After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

“I’ve come to look for him.”

After saying this, Yin Nian still remained indifferent as he looked at him.

Zhang Zhiyin practically felt a strike in his heart, to such an extent that he felt that the man in front of him had seen through himself and recognized him as his silly missing “Mimi”.

So guilty…

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head, trying to drive away all those unrealistic ideas in his mind. He looked at Yin Nian very sincerely and said, “Doctor, you are such a good person, you will definitely be able to find your cat. If there is nothing else, I will go back first. See you.”

He said in one breath and then left swiftly.

Looking at his departing back, Yin Nian pursed his lips.

He ran away again. Unhappy.

Zhang Zhiyin ran back to his room like a wisp of smoke. He covered his face with his hands and sat beside the bed spitefully.

Yin Xiaoxiang came over and “Auwo, auwo”d while sticking closer to him. It stared at him with its small ice-blue eyes.

Zhang Zhiyin picked it up with one hand and put it on his leg. He poked it gently with his finger on its small nose.

Yin Xiaoxiang turned its head unhappily.

Zhang Zhiyin said to himself, “Boss likes kittens so much. You basically look the same as me at that time. He would probably like you too… He should be very happy to see you…”

“What if he likes you and wants to take you with him? I am reluctant to part with you… Nevertheless, It’s fine as long he is happy… You should have better days with him than with me. After all, he is a boss, and he likes kittens.”

Yin Xiaoxiang did not understand what he was talking about at all. It looked at him sideways. “Auwo?”

The next day, Zhang Zhiyin placed the kitten in his pocket and brought it out.

They were still following Yin Nian to do some research. There wasn’t any danger.

Zhang Zhiyin was especially convinced that the person beside him would never encounter anything that could be considered dangerous for him.

Yin Nian silently looked at Zhang Zhiyin who had brought along with him a kitten in his pocket. His face was expressionless, but in his heart: Zhiyin is so cute…

Zhang Zhiyin clearly felt that although boss’s expression had not changed, his temperament had become very gentle. He inwardly thought that Yin Nian really liked kittens.

But all along the way, Yin Nian did not show any interest or favor toward Yin Xiaoxiang.

On the contrary, when Yin Xiaoxiang rubbed his thigh while staying put in his pocket, Boss frowned.

Was it true that as a villain boss, he did not like kittens that were too soft and dependent? No… Xiaoxiang was a little bit small, but it’s fighting ability was actually much better than his own when he was a cat! Speaking of dependence… he couldn’t even walk properly if it weren’t for Yin Nian who had carried him…

Zhang Zhiyin had been thinking about it all the way that he didn’t even pay the slightest attention to Yin Nian.

Yin Nian: “…” Yesterday’s itinerary was all fixed. Zhiyin knew I would be leaving in two days, but he didn’t care at all… it was him who said he missed me and that’s why I came here!

Today, it was Ah Mu and Ah Kong who were following them.

Ah Kong who was walking behind suddenly quietly jabbed at Ah Mu beside him: “Mu Ge, did you realize Captain’s expression, mannerism and expression somehow resembles Dr. Yin’s…?”

Ah Mu: “…Seems like it, what is it? Couple face?”

Ah Kong turned to look at him.

Ah Mu: “I didn’t say anything.”

Ah Kong whispered, “Actually, Xiao Jin told me that he thought Doctor likes the captain, or at least have good feelings for him. You know that kid is psychic, he is sensitive to emotions and everything. I heard what he said and I think it’s reasonable. I heard that Dr. Yin went out with them on the first day and was unhappy to hear about Yang Fu. Later, he helped the captain won the battle against You Kun…”

Ah Mu was more straightforward, and he did not think of anything else. He went on to say, “I think Dr. Yin is quite good. He’s powerful and attractive. Although he looks cold, the key factor is to treat Captain well. At least he won’t make Captain starve in the apocalypse.”

Ah Kong sighed sadly, “But Captain seems to have no idea.”

Zhang Zhiyin had no idea that the gossip about him had escalated again.

So two days later, everyone said goodbye. Zhang Zhiyin and his team just followed the Squad Leader 4 and stood silently at the back.

The team members communicated by exchanging glances with one another.

“Dr. Yin seems to be in a bad mood.”

“The captain is not as lively as he is usually.”

“Look, he’s looking here!”

“The captain is actually lowering his head, looking at Yin Xiaoxiang…”

“How disappointed must Dr. Yin be ah.”

After hiding behind the crowd, Zhang Zhiyin kept his head down and pretended to play with Yin Xiaoxiang.

There would be no one here more reluctant to accept the fact that that person was leaving.

In his heart, Yin Nian was the only person in the world who would always wait for him and would never leave him.

He never would have to worry about the day where his lover would disappear, never would have to worry about his lover betraying him.

Watching his departing back, watching him leave himself; he couldn’t do it.

Even though they had nothing to do with each other.

In order to dispel the sadness that couldn’t be said in his heart, Zhang Zhiyin went back to the house and continued to open the Item Store’s lottery. Previously, he drew a trap and caught Yin Xiaoxiang. He didn’t draw any good items, and he had been busy with things recently, so Zhang Zhiyin had forgotten about the lottery and missed them.

As a result, this time was no exception. He drew another entertainment item, a transformation talisman.

Three days of usage, you will become one of the most common animals you’ve seen recently. To remove the transformation effect, right-click and tear the talisman.

Zhang Zhiyin’s face darkened, and he threw the transformation talisman into his own storage space.


After the departure of Yin Nian, the base returned back to its usual trajectory.

But the news about him and Bai Mang Association were still heard from time to time.

For example, it was said that Dr. Yin’s relationship with Yang Fu, the leader of Renaissance Base, didn’t seem to be very good.

But the situation in which human bases were heading toward unity was indeed very good. A few days ago, Hope Base’s leader also went to Renaissance Base to attend a discussion. Although he couldn’t do much, he always felt more comfortable there. He could gain some advantages and save himself from getting plotted in his base.

But there was a big thing happening at this stage – Dr. Yin was missing.

Yang Fu had a lot of influence before the end of the world. Originally, the Renaissance Base was the host for this discussion. Although his ability was not as powerful as Yun Lietian, he still had held a dominant position in becoming the leader of the new alliance. However, Dr. Yin, who had always been in a neutral position, disappeared from his territory for no reason. He was somewhat responsible for this and was put to a disadvantage.

The team members all looked at Zhang Zhiyin silently when they heard about it.

Zhang Zhiyin secretly sympathized with this Mr. Yang Fu. He knew the true identity of Yin Nian and naturally understood that Yang Fu was totally innocent in this regard about this incident.

A month later, the leader of Hope Base came back, and at the same time came the news that the Cloud Sky Alliance had been formally established. The Uncle Yun Lietian that many players were familiar with had become the leader.

During this period, Zhang Zhiyin returned to reality twice. Looking at Y in the laboratory, he only felt complicated.

He had seen the real, living, talking, responsive Yin Nian, but when he really stood in front of that person, he would never dare to hold him so unrestrainedly. He would not talk to him and tell him that he loved him. He only watched him leave without even taking a stand to say “no” or to follow him.

“If only you would wait for me and accompany me forever like this.”

“I don’t have to be afraid that one day you will not want me and leave me.”

“The current you is the best.”

“I want to see you every day and accompany you.”

“How I wish you were mine.”

“Yin Nian…”

… I like you.

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