After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 13 - Another Kind of Complaint

Chapter 13: Another Kind of Complaint

Lei Dun nodded his head and soon disappeared in front of Zhang Zhiyin.

It seemed like Dr. Y had equipped all of his underlings with some kind of teleportation item that allowed them to move quickly from one place to another.

As long as he thought about how he was just a grass root unknown to Dr. Y,  who was a real living person at the top of chain, someone that was beyond the sky, instead of being a 3D virtual image in the game that he could tease casually in the laboratory, Zhang Zhiyin wanted to bang his head on the wall and die.

He felt that he couldn’t mingle in this world anymore.

Zhang Zhiyin with a muddled head went back to the cave. He huddled and sat down facing the cave wall as he silently reflected. As soon as he arrived at this new world where he was just a war dreg, he confessed to this world’s top villain boss, wasn’t this… not very good?

Zhang Zhiyin, who had yet to reflect on an outcome, returned back to the real world. He still ate breakfast, went to work, ate lunch, continued his work, knock off from work, and then went home.

During that time, he received a call from Dajia.

“Hello, Zhiyin, I’m having dinner with several colleagues in the evening. Would you like to come? My colleagues are said to be bringing some of their classmates. They are female.”

Zhang Zhiyin paused for a second and thought about his words for a moment. He immediately refused, “No, I’m busy lately.”

If he went out for dinner, he would only be able to reach home at around ten o’clock. He would have to sleep after doing some tidying. There would be no time to accompany the Boss.

“What could you be doing?!” Dajia choked and shouted, “How busy could your work be? I’m telling you, Zhang Zhiyin, you should stop being a kind old man helping others to make their wedding clothes. Nobody in the world will miss your kindness. Are you still going to find a girlfriend and get married if you don’t come out?! You think that you’re still a fresh and tender grass at this age?!”

Dajia had a violent temper and a vicious mouth. Although Zhang Zhiyin knew he was worried about himself, he could not help taking the phone 30 centimeters away from himself. After five seconds, he took it back and calmly said, “No, I want to go home and accompany Y.”

His reason was very adequate and his tone was extremely sensible.

Dajia’s breath choked in his chest. He coughed out blood and died.

When Zhang Zhiyin came home, he bought a basket of steamed buns downstairs and served them as his dinner. He took a bowl, a pair of chopsticks and started eating at the computer.

In the dark laboratory, the legendary man who created the whole of the catastrophe was as quiet and beautiful as ever in Zhang Zhiyin’s eyes.

He ate a steamed bun and began typing.

“Your subordinate is so fierce, I almost thought he was going to kill me. He also robbed me of my lizard. En, that’s what Lei Dun did.”

“I was careless for a moment and requested Lei Dun to convey that I like you… Don’t be angry, don’t hit me when you’re angry.”

“I can give you gifts as compensation. What do you want?”

Zhang Zhiyin opened the gift column of the Item Store. As it was usually the male characters that give gifts to the female characters in the game, the design of the gift in the Item Store also tended to appeal to the females, such as the magnificent bouquet of roses, pink heart-shaped chocolate, crystal rings, and so on.

In fact, there was no difference between Zhang Zhiyin’s kindness to Yin Nian and an innocent teenager who clumsily pursued his goddess. He only knew how to send flowers and chocolates. He dared to show love, hugs, and even kisses to the person in front of him without fear, just because he knew that no matter what he did, the other party would not know. But just thinking about how his feelings would be discovered by a living Y with thoughts and reactions in that world, he was so afraid that he wanted to die. He couldn’t sleep and eat well. He could only continue to seek for this Y in the real game, who would always silently tolerate all his actions without discomfort.

He gave flowers and chocolates every day. This time if he still gave the same items, it would be too insincere.

Finally, Zhang Zhiyin picked a plush bear with exquisite workmanship.

He didn’t know what Y actually liked, as a tough and domineering villain boss, Y should not like anything that looked sweet and beautiful.

