After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 42

Chapter 42

But there was no point feeling regretful now. The Captain of Team 3 immediately took action and went to find Zhang Zhiyin to propose the exchange of the stone with more crystal nucleus.

Naturally, Zhang Zhiyin disagreed. For those ability users above Level 5, the effect of using any grade of crystal nucleus below Level 5 was no longer significant to them, besides, the crystal nucleus graded above Level 5 was expensive. In order to raise a level, many crystal nuclei were needed. It was a quality-price ratio that wasn’t suitable for many. This was also one of the reasons why Zhang Zhiyin chose to spend his money on buying the Divine Suit at the start to improve his overall attributes instead of using the crystal nucleus to raise his ability’s level.

There wasn’t any choice. The Captain of Team 3 did not want to disappoint that person, so he could only look for the new supervisor, Shang Si.

“Is that the case?” In this rare occasion, Shang Si articulated a few more words, but he immediately frowned, “Shouldn’t all items or materials of unknown origins be handed in as according to the regulations?”

He immediately summoned Zhang Zhiyin and confiscated the wood stone directly.

The rules of the front lines were slightly different from those in the base. The danger factor was greater here, so everyone had to fight together. The front line was mostly made up of different ability users sent from a different base. They were not in agreement with each other and many serious accidents occurred in the beginning. Gradually, “disobedience” had been listed as a major taboo in the front line. Each troops must ensure absolute obedience to the orders of their supervisor. They must continue to obey even if they held resentment. They must not cease work at random or provoke trouble, otherwise, the offender would be standing against everyone stationed at the front line. Like the former supervisor Mi, his issues were serious, so only the Cloud Sky Alliance could enact the punishment on him.

Moreover, the original regulations had already stated so, so Zhang Zhiyin could only obediently hand over the crystal nucleus. Furthermore, following the standard distribution, as someone who participated in the battle, he, Team 3’s Captain and their teams all had the priority to obtain the materials first. There was a possibility for him to exchange the stone back with more crystal nucleus.

But after Shang Si confiscated the wood stone, there was no further notice.

With the predecessor of the incident of Supervisor Mi, The Captain of Team 3’s first reaction was: Shang Si did not have the intention to report this matter and the wood stone to the top. He knew that Zhang Zhiyin and himself both wanted the wood stone… this behaviour was just asking for bribes. After putting on a sufficient stance, he would let Zhang Zhiyin and himself bribe him. Whoever could satisfy him more would be the one to get the wood stone.

Damn it, the Captain of Team 3 cursed. However, in order to complete the task of that man by obtaining the wood stone, he had no choice but to compromise. He chose the items he thought were valuable enough to impress the other party, and then sent it over.

But there wasn’t a wall in the world which didn’t have a crack, let alone the front lines where everyone was sure to see much of each other.

When Li Zhun and Old Zhu came back from dinner, they just happened to see the Captain of Team 3 slipping out of Shang Si’s office with a devious smile before stealthily shutting the door.

This kid must have done nothing bad, trying to sneak bribes! Li Zhun was anxious and angry. He and Old Zhu ran back to Zhang Zhiyin’s room to report to their Captain.

“Captain, that’s the stone you need to use to suppress your cold toxin! The Captain of Team 3 must have went to the back door of Shang Si beforehand. You cannot fall behind him. We also must think of a way to make Shang Si distribute the wood stone to you no matter what tactics we use.”

These few supervisors on the front lines weren’t able to control these few people, but they had a very prestigious title. The overall person overall in charge was surnamed Fan, so everyone called him Chief Manager Fan, the remaining supervisors were all called Deputy Manager by their team members.

“Okay, I’ll try my luck.” Looking at the anxious look of the team members, Zhang Zhiyin could only say this with a straight face.

But he wasn’t good at this at all. In his nineteenth year of school experience, he never gave his teacher anything — handing in his homework and exam papers didn’t count; in his three years of work, he also had not walked the back door of any big leaders or some small chief leaders. This matter of finding Shang Si to talk about this really made him felt uncertain.

However, he could only brace himself to do it, fortunately, he had his own item store, so he should be able to pick out some good unique gifts.

