After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 15 - Stealing the Cat

Chapter 15: Stealing the Cat

Zhang Zhiyin continued to go out the next day to grind levels. He dared not put Yin Xiaoxiang in the cave alone in fearing that it would run out by itself, so he took it in his trousers pocket and walked around the safety zone. He repeatedly warned it, ‘You cannot go out of this range, understand?’

Who knew whether or not this kitten took it to heart. It sat in Zhang Zhiyin’s pocket and snored happily. Its small ice-blue eyes narrowed into an invisible crack with it’s two small claws hooked around the edge of his trousers. It swayed along with Zhang Zhiyin’s walking pace.

Zhang Zhiyin looked at his fluffy little head in a defeated manner. Feeling that he was stupid and baffled enough to treat this cat like it was his son.

He could not help murmuring: “Even if it was really my son, in any case, you still have another father that is so powerful…”

Then he dejectedly thought about how the real Dr. Y in this world did not know himself, and even more so this kitten.

Recently, Zhang Zhiyin was more powerful than when he first came here. He now dared to challenge animals such as cattle, goats, and deers. He beat a goat and was done for the day. The goats were ice elementals and they were good for him to upgrade his ability. Zhang Zhiyin bought a fish-flavored eggplant covered in rice from the Item Store and began to eat while leaning on the wall. He totally forgot he had a cat in his pocket.

Yin Xiaoxiang climbed out of his trousers pocket instantly. It stopped at Zhang Zhiyin’s hand and began to look at the rice in his hand.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned and patted it. “You are a cat. You can’t eat eggplant and rice.” In fact, he didn’t know whether the cat could eat these or not.

Yin Xiaoxiang whined. It gnawed at the pinkie finger of Zhang Zhiyin’s outstretched hand and began to suck at it.

Zhang Zhiyin’s face turned black: Would it be that this little fellow just weaned?

He quickly pulled out his finger and turned to the all-powerful Item Store.

Sure enough, the Item Store sold high-grade pet feed. The products produced in the store would certainly be of high-quality. Pets who grew up eating these foods tend to get better attributes growth and had a greater chance to awaken advanced ability skills. The food for a newly born kitten was cod soup and milk.

Zhang Zhiyin was not bothered if this was scientific or not. In any case, In the entire world of <Tomorrow>, the Item Store represented the highest judgement.

He quickly bought them and Yin Xiaoxiang rushed to eat them at first sight.

As a result, after eating it, it kept saying “Auwo and auwo” constantly. Zhang Zhiyin held it in his hand and examined it carefully, feeling worried and apprehensive. Sure enough, he shouldn’t have believed the store and give the kitten too much milk.

Yin Xiaoxiang cried out, seemingly like it was feeling comfortable all over. It stood up spiritedly in Zhang Zhiyin’s hands. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spit out ice shards on Zhang Zhiyin’s hands.

Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

The kitten, like him, had ice as its ability. When the owner and the pet had the same abilities, it could bring forth a buff.

Zhang Zhiyin opened his eyes in surprise and touched its head with a smile.

Just like that, one month had almost passed, Zhang Zhiyin was now able to knock down a mutant sheep without any effort. The ice ball he produced was also the size of an average plate. His icicles were nearly half a meter long and extremely sharp.

Every time the kitten would crouch on his shoes and spit ice shard. The vast majority of the attacks were unleashed onto his shoes.

He could clearly sense his growing strength as his whole person looked more energetic and lively. As a result, every time he woke up from the real game world, everyone would ask him with a smile if something good had happened to him. Unfortunately, these things couldn’t be shared with them. If he talked to Dajia and Dayi about these things, it’s 100% certain that he would be further suspected of being addicted to the online game.

But there was another person who could listen to him with infinite tolerance about his strange experiences in <Tomorrow>’s world.

Dr. Y.

Zhang Zhiyin almost couldn’t wait to log in to the game and begin to “talk” to Y—

“Our Xiaoxiang is sure obedient. It even has an ice element.”

“But it’s also very sticky. It doesn’t act like a cat. It will always want me to hold it and rubs itself on my chest. It follows me everywhere. Sometimes it has to be fed and it will lick my fingers randomly. It is just like a child…”

“I’ve been able to kill mutants easily. I’m going back this time to challenge the mutant goat leader. Yesterday I found his nest. Legend has it that it’s the weakest little boss in the Valley of the Extinct Dragon, but ultimately, it’s still a boss and was an ice elemental. If I get its nucleus, it should be able to help me upgrade my ability by a lot…”

During his sleep, Zhang Zhiyin felt an unprecedented expectation and excitement. For the first time, in this real desperate struggle to survive, he realized the pleasure of ordinary boys playing online games. Originally, he just followed the trend. At first, he played <Tomorrow> with Dajia. Later, Dajia found <Tomorrow> to be boring by selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s head. The game draped out the skin of the apocalypse genre but its basic content was just like any other traditional online games. Zhang Zhiyin, because of Dr. Y, had continued to play it until he went into the mysterious real world of <Tomorrow>.

Zhang Zhiyin gradually fell asleep in the dark and quiet cabin.

Almost at the same time, Lei Dun was given an indescribable task.——

Dr. Y asked him to steal the cat kept by Zhang Zhiyin whom he saw last time, take it back to the base, take good care of it for a day, and then send it back.

Lei Dun: “…” He couldn’t keep up with the doctor’s ideas at all.


Selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s head: False advertisment

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