But Zhang Zhiyin felt that the bear’s expression was similar to himself. Giving himself to the boss, this should be a sincere gift? xd

Harboring this not so good thought, Zhang Zhiyin fell asleep. Before going to bed, he also thought that, according to the actual progress of <Tomorrow>’s game, before he had the strength equated to being a Level 100, the plot would not easily let him see Y. In this way, for at least a long time, he did not have to consider the consequences of his confession.


In the real world of <Tomorrow>, Yin Nian caressed the soft warm fluff of the bear on his hand. Then, gently and carefully, he put the bear close to his cheek, closed his eyes slowly, and showed a faint smile.

No one could see his eyes, just before it closed, it became as dark as the abyss of hell.

His Zhiyin, he really wanted to, like this—

Hold tightly in his hand and embrace him in his arms.

As one of the strongest figures in the opposition, Lei Dun was naturally more busy. He would not have the leisure to go see Dr. Y in order to say that someone called Zhang Zhiyin asked him to convey to Dr. Y that he liked Dr. Y.

Two days later, he was summoned by Dr. Y.

Y arranged some work and tasks for him as usual, and after a long time, he still had no intention to let him go.

Lei Dun could only stand aside and wait. Looking at the doctor’s expression, which seemed to be in thought, he dared not disturb him.

Finally, Yin Nian took the lead in breaking the silence.

He said lightly and seemingly carelessly, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Lei Dun: “…” He did seem to have nothing to say to the doctor… right?

Yin Nian glanced at him and said more thoroughly, “Has anyone asked you to pass me a message?”

Lei Dun recalled quickly, and finally remembered that there seemed to have a strange friend from the other day that asked him to help confess to Dr. Y.

How to convey this kind of words…

With a blank face, Lei Dun suddenly realized that he had agreed to a difficult job.

He thought about it and said, “A man who claims to be Zhang Zhiyin told me that he loves you.”

“Tell me more about it.” Yin Nian seamlessly lifted the corner of his mouth.

Lei Dun stilled and he had to recall carefully:

“I said, ‘Hello, I’m Lei Dun. Can I help you?’ ;

He said, “Yes, please help me tell Dr. Y. that I love him.”

“No,” Yin Nian asked again, “Start from when you first meet him. Be more specific.”

Forcing the untalkative Lei Dun to speak was just seeking death. But now the one doing the forcing was Dr. Y, Lei Dun could not help but start talking bit by bit.

“I went to the Valley of the Extinct Dragon to fight a salamander for Yu Huo’s treatment. After killing a salamander, I kept it in the space pocket. I found that someone was already there, that is, Zhang Zhiyin.”

“I wanted to kill him straight away, but I found that his clothes were printed with ‘I love Dr. Y for 10,000 years’…”

Y seemed to have smiled, but that laugh soon disappeared that it even made Lei Dun doubted his sight.

Yin Nian said with a straight face, “Don’t hurt him, don’t rob him of anything.”

The doctor’s orders needed not to be ascertained but remembered.

Lei Dun knew this very well, and he hadn’t raised any objection this time, let alone asked who was Zhang Zhiyin.

He’d at most be nosy about it in secret, he wouldn’t spread the gossip that he was thinking about around.

Yin Nian looked at him, indicating him to continue.

“I judged him to be a friend by his clothes, so I went up and shook hands with him…”

“Don’t touch him.” Yin Nian interrupted immediately and added this sentence.

Lei Dun: “…”


Zhang Zhiyin, who woke up in the real world of <Tomorrow>, found three more salamander corpses in his cave the next morning.

Was it because the salamanders felt hopeless and wanted to make some contribution to society by donating their remains for the benefit of mankind? Such that they collectively committed suicide at his door?

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t understand, but that didn’t prevent him from happily taking out the materials available on the nucleus and the body of the salamander.

You know, salamanders made good medicines. 🙂


  • Grass root: people living at the bottom level
  • War Dregs: the ability not good, fighting power not good, quality low, just weak
  • Helping others to make their wedding clothes:The original idea is that girls from poor families have no money to buy wedding clothes, but every year they use golden thread to stab the countryside and make wedding clothes for others. Later, it was generally said that all the achievements or purchases made by oneself through hard work turned out to be somebody else’s.
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