After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Zhang Zhiyin ran all the way back to the room and closed the door. He felt that life was a mystery. He would never have imagined that a 1.79 meters man such as him would encounter this sort of thing.

Old Zhu and Dadao had been waiting for the outcome of his conversation with Shang Si. They sighed in their hearts when they saw he coming in silently with a face as black as the bottom of a pan. Although Captain’s fighting abilities were good and was cool-headed when he led the team, he was still young and inexperienced. To rely on connections, this sort of matter was not something he could handle well.

Zhang Zhiyin thought for a moment and asked Old Zhu and the rest, “How about we apply to other frontline stations?”

Old Zhu did not know what had happened. He could only speculate that the Captain’s request for the wood stone was unsuccessful and he ended up having a dispute with Shang Si, therefore, he was no longer willing to work here.

Old Zhu had always been steady person. He knew that it was not easy to apply for a change of frontline stations, he tried to appease Zhang Zhiyin and said, “Contradictions are inevitable wherever we go. Captain, you may want to calm down first and remain here to observe the situation. As for the wood stone, we should try our best. It’s not certain that we won’t be able to get the stone.”

Zhang Zhiyin, seeing that most of the other people’s opinions were also inclined to this, was embarrassed to tell them what happened to him, so he could only suffer in silence. He swallowed the bitterness into his stomach, sent the people away, tidied up a little, and then went to bed frustrated.

Somehow, he dreamed that he was embraced by Shang Si again. He was in a hurry to break free and wanted to hit him. The man who hugged him then turned into Yin Nian unknowingly.

Zhang Zhiyin instantly became weak and lost all his strength. He hugged back the man obediently and gently rubbed against his chest. “Yin Nian, I miss you so much.”

The man held him in his arms, and his gentle breath landing on his ear. A low and deep voice coiled around: “I miss you too.”

Then Yin Nian lowered his head and kissed him gently.

Zhang Zhiyin woke up with a smile, he felt that all the traumatic experience he received from Shang Si had been smoothed away by Lord Boss. His hands casually touched his side and he felt a cool piece of hard object. He brought it up and put it in front of his eyes — the wood stone.

The dream turned into a nightmare in an instant. When he thought about how this stone appeared at his side, Zhang Zhiyin was stupefied.

He hurriedly created an ice mirror and shattered it in anger when he looked at it. There was a wound in the corner of his mouth, which was obviously bitten.

At this moment, a knock sounded on the door. Zhang Zhiyin absent-mindedly opened the door in a hurry. Fortunately, it wasn’t an outsider at the door but Old Zhu.

Zhang Zhiyin senses came back and his first reaction was not to let him see his mouth. Otherwise, wouldn’t his lifetime reputation be destroyed? So he deliberately pursed his lips, nodded and let him in without speaking a word.

Old Zhu saw his expression and mistook that the Captain was in a bad mood because of the wood stone.

Zhang Zhiyin ended up covering his mouth that he forgot to hide the wood stone. A lustrous piece of wood stone on the bed glowed faintly, which attracted great attention.

Old Zhu used to be a university faculty member, who was in charge of logistics work in the psychological counseling center. He did not know what happened but gradually, those students who had worries weighing in their heart all went to him instead of finding the special psychological teacher of the center. He had both undergraduate and doctoral students coming to see him. Later, he became so famous that even some of the teachers in the school went to see him to vent their hearts out. Old Zhu thought that he understood the psychology of young people of Captain’s age the best. When he saw that the Captain was still being difficult after coming back with the wood stone, he consoled him with his heart and soul.

“Captain, I know you may not get along well with the Deputy Manager Shang. You are young, talented and have a great ambition. You want to compete in every aspect. All these are normal. Old Zhu understands. But Captain, you see that Deputy Manager has already taken the initiative to deliver the wood stone to you, which clearly reveals that he wants to show his good intentions to you even if he offends Team 3. If you continue to be difficult, Captain, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate…”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…” This was clearly not the problem of competing in every aspect. This was clearly the problem of whether he will be able to wait until the day he met Lord Boss with his body still intact!

Old Zhu looked at him kindly.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t know what to say. In order to hide the wound on the corner of his lips, he dared not say too much. He sighed and said with a shriveled mouth: “… Well, you can rest assured that I won’t lose my temper anymore.” All these were said in a low and muffled voice.

Old Zhu didn’t pay attention, and he left satisfied.

What a wonderful thing was to see the Captain grow up little by little, gradually becoming a more perfect, generous, courageous and skillful leader who looked at the bigger picture. Although there was still a gap between Captain and <Founding Leader xxx>, <Generation Legend xxx> and <xxxx – the Leader of the Times>, which he often watched, Old Zhu believed that their Captain would surely achieve something in the apocalypse, and he would be the witness of all this. When that day comes, he could also write a book. He even thought of the name, called <The Legend of Zhang Zhiyin of the End of the World – Captain Zhang in the Eyes of an Old Team Member>. Yes, today’s incident must be noted down. This was a typical example of the Captain’s constant cultivation of his mind, taking into account the overall situation and not being influenced by personal grievances and the romantic feeling between boys and girls.

Zhang Zhiyin pondered in the room by himself. His current ability was only a step away from reaching Level 5, in addition to the attributes of Redemption of the Last Age, he might not necessarily lose if he fought with Shang Si. Speaking of Shang Si, he was just an ordinary Level 5 thunder ability user, although he heard that his thunder was very ferocious, he did have the Item Store to back him up in his fight, he wasn’t any small shrimp. In any case, the most important thing was to improve his strength.

Thinking of this Zhang Zhiyin was no longer conflicted. He directly opened the Item Store and bought all the other material he lacked all at once. He then began to upgrade his Redemption Suit.

The captain of the third team also got the news that Shang Si had given the wood stone to Zhang Zhiyin. He rushed to the office of Shang Si in a hurry and frowned anxiously. “Deputy Manager, this is not fair… are you not satisfied with the items? What do you need, you can tell me? Old Liu will try his best to find it for you, but for the wood stone I have to ask Deputy Manager…”

In the end, he could not help keeping silence when he saw Shang Si’s laughing eyes.

Shang Si took out a space storage bag and threw it at Liu Zhu. Liu Zhu opened it and saw the crystal nuclei, armor, thunderstorm sand just as they were. He immediately felt embarrassed. But his experience was much richer than that of Zhang Zhiyin. At this time, his displeasure did not show at all. He only looked at Shang Si imploringly: “Deputy Manager, can’t you get around the rules a little more…”

Shang Si lightly tapped on the table: “To tell you the truth, I don’t lack all the things you sent me, I just lack one thing…”

When Liu Zhu heard this, he knew things were going his way, he deliberately straightened himself, pricked up his ears and patted his chest. He assured him, “Bossom friend1, Old Liu will definitely get what the Deputy Manager wants if he is within his means.”

“Oh. I just want Zhang Zhiyin,” Shang Si said lightly.

Liu Zhu’s expression instantly changed. He was so angry that his hands were shaking. He swore that for the many years he had lived, he had never seen anyone reaching this level!

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