After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 14 - Naming

Chapter 14: Naming

<Tomorrow>’s Item Store had a weekly lottery draw. As long as the customer’s weekly consumption quota reached 100 yuan in the store, the customer would be able to participate in the draw. Naturally, Zhang Zhiyin’s consumption for this week had exceeded 100 yuan.

He had just disposed of the three salamanders’ corpses. He was refining primary pills with the small fancy stove.

Zhang Zhiyin was idle so he simply opened the store’s lottery.

He had participated in this lottery in the game before. He knew that although the game’s official publicity said that there was a chance to draw the high-grade magical pet, equipment, abilities and skill books, the vast majority of people drew things such as small items and medicines.

This time he also did not strike any luck. He drew an elementary beast trapping clamp.

The game of <Tomorrow> had a pet system, and the way to catch pets was amazing—

There were five levels of pet trapping props, [Elementary Trap], [Intermediate Trap], [Advanced trap], [Super trap] and [Divine trap]. The difference was that it could capture different levels of pets. Zombies and monsters could not be captured as pets. Some high-level pets not only have a strong fighting ability, but they could also activate riding skills to become a mount. Even if the race of the pet was in defiance of the natural order, they could still turn into eye-catching flying pets. However, elementary traps could only catch pets like elementary mutant rabbits.

The use of pet trapping items was very simple. Players only needed to use the item somewhere and do nothing else. Within five minutes, they could receive the prompt of “catching success” or “catching failure”. They could also see what pets they have caught. Basically, the pets they caught were dependent on where the player’s location was at.

If a trap was used in the Valley of the Extinct Dragon, it would generally capture monsters from the Valley of the Extinct Dragon. Zhang Zhiyin understood that this elementary trap could not be successful in capturing in such a high-level monstrous area, and he held little hope too. He took the clamp to his hand and studied it for half a day— He was not in the game, using the clamp was not as simple as clicking the right button.

As a result, he didn’t know what he touched, the clamp suddenly whistled and flew out of his hand.

Flew out…

Zhang Zhiyin gawked as the beast trapping clamp flew out of the cave. He thought that it was indeed a product of the Item Store; it was not ordinary.

Five minutes later, the clamp came back bravely with a kitten in it.

Although it was a “clamp”, it seemed that the kitten was not in pain, as if it was being picked up and carried away by a mother cat. Its big wide eyes looked around everywhere excitedly and restlessly, and it kept on calling out. It should be very young because it didn’t even know how to purr like a cat, it could only dully emit some kind of ‘aowuaowu’ kitten-like sound.

The elementary beast trapping clamp put the kitten on Zhang Zhiyin’s leg, wobbled, and disappeared as if it had done meritorious service. The kitten left behind stood on Zhang Zhiyin’s leg with its thin and short legs. It walked restlessly and continued to whine. Not long later, it went crawling towards Zhang Zhiyin’s clothes, “I love Dr. Y for 10,000 years”.

Zhang Zhiyin quickly stretched out two fingers to pick it up and looked at its small ice-blue eyes.

“Aowu.” The kitten was carried uncomfortably and opened its mouth discontentedly. It did not have any teeth, so it wouldn’t intimidate anyone at all.

Zhang Zhiyin put it in his palm, feeling helpless at this little fellow that was not any bigger than his palm.

He couldn’t be considered to be a man who had too much compassion for small animals, but his grandparents always took good care of all kinds of stray cats and dogs in front of their house. It could be said that he was deeply influenced by his surroundings, to the point that he would love one thing on the account of another. As long as he thought of the two old elderly in his memory, he could not ignore the kitten which looked so weak, pitiful, and incompetent.

The kitten looked quite beautiful. It was white, with only a cluster of ice-blue hair on its forehead that was the same color as its eyes. It nested in Zhang Zhiyin’s hands and fell asleep happily.

It’s just that this kind of fellow who had nothing but good looks and selling meng would not live long in the apocalypse.

Dr. Y looked good, but he also had the ability to crush everyone.

Zhang Zhiyin sighed and decided to keep it. First of all, give it a good name that could keep it alive.

