s end when he accidentally discovered Wen Yanqing’s existence.

However, Wen Yanqing refused to acknowledge his ancestors.

Wen Rendong’s current wife, Zhou Manbai, was unwilling to let others take advantage of the benefits that were at her fingertips and plotted to kill Wen Yanqing.

In the end, Fang Xin was the one who died.

When her plan failed, Zhou Manbai started spreading rumors that Wen Yanqing’s mother was a shameless mistress who had fallen in love with Wen Renddong. She also spread rumors that he didn’t go to a good school, that he was a greedy philistine, and that he had poor etiquette.

Those who didn’t know the truth believed what they heard.

Back then, Lin Gantang was one of them.

It was ridiculously outrageous.

The sun was shining brightly, and the plaza was getting increasingly hot.

Lin Gantang wanted to rent a house before it got dark. She had made things clear and prepared to say goodbye to him.

“Can you promise me something?” Before she left, Lin Gantang wanted to remind him, but she felt that it was a little abrupt to say such things given their relationship. However, she had to say it. “Don’t drink anymore, alright?”

Wen Yanqing’s lowered eyes lit up again.

Was she concerned about him?


Just as Lin Gantang was about to take back her luggage, her phone rang.

It was Lin Zhaonan. Lin Gantang had a bad feeling.

Logically speaking, since she left home, her family would not contact her as they wanted her to be taught a lesson.


“Dad is hospitalized. Please come over.”

“What’s wrong with Dad?” Lin Gantang’s heart tightened. “Which hospital?”

Her anxious and concerned tone made Lin Zhaonan pause for a moment before he said, “He has cholecystitis and requires surgery.”

Lin Zhaonan reported the name of the hospital and said, “Lin Gantang, anger Dad less. He’s 58 years old, understand?”

Lin Zhaonan hung up.

“Don’t worry.” Wen Yanqing had more or less heard everything and comforted her. “I’ll send you to the hospital first.”

When Lin Gantang arrived, Mr. Lin was undergoing surgery inside.

Lin Zhaonan and Jiang Tongtong stood guard outside.

“Tangtang is here?” Jiang Tongtong handed her a tissue to wipe her sweat. “The doctor said that it’s acute gangrenous cholecystitis. After the surgery, he will recover after resting for a period of time.”

Lin Zhaonan looked at Wen Yanqing, who was following behind Lin Gantang. His gaze shifted between the two of them before he finally nodded at him.

The operation went on for two hours. When Mr. Lin was pushed out, the anesthetic had yet to wear off. The doctor called his name and he woke up in a daze. When he saw his children beside him, he fell asleep once more.

“The overall condition is good. The surgery was very successful,” the doctor said.

The nurse took the documents and invoice. “Family member, please come over. There are some things to take note of.”

Lin Zhaonan stood up and walked over.

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