After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 41

Chapter 41

The newly established alliance had laid out several “front lines” according to the existing human survival forces. They would be cooperating with the neighboring large, medium, and small bases to clean up the zombies from outside the base bit by bit in order to expand the scale of humanity’s territory.

At first, that idea was met with a lot of opposition. Many of them felt that they were barely able to defend their base with their present strength, let alone expanding outwards to clear the zombies.

But many people who had been set to be “more visionary” by the game official suggested that if they do not do so, humanity would never be able to get out of this apocalypse. Humanity’s chances of survival would be reduced gradually eroded and ultimately head towards extinction.

All the different kinds of tasks in the game would talk about this historical event, so even if Zhang Zhiyin did not hear this from someone else, he would still know most of it. He just did not expect himself to be involved in this “legendary historical event” one day.

According to the regulations, each base should send a corresponding number of ability users to participate in the frontline clearance work as according to the scale of their base’.

The dangers and uncertainty of the front line were enormous. Although the welfare benefits were good, no one was willing to go.

The base leader bore grudges towards Zhang Zhiyin for forcing Wang Feng away, so he sent Squadron 4’s Team 3 to the frontline immediately.

Who knew what was going on with You Kun and Wang Feng. After leaving Hope Base, they tacitly did not find a new base for lodging at the first moment. On the third night after they left the base, You Kun woke up from his dream and suddenly found that his ability had disappeared. The most frightening thing had finally happened. He was so startled that his first reaction was to pull out his hidden weapon and thrust it into the chest of the person next to him. At the same time, a sharp blade penetrated his chest.

The illusion of that day had only enlarged the long-rooted suspicion they had for each other in their hearts.

Zhang Zhiyin did not complained much about this decision. Their team had the lowest qualifications and they also seemed to hold the least value in the base. It was normal for them to be dispatched to the front line. Soon, they set off for their journey.

They were responsible for ‘Baiyin Battlefront Station 7’. Different battlefronts still existed in the game and they served as instance dungeons for players to grind monsters and level up. The monsters inside all had passive attacks and a high spawn rate. There would be a boss in each area and it would also be refreshed every half hour. It was totally game-like element, which was completely different from the place Zhang Zhiyin was currently at.

They were now on the edge of the security zone alienated by several bases. The zombie’s density was relatively low, and the periphery of the zone was the place they needed to capture. It was a deserted city that a large number of humans had fled from.

The person in charge of Baiyin Battlefront Station 7 was sent by Yuntian Base, who was an ability user who had just risen to level 6. He also had three supervisors under him. The person supervising Zhang Zhiyin and his team was surnamed Mi. He was a Level 5 water ability user. Currently, Zhang Zhiyin was about to break through Level 5, with the addition of the Redemption Suit, he should have the strength of a Level 6.

But soon they found that the person surnamed Mi who was in charge of them had a dishonorable moral conduct. He often embezzled the crystal nuclei and other materials that were to be given to the teams. The captain of one of the three teams he was responsible for had disagreements with him and argued with him twice. Then he deliberately arranged him to do the most dangerous work.

Zhang Zhiyin’s team was now Team 2. He still imitated Yin Nian’s facial paralysis face, and nobody could guess what was going through his mind. Team 3 looked dissatisfied, but they didn’t vent out their anger.

After more than ten days here, Zhang Zhiyin returned to the real world again.

In the game, he still told Yin Nian his work and all kinds of problems he had encountered in <Tomorrow>’s world. Naturally, he also told Yin Nian of that person in charge of them.

Finally, he typed, “Y, I don’t want to go to that world. It takes me too long to see you every day.”

“I miss you so much.”

He had completely forgotten that the last time he said he missed him, the result was Yin Nian appearing in front of him without any disguise.


The supervisor surnamed Mi was dismissed because someone had lodged an accusation of him. Facts proved that the Captain of Team 3 knew a Captain of a battle unit in Cloud Sky Alliance. Through that man, he made a complaint about the corruption of Supervisor Mi.

The twelve core battle units newly formed by Cloud Sky Alliance were all elites among the elites, and the positions their captains held was naturally higher than that of a frontline supervisor.

When Zhang Zhiyin heard of this matter, he subconsciously thought of a person; Li Shuifeng. In the game, he was one of the captains among the twelve battle units of the Cloud Sky Alliance, but he did not know if he had become a captain now.

The new person in charge was surnamed Shang, who introduced himself as Shang Si, He was a Level 5 thunder ability user that looked very young, perhaps less than 30 years old. He had a passers-by looks but his figure was good. Not only was he tall, but he was also well proportioned as a whole. It was said that he when he had just joined the Cloud Sky Alliance, due to his high-level ability, strong fighting strength, and the shortage of people in Baiyin Battlefront Station 7, he was thus sent here.

He looked a little gloomy and seemed to be difficult to deal with. He cherished his words like they were gold. No matter what others said, he often only used the word “En” to deal with it.

And he was not very good-tempered.

Reportedly, when another supervisor saw that he a newcomer with no background, he intentionally showed his might up in front of him. As a result, Comrade Shang Si directly bombarded him with a thunderbolt without saying anything.

That supervisor was terribly angry, he only calmed down after the general supervisor came out to mediate their affair.

From the beginning to the end, that man didn’t say a word.