Finally, he picked a thunder elemental pistol that was having a discount. From a price of 500 yuan, it was reduced to 50 yuan. Its attributes were quite good and because it was a holiday promotion, it was quite affordable.

When Zhang Zhiyin was preparing to pay, he saw the interface of the Item Store going black—


Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

Time and tide waited for no man. After waiting for a day, the item store was still not fixed, Zhang Zhiyin could only brace himself and go in. In fact, his storage space had many wonderful items, but its value was not attractive enough and it might cause trouble if he were to take them out casually. A sophisticated pistol weapon was very orthodox and would not make the people in this world felt that it was beyond the scope of their current science.


“Knock, knock, knock.”

Zhang Zhiyin stood at the entrance of Shang Si’s office and knocked gently at the door. He was unable to suppress the hesitation in his heart.

Although he really wanted to get the wood stone, …What on earth should he say?… If this matter was really not possible, then forget it. As long as he scooped out some money from his pocket and waited for a while, he could always buy it from the item store.

“Come in.” A cold voice came from inside.

Zhang Zhiyin trembled for no reason. The tone of Shang Si’s voice sounded very similar to that of Yin Nian, but it was a little lower than his.

Zhang Zhiyin pushed open the door and went in. Shang Si was sitting behind the desk with a profound expression as he turned the wood stone in his hand. The glittering light reflected onto his slender fingers and alternated between several magical rich colors.

Hearing the voice, he looked up at Zhang Zhiyin with some playfulness in his eyes, “Do you want it?”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded and swallowed his saliva nervously and involuntarily.

Shang Si smiled and squinted at him. “Liu Zhu sent me 10 Level 5 grade thunder nuclei, a kilogram of thunderstorm sand, and a thunder elemental armor… What can you give me?”

Liu Zhu was the Captain of Team 3. Don’t talk about the Level 5 crystal nucleus and the armor, thunderstorm sand was an important material for forging thunder elemental weapons. It was really generous for him to give out a kilogram at one go.

Zhang Zhiyin was even more nervous. The nervousness filled his round black eyes and it could not be concealed.

That someone was who teasing Zhiyin was going to melt. He wouldn’t be able to continue his act, so he better cut straight to the point.

#Zhiyin looks cute no matter how I see him

He heard Zhang Zhiyin talking softly “I didn’t bring anything with me… But I had picked a thunder elemental weapon for you, Deputy Manager. You’ll love it! Just wait… You can get it in a while. ” As long as 123 Love Stories did not mess up again, you will be able to get them.

“Oh?” Shang Si responded lightly, it was not visible on his face, but he was irrepressibly happy in his heart — Zhiyin deliberately picked up a weapon for him… Then he became extremely angry. Who is this Shang Si? Why did Zhiyin pick a weapon for him? He never even gifted him with a weapon before!

He had completely forgotten that Shang Si was himself.

Zhang Zhiyin only felt that the uncertain man in front of him suddenly raised his head and stared at him like a snake; as if he had locked onto his prey and swore on his life to get it.

He played with the wood stone in his hand and looked at him with a slight tilt of his head. His eyes were deep and his voice was low, bringing along some temptation and hint: “Want this? Beg me.”

“Beg… beg what?” Zhang Zhiyin has never experienced such a situation and intuitively felt that something was wrong.

“What a fool.” Shang Si complained a little and waved to him, “Come here.”

Zhang Zhiyin slowly approached him suspiciously.

When he approached, Shang Si suddenly stood up from the chair, stretched out his arms and pulled him over. He held him firmly in his arms and whispered in his ear, “Didn’t you brought nothing with you? How about giving yourself to me?”

Zhang Zhiyin was instantly frightened that his plasmalemma wall separated1 from this antinomy.

An unknown strength leashed out from him and he pushed away Shang Si’s hands. He ran for the door and dashed out.

He didn’t expect to meet this kind of situation in the world of zombies!

Shang Si stood at his spot and looked down – he didn’t expect Zhiyin’s reaction would be so big. Shouldn’t he be shy, timid and unwilling but nevertheless, still collapse in his arms and 口口口口? The book he read the other day was wrong. Human beings were the hardest to understand. You wouldn’t know how to get close to them properly.

But… It was still a success. He crooked his mouth quietly.

Zhiyin is so soft, I like it very much.

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