After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 9

What Is Your Relationship With Him?

Wen Yanqing tentatively picked up some steamed sea bass for her.

Lin Gantang looked at the fresh and tender fish meat in her bowl. She paused for a moment and picked up her chopsticks to eat.

Wen Yan’s dark lashes fluttered.

They ate in silence.

Until someone walked past her in a hurry and bumped into her.

Lin Gantang’s body tilted, and the porcelain bowl she touched made a loud clatter.

In a show of poor acting, that person widened her eyes. “Lin Gantang, why are you here? Brother Gu! Come and look at this!”

Lin Gantang looked up indifferently.

The person who bumped into her was Gu Shuyue’s good friend, Shi Muzhen.

Gu Shuyue and Gu Zhichuan were walking over together.

“Wow, some people still have the nerve to come out? Didn’t I hear that she was chased out of the house with no money? She might not be able to pay the bill when the time comes.” Shi Muzhen eyed Wen Yanqing and said in a voice that everyone could hear, “Oh, so you found a backer. You ran away from the marriage because of him? Only blind people will like you, right?”

Gu Zhichuan gave a sharp look.

Lin Gantang wiped her hands. “Miss Shi, let me introduce you to President Wen of Shengfang Group.”

Shi Muzhen was about to rebuke her. What did she mean by that? Only she could know Wen Yanqing?

It was only then that she realized that the person she had been talking about in a sarcastic tone earlier had such a rich and powerful corporation behind him that her own family was not qualified to collaborate with them.

Shi Muzhen’s face turned pale when she thought of her father trying all ways to get in touch with Shengfang Group.

Gu Shuyue didn’t like Lin Gantang, but she liked the way Lin Gantang flattered her and fawned over her for her brother.

This time, Lin Gantang didn’t even look at her. She still wanted to marry her brother looking like that? “Lin Gantang, what is this?” Gu Shuyue asked unhappily. “Since you’re going to marry my brother, why are you involved with other men? My parents are furious about what happened yesterday. When are you going to apologize? Do you still want to marry into the family!”

“I thought I made myself clear yesterday.” It was as though Lin Gantang had heard a joke. “Haven’t you always looked down on me? It’s just what you want.”

“Brother! Look at her!” Gu Shuyue tugged at Gu Zhichuan’s sleeve. “I can’t even say anything.”

Gu Zhichuan’s sharp eyebrows showed his impatience. “Lin Gantang!”

“Gu Zhichuan.”

His gentle voice did not lose out to the other party’s deep voice. Wen Yanqing asked, “Is this Mr. Gu’s demeanor, not bothering to differentiate right from wrong?”

“He’s probably uneducated. Wen Yanqing, let’s go. Let’s talk elsewhere.” Lin Gantang took the lead and walked forward.

Wen Yanqing took the suitcase from her.

Gu Zhichuan grabbed Lin Gantang’s wrist and looked at Wen Yanqing coldly. He asked Lin Gantang, “What’s your relationship with him?”

Gu Shuyue interrupted indignantly, “What relationship can there be? Most likely, some people have fallen in love with someone else.”

Lin Gantang hated the way Gu Zhichuan aloofly interrogated her.

He would never be wrong. He would always be on the moral high ground.

If there was a conflict, he would let you calm yourself down. If there was a mistake, he would let you reflect on it.

If you showed him a lot of love, he would give you back a little as though giving to charity.

Later on, Lin Gantang realized that even for that last point, it was simply a delusion to comfort herself.

“Feng Yangyang from Grampian Garden, do you understand if I give you this prompt?” Lin Gantang turned her head and saw his eyes narrowing. She struggled to break free from his grip. “Perhaps I once loved you, but from now on, you and I are no longer related. Please don’t bother me again.”

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