Zhang Zhiyin, however, did not give much thought to the new supervisor. Recently, he was working on something—the upgrading of his suit. At present, the Baiyi frontline was more dangerous, and having strength was the most solid guarantee for him. Upgrading the Redemption Suit from Level 1 to Level 2 was relatively simple, although many materials were needed, they were all common varieties. Zhang Zhiyin registered the items he wanted to buy at his small store in the Exchange House. While the prices he quoted were not too high, he still managed to get the items he wanted in less than a week.

However, a special set of materials, called Wuxing Tianhu stones, were needed for his suit to be upgraded to Level 3. This material could be divided into five types: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. The drop rates for these five kinds of material were also different. The drop rate of the fire and earth stone in the game were relatively high and they were also relatively cheap, Zhang Zhiyin had already collected them; the gold and water stone were somewhat rare, but that did not mean they were unavailable. However, the wood stone was rare and only the final boss of an instance dungeon could drop it, and the drop rate for it was very low. It was basically in a state of no market. Zhang Zhiyin once contacted a man who was selling the wood stone. The man asked for 1,000 yuan while the friendship price was 800 yuan. Zhang Zhiyin was still hesitating to bargain for it when that man sold the stone out for 900 yuan.

Most people who dare to upgrade their Redemption Suit did not care about money. It was different for a player like Zhang Zhuyin who also spent money on games. He was a player that loaded 1000 yuan into in his account and still had excess even after playing the game for a year.

It happened that the instance dungeon with the wood stone was in Baiyi Battlefront Station 7. In the game, it was a normal instance where only players above Level 30 could access, and it’s not very difficult. Zhang Zhiyin had been trying to figure out how to get rid of the boss.

According to his observations, the bosses and monsters all had a high drop rate in this world. For example, when he first arrived at Yulin Base, it turned out that the arms of the psychic zombie that his team fought arm were the “Withered Claw”, a rare material used to refine high-level weapons for poison ability and psychic ability users. Usually, the drop rate in the game was very low. But in this world, as long as he had the courage to close his eyes and saw off the two seemingly useless arms and put it in his store, he would be able to earn some money- that was to say, if he found the right place and use the proper method to obtain the material, it would be a 100% drop rate. But in this world, those bosses and monsters would never be refreshed, so he only had one chance.

But very soon, a chance came. His team and Team 3 were sent to join forces to clean up that instance dungeon.

After eliminating the wood elemental zombie boss, Zhang Zhiyan studied it for a long while before he realized that the wood stone was hidden in his mouth.

Zhang Zhiyin hesitated for a long time, looking at the sinister face of the zombie. Sometimes, he was actually a superficial person who could be easily captivated by appearance. Otherwise, he would not have fallen for Yin Nian at that time.

Eventually, the desire for the wood stone overcame the pressure in his heart, so he formed an ice blade and began to pry open the mouth of the zombie.

Dadao, who was resting, saw him and went up to him, “Captain, what are you doing?”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…It’s okay. There’s something in its mouth. It’s some kind of medicine. It’s useful for my treatment. While I was cultivating my ability, it backfired on me and I was affected with cold poison. I had to use that thing to suppress it.”

Dadao was frightened, but he did not question his words. Instead, he went forward and helped him dig.

Zhang Zhiyin thought proudly that although his mother named him Zhiyin, he grew up watching Jin Gu Wen Liang, compiling such a reason could hardly be any easier for him1.

Team 3 rested as they watched them prying open the zombie, and they all showed an expression of impatience.

Old Zhu, who also came to help, saying, “There is a feeling of raiding a grave. Digging from the mouths of the dead, but alas.”

The wood stone that was dug out was beautiful after it was washed clean with ice water. It’s wood color gave off a soft light that wasn’t blinding. It was not deceptive to say that it could restrain the so-called “cold poison”.

Team 3 knew that it was a good thing, but they didn’t know what it was, so taking it was useless to them,  then they suggested that they should take more nuclei instead. Zhang Zhiyin agreed with them happily because they thought that the suggestion was reasonable.

But the fact that Team 3 did not know the stone did not mean that no one knew about it at all. Wuxing Tianhu Stones were also popular in the game because it could be used not only to upgrade the Redemption Suit, but it could also be used to refine drugs, cast equipment, and enhance abilities. However, the people who were upgrading the Redemption Suit were most willing to pay the highest for this stone, so wood stones were generally bought by these people. Over time, everyone subconsciously thought that wood stones were only used to upgrade the Redemption Suit.

There was also a trait set up for Wuxing Stones. One of the stones could sense the existence of the other stones associated with its attributes, such as water which birthed wood. The person who owned the stone would be able to sense where the other stone was located at. In the game, these settings were very chicken rib. Players who obtained the water stone would be able to get a clue if they right-click on the stone, which would say, “A smell of wood could be detected on the boss of Baiyi Battlefront’s instance dungeon.” Because this sort of information was public, in the real game, this “mutual detection” setting had no use at all.

But in <Tomorrow>’s world, it was different. The one who obtained the water stone would really be able to sense the location of the wood stone.

The owner of the water stone was the Captain of the Cloud Sky Alliance battle unit that was related to the Captain of Team 3.

The Captain of Team 3 had always regarded him as his backer, so, naturally, he would try his best to do what he was asked for. When he heard the instructions of “Find a wood-colored stone that looks very shiny near you,” the Captain of Team 3 immediately reacted—it should be the stone that Zhang Zhiyin had gotten the other day!

He felt somewhat regretful that he had so delightfully proposed to receive more nuclei and let the other party took the stone.

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