Nowadays, there was no such thing as having a cheap name to keep it alive. Zhang Zhiyin decided that from a scientific point of view, giving the kitten a name that could frighten the enemy away was a correct decision.

“Yun Lietian?” Zhang Zhiyin shook his head. Yun Lietian was the first leader of the Cloud Sky Alliance. Later, he took the lunchbox, his son Yun Chu succeeded him as the second leader. Yu Lietian had a very powerful lightning ability, but with the speed at which he took the lunchbox, this name probably was not good.

Zhang Zhiyin was not satisfied. At last, he patted his thigh and said, “Your name is Dr. Y’s son. How nice! Neither zombies nor human beings would dare to provoke!”

The kitten awoke from the sound and turned its head to stare at him. “Aowu?”

As a result, right after he said this, Zhang Zhiyin woke up in his bed.

The phone next to the pillow was flickering, and the rough voice of a popular female singer filled the entire room.

He must have been woken up by the phone. Zhang Zhiyin scratched his hair and picked it up. Conveniently, he also took a look at the time; It was only 11:30, he estimated that he had just fallen asleep for less than half an hour.

It was his leader who called to explain that some changes were made at the last minute for tomorrow’s meeting.

Nowadays, entertainment activities were abundant at night, Internet, TV, games, and so on could easily arouse people to be willing night owls; besides, there were a large number of hard-pressed people who have to stay up late to study and work. It was indeed rare for young people like Zhang Zhiyin to automatically and consciously work and sleep in a regular pattern.

Zhang Zhiyin hung up the phone and he couldn’t sleep for a while, so he simply logged in to the game.

The moment he saw the face of Yin Nian, the enthusiasm and the blood rush he had when he named the kitten disappeared immediately. He began to reflect; what he did didn’t seem quite right?

So Zhang Zhiyin immediately typed and confessed, “Y, I’m sorry, I claimed (???) A son for you without asking for your permission. Correction, it’s that I named my pet cat ‘Dr. Y’s son’.

“You may not like it, but I don’t really mean to say that you are the little kitten’s dad. If you are unwilling, I can rename it to ‘Zhang Zhiyin’s son’. Anyway, it’s just a name. I don’t mind.”

Zhang Zhiyin pondered and felt that this would lose the original intention of “no one would dare to provoke when the name is reported out”. After all, he himself was just an unimportant person who had no reputation. Let alone “Zhang Zhiyin’s son”. Even if Zhang Zhiyin himself appeared, it was also useless.

Hence, he relied on the fact that the other side did not respond and embarrassingly discussed: “How about this, I’ll still have to borrow your name to use, but in order to show that I really have no malice, it will be called ‘Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son’?”

“You are not objecting, I take it that you’ve consented?”

Zhang Zhiyin was a man who was inwardly vicious, and his friends and colleagues all thought that he was a down-to-earth honest man. He murmured the newly made name and realized that there was another meaning. He giggled at the computer twice and somehow bought two boxes of chocolates, which he placed lightly on the ground in front of Dr. Y.

This kind of feeling was really hard to explain, even a little connection with that person was enough to make him happy.

Zhang Zhiyin’s consciousness reached an understanding with Yin Nian, he satisfactorily shut down his computer and went to sleep.

When he opened his eyes, the kitten was still obediently lying on his hands.

Zhang Zhiyin solemnly told it, “Your name has been changed, your formal personal name will be ‘Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son.’”

However, concerning this long name, Zhang Zhiyin also gave the kitten a soft-sounding nickname——Yin Xiaoxiang. For short, it would be Xiaoxiang

Because there was a word in the world, called “Xiang Nian”.


  • Yun Lietian: Cloud split sky
  • Took the Lunchbox: Means dead, got a funny story behind it….
  • Xiang Nian: this means to miss/to yearn

Xiang: This word by itself means to miss/to think

Nian: This word is the same word as Yin Nian(ML).

therefore, Xiang Nian can have two meanings, To miss/to yearn OR to miss NIAN(ML)/ To yearn for NIAN(ML)

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